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Hemorrhoids  drugs

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Anaesthesol supp #10


$6.18 Ex Tax: $6.18

Instruction for AnaesthesolReed more and buy Anaesthesol on this pageCompositionIn its composition contains: menthol, benzocaine, zinc oxide, zinc subgallate.Form of issueProduced in the form of greenish-yellow suppositories torpe..

Anuzol suppositories rectal #10


$5.69 Ex Tax: $5.69

Anuzol Instruction for useYou can buy Anuzol hereForm of release, composition and packagingSuppositories 1 supp.bismuth tribromophenate (xeroform) 100 mgthick extract of belladonna 20 mgzinc sulfate 50 mg5 pieces. - packings cellu..

Bethiol suppositories #10


$5.39 Ex Tax: $5.39

Bethiol Instruction for useYou can buy Bethiol hereBethiol suppository is a combined drug, the dosage form of which is represented by suppositories for local treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and other inflammatory processes..

Bezornyl ointment 10gr


$24.54 Ex Tax: $24.54

Bezornyl user manualReed more and buy Bezornyl on this pageCompositionThe composition of 1 g tube of ointment includes: 38 mg borneol, 3.5 mg amber, 9 mg musk (Muscone), 11 mg bezoar, 53.5 mg pearl, 108 mg zinc carbonate (calamine..

Geparoid (Heparoid) Ointment 30gr


$11.14 Ex Tax: $11.14

Heparoid instruction for useYou can buy Heparoid on this pageClinical and pharmacological groupThe drug with anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic effect for external useForm of release, composition and packagingOintment for extern..

Hepatrombin H ointment 20gr


$17.99 $19.20 Ex Tax: $17.99

Hepatrombin H user manualYou can buy Hepatrombin H hereCompositionThe composition of the ointment includes the basic substances: heparin sodium, prednisolone acetate and lauromacrogol 600.Additional constituents: paraffin wax and ..

Natalsid supp 0.25gr #10


$27.22 Ex Tax: $27.22

Instruction for NatalsidYou can buy Natalsid onlineCompositionSuppositories Natalsid contains 250 mg of active ingredient - sodium alginate. Basis: a solid fat of 2.25 grams - this amount is enough to get a suppository.Form of iss..

Nigepan supp #10


$16.19 Ex Tax: $16.19

Nigepan user manualReed more and buy Nigepan on this pageCompositionIn 1 suppository of sodium heparin - 1000 ME, benzocaine - 50 mg. Vitessol, distilled monoglycerides, water as auxiliary substances.Form of issueRectal Suppositor..

Olestesin supp #10


$11.17 Ex Tax: $11.17

Olestesin user manualYou can buy Olestesin hereCompositionIn 1 Suppository, 33 mg of sea buckthorn oil, 50 mg of sulfaethadol and 100 mg of benzocaine. Twin polyethylene oxide purified water, as auxiliary components.Form of issueS..

Posterisan Forte ointment 25gr


$37.52 Ex Tax: $37.52

Posterisan Forte user manualReed more and buy Posterisan Forte on this pageCompositionThe drug is produced in several dosage forms (rectal suppositories and ointment), the composition of which differs by the number of cells of E. ..

Posterisan supp #10


$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

Posterisan user manualReed more and buy Posterisan on this pageCompositionDepending on the form of release of the drug, Posterisan may contain a different amount of inactivated microbial cells of the type E coli. One gram of the o..

Procto-Glyvenol supp 400mg #10


$24.40 Ex Tax: $24.40

Procto-Glyvenol user manualReed more and buy Procto-Glyvenol on this pageCompositionOne candle contains 400 mg of tribenoside and 40 mg of lidocaine.The composition of 100 grams of cream contains 5 grams of tribenozide and 2 g of ..

Proctonis cream 30ml


$18.83 Ex Tax: $18.83

Proctonis instruction for useReed more and buy Proctonis on this pageCream Proctonis is a remedy that helps fight hemorrhoids and the uncomfortable symptoms that it causes. This drug can not be called a medicinal product, since it..

Proctosan supp #10


$19.75 Ex Tax: $19.75

Instruction for ProctosanYou can buy Proctosan hereCompositionCandles of Proctosan contain in one piece bufeksamaka 250 mg, titanium dioxide and bismuth subgallate - 100 mg, lidocaine in the form of hydrochloride monohydrate - 10 ..

Proctosedyl M caps rectal 500mg #20


$24.33 Ex Tax: $24.33

Proctosedyl M user manualReed more and buy Proctosedyl M hereSee also - ProctosedylClinical and pharmacological groupThe drug with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and local anesthetic action for topical application in proctologyA..

Proctosedyl ointment 10gr


$19.94 Ex Tax: $19.94

Proctosedyl user manualReed more and buy Proctosedyl on this pageCompositionIn 1 g of Proctosedyl ointment contains 10 mg of benzocaine (in the form of ethylaminobenzoate), 10 mg of butambene (in the form of butylaminobenzoate), 5..

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