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Dentes and mouth

Dentes and mouth care

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Asepta adhesive balsam 10gr


$10.98 Ex Tax: $10.98

Asepta adhesive gum balsam instruction for useYou can buy Asepta adhesive balsam on this pageThe drug is intended for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the gums:• periodontitis,• gingivitis,• stomatitis.Thanks to the conte..

Asepta gel for gums with propolis 10gr


$13.41 Ex Tax: $13.41

Asepta gel instructionYou can buy Asepta gel for gums on this pageEveryone at least once in his life encountered inflammatory processes of the oral cavity, caused by certain factors. Pharmaceutical companies offer a variety of mea..

Calgel 10gr


$18.89 Ex Tax: $18.89

Calgel instructionYou can buy Calgel hereComposition of CalgelIn addition to active substances - lidocaine hydrochloride and cetylpyridinium chloride - Calgel contains components such as non-crystallizing solution of sorbitol (70%..

Candid solution for oral cavity 1% 15ml


$18.55 Ex Tax: $18.55

Candid solution for oral cavity instructionYou can buy Candid solution for oral cavity hereCandid oral solution is an antifungal medication containing clotrimazole.Apply this drug topically for the treatment of thrush - a fungal i..

Cholisal (Holisal) gel 15gr


$22.66 Ex Tax: $22.66

Instruction for CholisalYou can buy Cholisal on this pageGel Holysal is a drug for topical application in dentistry, which has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antimicrobial effect.Form of formulation and composition of the prepar..

Dentinox 10gr


$21.70 Ex Tax: $21.70

Dentinox instruction manualCompositionIn one gram of dental gel or Dentinox solution contains:    150 mg of chamomile extract;    3.4 mg of lidocaine hydrochloride monohydrate;    3.2 m..

Imudon #24


$23.87 Ex Tax: $23.87

Instruction for ImudonYou can buy Imudon on this pageCompositionThe IMUDON tablets include a mixture of bacterial lysates (dry matter): Enterococcus faecium, Enterococcus faecalis, Streptococcus pyogenes group A, Staphylococcus au..

Kamistad 10gr


$12.69 Ex Tax: $12.69

Kamistad instruction for useYou can buy Kamistad on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug Kamistad includes lidocaine hydrochloride (a substance in the form of monohydrate), as well as tincture of flowers of chamomile ph..

Kamistad baby gel 10gr


$17.89 Ex Tax: $17.89

Kamistad baby instruction for useYou can buy Kamistad baby on this pageThere are many tools designed to help the baby during teething and Kamistad baby is one of them. Therefore, you need to understand the instructions for use of ..

Lysobact tabs #30


$14.43 Ex Tax: $14.43

Instruction for LysobactYou can buy Lysobact tablets on this pageCompositionOne Lysobact tablet contains:    pyridoxine hydrochloride (10 mg);    lysozyme hydrochloride (20 mg);    magn..

Maraslavin 100ml


$14.54 Ex Tax: $14.54

Instruction for MaraslavinYou can buy Maraslavin on this pageCompositionThe solution of Maraslavin contains per 100 ml: 4.196 g of wormwood herb; 728 ml of herb thyme; 1,199 g of black pepper; 3, 646 g of clove bud buds; 4, 196 g ..

Metrogil dental gel 20gr


$9.65 Ex Tax: $9.65

Metrogil user manualYou can buy Metrogil hereCompositionThe drug includes metronidazole benzoate and 20% chlorhexidine digluconate as an active ingredient, as well as carbomer 940, edetate disodium, propylene glycol, sodium saccha..

Panavir Dent 75ml


$10.41 Ex Tax: $10.41

Panavir Dent instruction for useReed more and buy Panavir Dent on this pagePROTECTION AND RESTORATION OF DENTURES AND GENSES EVERY DAY    complex 7 active components of toothpaste has antimicrobial, anti-inflammator..

Proposol 50gr


$8.41 Ex Tax: $8.41

Proposol instruction manualReed more and buy ProposolCompositionProposol contains 2.1 grams of propolis, 4.9 grams of distilled glycerin, 28 g of ethyl alcohol, 15 g of Hladon-12.Some manufacturers meet a dosage of 3 grams of prop..

Romazulan 100ml


$14.41 Ex Tax: $14.41

Instruction for RomazulanReed more about Romazulan and buy it on thisCompositionContains extract of chamomile, guaiazulene, and polysorbate 80.Form of issueThe drug is issued in the form of a solution (bottles of 50, 100 ml).The d..

Rotocan 50ml


$3.64 Ex Tax: $3.64

Rotocan instruction for useReed more and buy Rotocan hereCompositionAt 1 liter. extract is:    flowers of calendula officinalis in the amount of 250 g.    chamomile flowers in the amount of 500 g.&nbs..

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