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Glycerin supp kids 1.24g #10


$8.34 Ex Tax: $8.34

Kids Glycerin suppositories instruction for useYou can buy Glycerin suppositories for kids hereForm of issueMedical glycerin is available in several forms:Rectal suppositories. In most manufacturers, they are called simply glycero..

Gynomax supp 150mg + 100ml #7


$57.94 Ex Tax: $57.94

Gynomax instruction for useReed more and buy Gynomax hereRelease form and composition of the drugGynomax is available in suppository form for vaginal use. Suppositories are a solid substance of oblong shape with a pointed end on o..

Hexicon D supp 8mg #10


$17.15 Ex Tax: $17.15

Hexicon D instruction for useReed more and buy Hexicon D on this pageComposition1 vaginal suppository contains:Active ingredient: chlorhexidine digluconate - 8 mg.Auxiliary substances: polyethylene oxide base (polyethylene oxide 1..

Hexicon vaginal suppos. 16mg #10


$13.49 Ex Tax: $13.49

Hexicon instruction for useYou can buy Hexicon on this pageClinical and pharmacological groupAntiseptic for topical application in gynecologyForm of release, composition and packagingSuppositories of vaginal white or white with a ..

Ichthyol supp 200mg #10


$5.30 Ex Tax: $5.30

Ichthyol user manualYou can buy Ichthyol on this pageCompositionOne candle Ichthyol contains 200 mg of active ingredient ihtamol + auxiliary ingredients (vitepsol).Ointment Ichthyol is released in two dosages with an active ingred..

Imunofan supp rectal 0.09mg (90mcg) #5


$28.68 Ex Tax: $28.68

Instruction for ImunofanReed more and buy Imunofan on this pageThe drug Imunofan is a drug from the group of immunostimulants, which is prescribed for patients with weakened protective forces of the body.Form of formulation and co..

Ketoconazole supp vag. 400mg #10


$28.23 Ex Tax: $28.23

Ketoconazole instructionReed more and buy Ketoconazole on this pageComposition    In a single suppository, Ketoconazole contains 200 mg of the same drug substance. Additional substances: semi-synthetic glycerides (u..

Kipferon supp #10


$32.69 Ex Tax: $32.69

User manual for KipferonYou can buy Kipferon onlineCompositionIn one suppository Kipferon contains: complex dry immunoglobulin preparation (including immunoglobulins M, A and G) - 60 mg, interferon recombinant human alpha-2 - 5000..

Macmiror Complex supp #8


$42.39 Ex Tax: $42.39

Macmiror Complex instructionYou can buy Macmiror Complex on this pageSee also - MacmirorCompositionVaginal cream contains:    nystatin, nifuratel;    glycerine, sodium methylparahydroxybenzoate, propy..

Metromicon-Neo supp 500mg+100mg #14


$21.80 Ex Tax: $21.80

Instruction for Metromicon-NeoReed more and buy Metromicon-Neo hereCompositionWhite vaginal suppositories (supposed yellowish tinge) in the form of a torpedo contain 500 mg of active substance metronidazole and 100 mg of miconazol..

Natalsid supp 0.25gr #10


$27.22 Ex Tax: $27.22

Instruction for NatalsidYou can buy Natalsid onlineCompositionSuppositories Natalsid contains 250 mg of active ingredient - sodium alginate. Basis: a solid fat of 2.25 grams - this amount is enough to get a suppository.Form of iss..

Neo-Penotran supp #14


$38.45 Ex Tax: $38.45

Instruction for Neo-PenotranReed more and buy Neo-Penotran on this pageCompositionNeo-Penotran: metronidazole in the amount of 1/2 g + miconazole nitrate in an amount of 1/10 g + auxiliary substances (vitessol with a volume of 1.9..

Nigepan supp #10


$16.19 Ex Tax: $16.19

Nigepan user manualReed more and buy Nigepan on this pageCompositionIn 1 suppository of sodium heparin - 1000 ME, benzocaine - 50 mg. Vitessol, distilled monoglycerides, water as auxiliary substances.Form of issueRectal Suppositor..

Nystatin supp 500000 #10


$4.45 Ex Tax: $4.45

Nystatin user manualReed more and buy Nystatin on this pageComposition    In 1 suppository of nystatin 250 000 units or 500 000 units.    In 1 g of ointment - 100 000 units.    In 1 tab..

Oki supp 160mg #10


$15.99 Ex Tax: $15.99

Oki user manualTo buy Oki just add it to your shopping cartDosage form and composition of Okirectal suppositories.One suppository contains:The active ingredient is ketoprofen lysine salt 160 mg;Auxiliary components: semisynthetic ..

Olestesin supp #10


$11.17 Ex Tax: $11.17

Olestesin user manualYou can buy Olestesin hereCompositionIn 1 Suppository, 33 mg of sea buckthorn oil, 50 mg of sulfaethadol and 100 mg of benzocaine. Twin polyethylene oxide purified water, as auxiliary components.Form of issueS..

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