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Men's Health

Men's Health

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Afala tabs #100


$20.72 Ex Tax: $20.72

Afala instruction for useReed more and buy Afala on this pageCompositionThe composition of 1 tablet of the drug Afala included 0.003 g of antibodies to prostate-specific antigen (PSA). PSA is a substance of protein nature, the pro..

Afalaza tabs #100


$26.61 Ex Tax: $26.61

Afalaza user manualYou can buy Afalaza on this pageRelease form, composition and packagingTablets for resorption from white to almost white color, flat-cylindrical shape, with risk and chamfer; The inscription MATERIA MEDICA is in..

Alfuprost MP tabs 10mg #30


$45.99 $52.30 Ex Tax: $45.99

Alfuprost MP instruction for useYou can buy Alfuprost MP hereCompositionEach tablet of prolonged action contains:active ingredient: alfuzosin hydrochloride 10 mg.excipients: anhydrous lactose 77 mg, magnesium stearate 2.5 mg, coll..

Androdoz caps #60


$99.90 Ex Tax: $99.90

Androdoz instruction for useYou can buy Androdoz hereComposition1 caps contains arginine-alpha-keto-glucorate (AAKG), carnitine, coenzyme Q 10, carnosine, selenmetionin, licorice, zinc extract of pyromex, vitamin E, vitamin A. Aux..

Androgel gel 1% 5gr #30


$99.99 $112.50 Ex Tax: $99.99

Androgel user manualYou can buy Androgel herepharmachologic effectEndogenous androgens (mainly testosterone) secreted by the testes and their main metabolite dihydrotestosterone are responsible for the development of the external ..

Avodart caps 0.5mg #90


$121.62 Ex Tax: $121.62

Avodart instruction for useReed more and buy Avodart on this pageCompositionIn a single capsule of medicine: dutasteride 0.5 mg + additional ingredients (butylhydroxytoluene, gelatin, titanium dioxide, triglycerides, mono-diglycer..

Bioprost supp #10


$35.90 Ex Tax: $35.90

Bioprost instruction for useYou can buy Bioprost suppositories hereCompositionOne suppository contains 100 mg of thymol and 500 mg of pumpkin seed oil.The basis of the suppository (weighing up to 2 grams) - Witepsol brand H-15 and..

Cialis 20mg #4


$123.55 Ex Tax: $123.55

Cialis user manualYou can buy Cialis on this pageCompositionCialis tablets contain 5 mg of tadalafil, lactose (in the form of monohydrate) and spray dried lactose monohydrate, giprolose and extra thin giprolose, sodium lauryl sulf..

Dinamico long tabs 20mg #1


$38.43 Ex Tax: $38.43

Dinamico long instructionYou can buy Dinamico long hereIndicationsErectile disfunction.Contraindications    Hypersensitivity to tadalafil or any other component of Dinamico Long.    The simultaneous u..

Doppelherz VIP SpermAktiv caps #30


$35.34 Ex Tax: $35.34

Doppelherz VIP SpermAktiv user manualYou can buy Doppelherz VIP SpermAktiv hereCompositionDoppelherz SpermAktiv contains the following components: ascorbic acid, magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate, tocopherol acetate, riboflavin, ..

Dynamico tabs 100mg #4


$50.52 Ex Tax: $50.52

Dynamico user manualReed more and buy Dynamico on this pageCompositionThe tablet in a special protective film membrane of blue color contains 25/50/100 mg of sildenafil.Additional components: Mg stearate, microcrystalline cellulos..

Effex Neuro caps 0.36gr #60


$45.99 Ex Tax: $45.99

Effex Neuro instruction for useYou can buy Effex Neuro on this pageEFFEX Neuro Bio-Complex for Men - a means of a new generation for prolonging sexual intercourse and improving the quality of sexRussia's largest pharmaceutical pro..

Effex Sildenafil tabs 100mg #15


$29.94 Ex Tax: $29.94

Effex Sildenafil instructionYou can buy Effex Sildenafil hereDescriptionTablets are round, biconvex, film-coated from pale orange with a pinkish imitation to pale brown with a pinkish imitation of the color; in cross section, the ..

Effex Tribulus tabs 250mg #60


$56.99 Ex Tax: $56.99

Effex Tribulus instruction for useReed more and buy Effex Tribulus on this pageCompositionActive ingredient: yakortsev creeping grass extract dry (35 รท 45: 1, extractant ethyl alcohol 70%) with the content of the amount of furosta..

Erectogenon caps #15


$49.99 $58.35 Ex Tax: $49.99

Erectogenon instruction for useReed more and buy Erectogenon on this pageCompositionThe composition of Erectogenon includes natural ingredients. Astragalus boosts immunity and strengthens the potency, restores the work of the cent..

Impaza #20


$24.25 Ex Tax: $24.25

Impaza for men instructionYou can buy Impaza hereThe drug Impaza is a drug for treating problems with potency in men.Form of formulation and composition of the preparationImpaza is available in the form of white absorbing tablets ..

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