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Food supplements

Food supplements

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Acoustic caps #30


$20.32 Ex Tax: $20.32

Acoustic user manualReed more and buy Acoustic on this pageComposition1 capsule contains:Active substances: Betaine (betaine); Vitamin E (vitamin E 50%); Resveratrol (resveratrol); Quercetin (quercetin); Coenzyme Q10 (coenzyme Q10..

AD Norma 0.3gr #60


$15.50 Ex Tax: $15.50

User manual for AD NormaBuy AD Norma onlineComposition1 capsule of the drug AD Norma contains: 149 mg of extract of fruits of chokeberry; 100 mg of hawthorn extract; 10 mg routine.In addition: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium..

Anti-Age Alpha-lipoic acid caps 100mg #30


$26.62 Ex Tax: $26.62

Anti-Age Alpha-lipoic acid instruction for useYou can buy Anti-Age Alpha-lipoic acid herepharmachologic effectANTI-AGE line Alpha-lipoic acid Support for metabolism promotes: antioxidant protection and detoxification of the bo..

Anti-Age antioxidant formula caps 400mg #60


$43.50 $47.85 Ex Tax: $43.50

Anti-Age antioxidant formula instruction for useYou can buy Anti-Age antioxidant formula herepharmachologic effectVitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant extracts help protect against free radicals and negative environmental fac..

Anti-Age Carnosine caps 500mg #60


$69.30 $79.93 Ex Tax: $69.30

Anti-Age Carnosine user manualYou can buy Anti-Age Carnosine herepharmachologic effectTurn the clock back most of us do not want in a philosophical sense. For some, this means the most banal - getting rid of wrinkles. Especially w..

Anti-Age Coenzyme Q10 caps 100mg #30


$45.50 $56.30 Ex Tax: $45.50

Anti-Age Coenzyme Q10 user manualReed more and buy Anti-Age Coenzyme Q10 on this pagepharmachologic effectA healthy human body produces about 30 years of the required amount of coenzyme Q10. With age, the ability to absorb coenzym..

Anti-age triple Omega-3 caps 950mg #30


$34.82 Ex Tax: $34.82

Anti-age triple Omega-3 instruction for useReed more and buy Anti-age triple Omega-3 on this pageDescriptionTriple Omega-3 950 mg helps to maintain the beauty of skin, hair and nails, Anti-age effect, heart and cardiovascular heal..

Antistax caps 180mg #50


$49.31 Ex Tax: $49.31

Antistax instruction for useYou can buy Antistax capsules hereCompositionThe active (active) substance of all pharmaceutical forms of the drug is an extract of dry red leaves of grapes.Antistax in the form of capsules contains 180..

Antistax gel 125ml


$48.31 Ex Tax: $48.31

Antistax gel user manualYou can buy Antistax gel on this pageAntistax in the treatment of varicose veins and other venous diseasesAntistax is a venotonic and angioprotective agent. Thanks to it, the tone of the blood vessels rises..

Apilac (Apilacum) tablets 10 mg #25


$12.46 Ex Tax: $12.46

Apilac instruction for useYou can buy Apilacum on this pageComposition    One tablet of Apilacum produced by ZAO Vifehteh includes 10 mg of powder from the royal jelly of bees. Auxiliary components: lactose monohydr..

Artromaximum Martinia caps #60


$42.67 Ex Tax: $42.67

Artromaximum Martinia user manualYou can buy Artromaximum Martinia hereArtromaximum is made on the basis of a dry extract of fragrant martini (diabolical claw). Martini roots contain iridoid glycosides (harpagoside), flavonoids (k..

Asklesan A caps #36


$15.67 Ex Tax: $15.67

Asklesan A instruction for useReed more and buy Asklesan A on this pageAsklesan A is a line of cosmetic products and biologically active additives intended for treatment and prevention of varicose veins of the lower extremities. T..

Barsucor (Badger fat) 100ml


$21.38 Ex Tax: $21.38

Barsucor user manualYou can buy Badger fat on this pagepharmachologic effectHelps reduce the intensity of the infectious inflammatory process in chronic bronchitis, increases the effectiveness of drug therapy for community-acquire..

Beauty from the inside for skin, hair and nails tabs #60


$49.99 $59.60 Ex Tax: $49.99

Beauty from the inside for skin, hair and nails instructionYou can buy Beauty from the inside for skin, hair and nails hereIngredientsCarrots (Daucus carota) 100.0 mg; wheat germ (Triticum sativum) 50.0 mg; burdock (Arctium lappa)..

Bifiform Baby drops 7ml


$29.90 Ex Tax: $29.90

Bifiform Baby user manualReed more and buy Bifiform Baby onlineCompositionThe medicine has the following composition:    active substances - strains of Bifidobacterium lactis and Streptococcus thermophilus; &nb..

Bifilar caps 0.5gr #30


$25.72 Ex Tax: $25.72

Bifilar instruction for useReed more and buy Bifilar hereModern life dictates its rules - we have a catastrophic time to get sick. Strong health and strong immunity - this is something without which today can not do. One of the sa..

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