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Acetylcysteine tabs 600mg #12


$15.55 Ex Tax: $15.55

Acetylcysteine instructionYou can buy Acetylcysteine onlineCompositionThe drug has as its main substance Acetylcysteine. Additional components in tablets are ascorbic acid, saccharin, sucrose, flavoring.Each package of powder, in ..

Aekol solution 100ml


$7.52 Ex Tax: $7.52

Aekol instructionYou can buy Aekol on this pageCompositionIn 100 ml of the solution Aekol contains 180 mg of alpha-tocopherol acetate and betacaren, menadione - 50 ml and retinol + excipients (sunflower oil).Form of issueThe prepa..

Aelecasol 50gr


$6.54 Ex Tax: $6.54

Aelecasol anti-inflammatory collection user manualYou can buy Aelecasol anti-inflammatory collection hereCompositionThe collection of Aelecasol consists of 20% of licorice roots, 20% are sage leaves, 10% chamomile flowers, 20% euc..

Angi Sept tabs #24


$13.17 Ex Tax: $13.17

Angi Sept user manualYou can buy Angi Sept on this pageComposition1 tablet contains: 5.4 mg of menthol; 2.4 mg anethole; 1.2 mg of 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol; 0.6 mg peppermint oil - active ingredients.Additional ingredients: gluc..

Argosulfan cream 2% 40gr


$24.83 Ex Tax: $24.83

Argosulfan user manualYou can buy Argosulfan on this pageCompositionIn 1 g of cream contains 20 mg of silver salt of sulfatiazole. Auxiliary components of the base: dihydrogen phosphate and sodium lauryl sulfate, methylhydroxybenz..

Azelic gel 15% 30gr


$31.95 Ex Tax: $31.95

Azelic buy onlineInstruction for AzelicCompositionThe preparation for external use contains the active component azelaic acid.Additional constituents: benzoic acid, methylpyrrolidone, propylene glycol, disodium edetate, squalane, ..

Betadine solution 10% 120ml


$17.89 Ex Tax: $17.89

Instruction for Betadine solutionYou can buy Betadine solution hereForm of issue and compositionThe preparation Betadine is released as a 10% solution of dark brown color with a volume of 30 ml, 120 ml and 1000 ml. The medicine sh..

Betadine supp 200mg #14


$30.72 Ex Tax: $30.72

Betadine user manualReed more and buy Betadine hereCompositionAs part of Betadine ointment, there is an active component of povidone-iodine, as well as additional components: macrogol 400, macrogol 1000, macrogol 4000, sodium bica..

Branolind N 10x20cm #1


$7.52 Ex Tax: $7.52

Branolind instructionReed more and buy Branolind on this pageCompositionThe Branolind dressing contains white petrolatum, cetomacrogol, glycerol monostearate, hydrogenated fat, triglycerides.Branolind with Peruvian balsam: the mai..

Camphor spiritus 10% 40ml


$2.49 Ex Tax: $2.49

Instruction for Camphor spiritusYou can buy Camphor spiritus on this pageCompositionIn the water-alcohol solution contains the active component - camphor.Additional components: alcohol, water.Form of issueThe preparation is produc..

Chlorophyllipt tabs 0.8gr #20


$10.91 Ex Tax: $10.91

Chlorophyllipt user manualYou can buy Chlorophyllipt on this pageCompositionThe composition of Chlorophyllipt in tablets includes 12.5 mg of Eucalypti foliorum extract (93% ethanol is used as an extractant), as well as ascorbic ac..

Cindol susp. 125gr


$21.72 Ex Tax: $21.72

Cindol instructionReed more about Cindol and buy it hereCompositionIn 100ml suspension contains 12.5g of zinc oxide, 12.5g of starch, 20g of glycerin, 12.5g of medical talc, 20g of ethyl alcohol 70%, and up to 100g of distilled wa..

Depanthol supp #10


$30.99 Ex Tax: $30.99

User manual for DepantholYou can buy Depanthol on this pageCompositionIn one vaginal suppository contains 0.1 g of dexpanthenol and 0.016 g of chlorhexidine bigluconate + additional substances (macrogol, 1500, macrogol 400).One gr..

Drapolene baby cream 55gr


$21.60 Ex Tax: $21.60

Drapolene instructionYou can buy Drapolene hereCompositionCream Drapolene has such active substances as benzalkonium chloride and cetrimide.Additional components: paraffin white soft, cetyl alcohol, chlorocresol, purified water, l..

Effezel gel 1mg/gr + 25mg/gr 30gr


$59.50 Ex Tax: $59.50

Effezel instruction for useYou can buy Effezel on this pageComposition1 gram of gel contains 1 mg of adapalene, 25 mg of benzoyl peroxide and auxiliary components: poloxamer, glycerol, polysorbate, isohexadecane, simulgel, water, ..

Formidron solution 100ml


$19.18 Ex Tax: $19.18

Formidron user manualReed more and buy Formidron on this pageCompositionThe composition of 100 grams of external solution contains 10 g of formaldehyde, 96% of ethanol - 39.5 grams + additional components (water, cologne).Form of ..

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