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Bioprost supp #10

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Bioprost instruction for useYou can buy Bioprost suppositories hereCompositionOne suppository contains 100 mg of thymol and 500 mg of pumpkin seed oil.The basis of the suppository (weighing up to 2 grams) - Witepsol brand H-15 and..

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Bioprost instruction for use

You can buy Bioprost suppositories here


One suppository contains 100 mg of thymol and 500 mg of pumpkin seed oil.
The basis of the suppository (weighing up to 2 grams) - Witepsol brand H-15 and W-35.

Release form

The drug Bioprost is made in the form of suppositories for rectal use, 10 pieces in a carton box.

pharmachologic effect

Bacteriostatic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics for Bioprost

Suppositories Bioprost are a drug of combined action, which is aimed at providing a positive (facilitating) effect on pathological processes occurring in prostatic hyperplasia (prostate gland). The effects of this drug reduce pain in the prostate area and have a beneficial effect on urination.
The thymol included in suppositories has a pronounced antibacterial efficacy in relation to the coccal flora, and pumpkin seed oil is known for its antioxidant properties, and also includes a large number of trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids.
In the case of the treatment of chronic prostatitis, the rectal method of administering the drug used in this case is considered preferable because of the flow of its active ingredients directly into the bloodstream, excluding their passage through the liver. Due to this administration of the drug, the onset of therapeutic efficacy is observed faster, and the likelihood of the inactivation of its active substances in the liver and digestive tract is eliminated. In the tissues of the prostate and its secret, the creation of therapeutic concentrations of the drug is noted, which in turn leads to a decrease in inflammatory processes and pain.

Indications for use

Suppositories Bioprost are intended for symptomatic therapy:
    prostatitis of bacterial and abacterial origin of the chronic course;
    prostate adenoma (prostate gland).


The only contraindication to the appointment of Bioprost is the high personal sensitivity of the patient to the ingredients of the suppositories.

Side effects

Sometimes with the use of suppositories, the formation of allergic manifestations was observed.

Bioprost, instructions for use

A 2-week course of therapy with exclusively rectal (injected into the rectum) using Bioprost suppositories is shown. At 24 hours, depending on the observed severity of the pathology, a 1-2-time administration of 1 suppository is recommended. In the future (according to the recommendation of the proctologist), it is possible to conduct repeated 2-week therapeutic courses.


There is no true information about the possibility of an overdose when using the drug Bioprost.


Cases of any influence of active ingredients of suppositories on the pharmacokinetic effect of therapeutic drugs applied in parallel were not noted.

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Bioprost.

Storage conditions

Preservation of all the medicinal qualities of suppositories requires compliance with the temperature range of 2-8 ° C.

Shelf life

In the closed primary packaging suppositories can last for 24 months.

For children

Due to the development of diseases in which the use of Bioprost is shown at a more mature age, it is not prescribed to children.

During pregnancy (and lactation)

Suppositories are intended solely for the treatment of men.


The number of patients who leave positive feedback on Bioprost exceeds the number of neutral opinions about its effectiveness. Many patients using these suppositories, noted in their reduction of the inflammatory process and pain, as well as a decrease in urination and its relative painlessness. However, this therapeutic phytopreparation itself, as a rule, was not enough for full recovery, and productive therapy of such disease states required a comprehensive approach to treatment.

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