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Orlit caps 390mg #30


$39.90 Ex Tax: $39.90

Orlit instruction for useTo buy Orlit just add it to your shopping cartA complex for sight Orlit is a novelty that will help restore eye functions and save health. What is unique and how to restore vision?Complex for Orlit view - ..

Pantovigar caps #90


$71.38 Ex Tax: $71.38

Pantovigar user manualYou can buy Pantovigar hereComposition of Pantovigar (Ratio of substances)One capsule contains 100 mg of medical yeast, 60 mg of vitamins B1 and B5, 20 mg of para-aminobenzoic acid, keratin and cystine. Compo..

Pentovitum tabs #50


$8.74 Ex Tax: $8.74

User manual for PentovitumReed more about Pentovitum and buy it hereCompositionThe composition Pentovitum includes vitamins B, vitamin PP. The composition of vitamins is as follows: one tablet contains 0.01 g of thiamine hydrochlo..

Pikovit D tabs #30


$12.44 Ex Tax: $12.44

User manual for Pikovit DYou can buy Pikovit Don this pageSee also - Pikovit and Pikovit ForteCompositionIn the composition of one tablet:    0.35 mg of palmitate retinol (vitamin A);    10 mg of vi..

Pikovit forte tabs #30


$12.99 Ex Tax: $12.99

Pikovit forte instructionYou can buy Pikovit forte on this pageSee also - PikovitCompositionThe composition of pills Pikovit Forte includes:    oily form of concentrate of palmitate retinol synthetic (palmitate re..

Pikovit Plus tabs 1400mg #27


$17.44 Ex Tax: $17.44

Pikovit Plus instruction for useReed more and buy Pikovit Plus herePikovit Plus - a source of vitamins and minerals for children from 4 years and older. Produced in the form of chewable tablets of banana taste. Do not contain pres..

Pikovit tabs #60


$16.80 Ex Tax: $16.80

Pikovit instructionReed more and buy Pikovit on this pageComposition of PikovitThe composition of vitamins includes:    600 IU of vitamin A;    10 mg of vitamin C;    300 μg riboflavin ..

Pikovit Unik tabs #54


$22.60 Ex Tax: $22.60

Pikovit Unik instructionYou can buy Pikovit Unik herePikovit Unik is a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals, chewable tablets in the form of "cubs" for children.Vitamin C is responsible for the density of the vascular wall, p..

Polijen caps #12


$34.20 Ex Tax: $34.20

User manual for PolijenYou can buy Polijen vitamins hereCompositionOne capsule contains:    20 mg of milk of bees. lyophilized mother liquor, 1 mg butyl hydroxytoluene;    5000 IU of vitamin A, 400 IU..

Pyridoxine hydrochloride tabs 10mg #50


$3.56 Ex Tax: $3.56

Instruction for Pyridoxine hydrochlorideYou can buy Pyridoxine hydrochloride on this pageCompositionIn solution for injection contains the active ingredient: pyridoxine hydrochloride by 0.01 or 0.05 g. And also water for injection..

Retinol acetate solution 3.44% 50ml


$5.86 Ex Tax: $5.86

Instruction for Retinol acetateYou can buy Retinol acetate onlineCompositionOne capsule contains 33000 IU of a solution of retinol acetate in sunflower oil. The composition of the shell includes gelatin, yellow quinoline E-104, pu..

Retinol palmitate solution 100000ME 10ml


$7.18 Ex Tax: $7.18

Retinol palmitate instructionReed more and buy Retinol palmitate onlineCompositionIn 1 milliliter of the solution contains 100 000 IU of retinol palmitate.Form of issueIt is produced in the form of an oily transparent liquid, whic..

Retinorm caps 500mg #90


$39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

Retinorm instruction for useReed more and buy Retinorm on this pagepharmachologic effectThe biological active components of Retinorm are not synthesized in the human body, therefore, they must be supplied from the outside with foo..

Revalid vitamins for hair #30


$35.60 $44.50 Ex Tax: $35.60

You can buy Revalid on this pageInsturction for vitamins for hair RevalidThe composition of the RevalidThe composition of Revalid is as follows:    active substances - thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochlorid..

Revit drajee #100


$2.17 Ex Tax: $2.17

Instruction for RevitYou can buy Revit on this pagegeneral characteristicsComposition of the medicinal product:active ingredient: 1 tablet contains:    vitamin A (vitamin A acetate or vitamin A palmitate) - 2,500 IU..

Selmevit Intensiv tabs #60


$23.43 Ex Tax: $23.43

Selmevit Intensiv user manualYou can buy Selmevit Intensiv onlineSee also - SelmevitComposition Selmevit IntensiveThe complex contains:    acetate retinol - 1 mg;    vitamin C - 60 mg;  &nbs..

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