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Co-Exforge tabs 10mg + 160mg + 12.5mg #28

Co-Exforge tabs 10mg + 160mg + 12.5mg #28


$68.90 $75.30 Ex Tax: $68.90

Co-Exforge instructionYou can buy Co-Exforge hereComposition1 tab. contains amlodipine 5 mg and 10 mg, valsartan 160 mg, hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg;Auxiliary substances: MCC; crospovidone; colloidal silicon dioxide; magnesium ste..

Co-Perineva tabs 1.25mg + 4mg #90


$48.59 Ex Tax: $48.59

Co-Perineva user manualReed more and buy Co-Perineva on this pageSee also - PerinevaCompositionThe tablets of Co-Perineva contain the following elements:    indapamide, perindopril erbumine;    semi-f..

Co-Renitec tabs 20mg/12.5mg #28


$31.60 Ex Tax: $31.60

Co-Renitec instructionYou can buy Co-Renitec onlineSee also - RenitecCompositionCo-Renitec contains active ingredients such as enalapril maleate and hydrochlorothiazide. In addition, it has such additional components as iron oxide..

Co-Vamsolet tabs 10mg + 160mg + 12.5mg #30


$30.94 Ex Tax: $30.94

Co-Vamsolet instructionYou can buy Co-Vamsolet hereThe composition and release form of the drugTablets, film coated brown-yellow, oval, biconvex, engraved with "K4" on one side; the view on the fracture is a rough mass of white or..

Coaprovel tabs 150mg/12.5mg #28


$38.21 Ex Tax: $38.21

Coaprovel instructionYou can buy Coaprovel hereDESCRIPTIONBiconvex oval tablets engraved in the shape of a heart on one side and "2775" on the other for tablets 150 mg / 12.5 mg, "2776" for tablets 300 mg / 12.5 mg of "peach" (ora..

Cocculin tabs #30


$15.71 Ex Tax: $15.71

Cocculin instruction for useReed more and buy Cocculin on this pageCompositionIn 1 tablet cocculus inducus, nuks vomica, tobacco, petroleum at 0.375 mg. Lactose, sucrose, magnesium stearate as auxiliary components.Form of issueHom..

Codelac Broncho tabs #20


$10.18 Ex Tax: $10.18

User manual for Codelac BronchoTo buy Codelac Broncho just add it to your shopping cartCompositionIn 1 tablet Codelac Broncho: ambroxol hydrochloride - 0.02 g, sodium glycyrrhizinate - 0.03 g, dry extract dry-0.01 g extract, sodiu..

Codelac Neo tabs 50mg #10


$10.99 Ex Tax: $10.99

Codelac Neo instructionTo buy Codelac Neo you don't need a prescriptionCompositionDrops in 1 ml contain butramate 5 mg, in 1 ml syrup 1.5 mg; additionally auxiliary substances: sorbitol, sodium saccharinate, benzoic acid, glycerol..

Coldrex with Vitamin C tabs 500mg #12


$11.28 Ex Tax: $11.28

Coldrex with Vitamin C instructionYou can buy Coldrex with Vitamin C hereComposition1 tablet contains:    Active substances        Paracetamol 500 mg.     ..

Colofort tabs #100


$17.15 Ex Tax: $17.15

Instruction for ColofortYou can buy Colofort hereForm of release, composition and packagingTablets for resorption from white to almost white, flat-cylindrical shape, with a risk and chamfer; on the flat side with a mask MATERIA ME..

Combilipen tabs #30


$17.73 Ex Tax: $17.73

Combilipen user manualReed more and buy Combilipen hereCompositionINN: Pyridoxine + Cyanocobalamin + Thiamine + [Lidocaine].The composition of 1 ml of this solution of Combilipen includes the following active substances: thiamine ..

Complivit Activ tabs #60


$14.96 Ex Tax: $14.96

Vitamins Complivit Activ instructionYou can buy Complivit Activ on this pageCompositionThe tablet in the film membrane contains ascorbic acid, retinol acetate, riboflavin, thiamine hydrochloride, ergocalciferol, nicotinamide, foli..

Complivit Active kids tabs #30


$11.57 Ex Tax: $11.57

Complivit Active kids instructionYou can buy Complivit Active kids hereForm of issue and compositionChewable tablets (banana, cherry, cream-brulee or milk chocolate).1 tablet contains:14 components: α-tocopherol acetate (VitE) 5 m..

Complivit Calcium D3 Forte tabs #100


$21.99 Ex Tax: $21.99

Complivit Calcium D3 Forte instruction for useYou can buy Complivit Calcium D3 Forte hereSee also - Complivit Calcium D3CompositionActive components:Calcium 500 mg(in the form of calcium carbonate - 1,250 g)Kolekaltsiferol - 0.01 ..

Complivit Calcium D3 tabs #30


$7.48 Ex Tax: $7.48

Complivit Calcium D3 instructionReed more and buy Complivit Calcium D3 hereComposition Complivit Calcium D3A chewable tablet with an orange (or mint) taste contains calcium carbonate 1.25 g and vitamin D3 (colcalciferol in granula..

Complivit Diabetes tabs #30


$16.99 Ex Tax: $16.99

Instruction for Complivit DiabetesYou can buy Complivit Diabetes hereComplivit Diabetes - a biologically active food supplement for patients with diabetes mellitus - an additional source of vitamins A, C, E, group B (B1, B2, B6, B..

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