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Citramon P tabs #20


$5.20 Ex Tax: $5.20

Citramon P instruction for useReed more and buy Citramon PClinical and pharmacological groupAn analgesic-antipyretics of a combined compositionForm of release, composition and packagingTablets of light brown color with patches, fl..

Bromhexine tabs 8mg #20


$3.97 Ex Tax: $3.97

Instruction for BromhexineReed more and buy Bromhexine hereCompositionThe composition of 1 tablet and 5 ml of syrup may include 4 mg or 8 mg of bromhexine, according to the INN (international non-proprietary name) - Bromhexine.For..

Broncho-Vaxom adults 7mg #30


$71.30 Ex Tax: $71.30

Broncho-Vaxom instruction for useReed more and buy Broncho-Vaxom on this pageCompositionCapsules Broncho-Vaxom contain a lyophilizate of bacterial lysates (Moraxella catanhalis, Haemophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebs..

Allochol (Allocholum) #50


$4.24 Ex Tax: $4.24

Instruction for AllocholReed more and buy AllocholCompositionThe composition of Allochol includes the following components: nettle extract, bile extract dry, activated carbon, garlic extract, auxiliary substances.Form of issueProd..

Buserelin spray 0.15mg/dose 17.5ml 187doses


$65.69 Ex Tax: $65.69

Buserelin instructionReed more and buy Buserelin on this pageCompositionOne bottle contains 150 μg of buserelin acetate. 1 dose of the spray includes 2.1 mg of buserelin acetate. Additional substances: water, benzalkonium chloride..

Levomycetin solution 3% 25ml


$4.29 Ex Tax: $4.29

Levomycetin instruction for useReed more and buy LevomycetinCompositionThe active substance of Levomycetin in all its forms is chloramphenicol - a substance that belongs to the group of antibiotics amfenikola.The alcohol solution ..

Metiluracyl supp 500mg #10


$5.86 Ex Tax: $5.86

Metiluracyl suppositories instructionYou can buy Metiluracyl suppositories hereSuppositories Methyluracil is a drug with pronounced anabolic activity. This drug promotes the acceleration of regenerative processes, stimulates cellu..

Decaris tabs 150mg #1


$4.84 Ex Tax: $4.84

Instruction for DecarisYou can buy Decaris tablets on this pageCompositionLevamisole hydrochloride, corn starch, sodium saccharin, talc, povidone, apricot flavor, magnesium stearate, yellow dye.Form releaseTablets-flat, round shap..

Riboxin 200mg #50


$4.24 Ex Tax: $4.24

Riboxin user manualYou can buy Riboxin on this pageRiboxin tablets improve the course of metabolic processes in the cardiac muscle (myocardium) and reduce the severity of hypoxia (insufficient oxygen supply to the cells). They are..

Spasmalgon tabs #20


$6.93 Ex Tax: $6.93

Spasmalgon instruction for useYou can buy Spasmalgon on this pageThe drug Spasmalgon belongs to the group of spasmoanalgets and is used in many directions of medicine to eliminate pain syndrome and spasms of smooth muscles.Form of..

Methyluracil ointment 10% 25gr


$5.99 Ex Tax: $5.99

Methyluracil ointment instruction for useReed more and buy Methyluracil ointment hereMethyluracil, chemically called dioxomethyl tetrahydropyrimidine, is a pyrimidine derivative. In terms of pharmacological activity, it refers to ..

Thermopsol tabs #10


$2.33 Ex Tax: $2.33

Instruction for ThermopsolYou can buy Thermopsol tablets hereCompositionThe Thermopsol tablets contain 6.7 mg of the effective agent of the thermopsis grass powder + 250 mg of sodium hydrogen carbonate.Form of issueThe medicine is..

Climen tabs #21


$56.21 Ex Tax: $56.21

Climen instructionReed more and buy Climen hereCompositionIn one white tablet, estradiol valerate 2 mg.In 1 tablet of pink color, estradiol valerate 2 mg and cyproterone acetate 1 mg.Lactose monohydrate, corn starch, povidone, tal..

Festal #40


$9.76 Ex Tax: $9.76

Festal Instruction for useReed more about Festal and buy it on this pageThe drug Festal represents a clinical and pharmacological group of enzyme medicines. It is used to reduce the load on digestive enzyme systems, as well as imp..

Ceftriaxone powder 1000mg #1


$2.86 Ex Tax: $2.86

Ceftriaxone instructionYou can buy Ceftriaxone antibiotic hereCompositionThe drug includes Ceftriaxone - an antibiotic from the class of cephalosporins (β-lactam antibiotics, whose chemical structure is based on 7-ACS).What is Cef..

Furazolidone tabs 50mg #20


$6.75 Ex Tax: $6.75

Furazolidone instructionYou can buy Furazolidone tablets onlineCompositionIn 1 tablet furozolidone 0.05 g.The composition also includes potato starch, calcium stearate, sucrose, polysorbate, lactose.Form of issuePloskotsilindriche..

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