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Aelecasol 50gr


$6.54 Ex Tax: $6.54

Aelecasol anti-inflammatory collection user manualYou can buy Aelecasol anti-inflammatory collection hereCompositionThe collection of Aelecasol consists of 20% of licorice roots, 20% are sage leaves, 10% chamomile flowers, 20% euc..

Aira rhizomes 1.5gr #20


$4.83 Ex Tax: $4.83

Aira rhizomes user manualYou can buy Aira rhizomes hereCharacteristicAyr rhizomes contain bitter substance ascarin, essential oil, tannins, resins, ascorbic acid and other biologically active substances.Description of Aira rhizome..

Alni Fructus (Alder) 1.5gr #20


$6.15 Ex Tax: $6.15

Alni Fructus (Alder) instruction for useTo buy Alni Fructus just add it to your shopping cartForm of issueVegetable raw materialsPackaging - 20 bags of 1.5 grams each.pharmachologic effectInfusion of alder of stems has an astringe..

Arfazetin (Arphasetinum) 2gr #20


$5.20 Ex Tax: $5.20

Arfazetin instruction for useYou can buy Arfazetin hereMeans Arfazetine is available in the form of herbal collection, lowers blood glucose levels, is used to treat diabetes mellitus or type 2.PackagingIt is sold in cardboard pack..

Badan root (Bergeniae) 1.5gr #20


$6.32 Ex Tax: $6.32

Badan root instruction for useReed more and buy Badan root on this pageCharacteristicBadan rhizomes contain tannins of mixed nature (catechins, gallic and ellagic acids, etc.), arbutin, isocoumarin bergenin, etc.DescriptionGround ..

Bearberry leaves (Uvae ursi folia) 50gr


$5.20 Ex Tax: $5.20

Bearberry leaves user manualReed more and buy Bearberry leaves on this pageCompositionEach filter bag contains 1.5 grams of herbal raw material of bearberry leaves in powder form.The leaves of the plant contain 8-25% of erycoline ..

Breast Collection (Grudnoy sbor) №4 2gr #20


$6.48 Ex Tax: $6.48

Breast Collection instruction for useYou can buy Breastfeeding hereSee also - Breast Collection №1Composition100 grams of the drug Thoracic collection 4 is a mixture of crushed vegetable medicinal raw materials: 20% of the shoots ..

Breast Collection Phytopectol №2 (pectorales species) 35gr


$6.75 Ex Tax: $6.75

Breast Collection Phytopectol №2 instructionReed more and buy Breast Collection Phytopectol №2 hereCompositionColtsfoot leaves - 40%Plantain of large leaves - 30%Licorice licorice - 30%DescriptionThe mixture of non-uniform particl..

Breastfeeding (Sbor grudnoy) №1 50g


$4.26 Ex Tax: $4.26

Breastfeeding (Sbor grudnoy) №1 instruction for useYou can buy Breastfeeding (Sbor grudnoy) №1 hereActive substanceAlthea medicinal roots + Oregano herb + Mat-and-stepmother leaves (Althaeae officinalis radices + Origani cretici h..

Buckthorn bark (Cortex Frangulae) 1.5gr #20


$4.27 Ex Tax: $4.27

Buckthorn bark instructionYou can buy Buckthorn bark hereCompositionThe composition of the product includes vegetable raw materials of buckthorn bark in the form of a powder.Form of issueRaw materials are produced in filter bags, ..

Burdock Root 50g


$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.30

Burdock Root instruction for useYou can buy Burdock Root herepharmachologic effectMeans of plant origin; has a diuretic, choleretic, moderate anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.IndicationsInside: cystitis, urethritis; gast..

Burnet roots 1.5gr #20


$6.13 Ex Tax: $6.13

Burnet roots instruction for useReed more and buy Burnet roots on this pageCharacteristicThe rhizomes and roots of the burnet contain a polyphenol complex, including tannins, ellagic and gallic acids, pyrogallol, catechin and gall..

Calendula flores 50gr


$7.15 Ex Tax: $7.15

Calendula flores instruction for useYou can buy Calendula flores herePharmacological group: non-narcotic analgesics, including non-steroidal and other anti-inflammatory drugs / other non-narcotic analgesics, including non-steroida..

Celandine herba 1.5gr #20


$4.78 Ex Tax: $4.78

Celandine herba instruction for useReed more and buy Celandine herba on this pagepharmachologic effectMeans of plant origin. The complex of biologically active substances, primarily alkaloids, provides a wide range of pharmacologi..

Chaga (birch mushroom) 50gr


$6.99 Ex Tax: $6.99

Instruction for ChagaYou can buy Chaga hereActive substance- birch mushroom (chaga) (inonotus obliguus)The composition and release form of the drugRaw shredded vegetable 1 packbirch mushroom (chaga) 50 g50 g - packages (1) - packs..

Coltsfoot leaves 35gr


$5.50 Ex Tax: $5.50

Coltsfoot leaves user manualReed more and buy Coltsfoot leaves hereCharacteristicColtsfoot leaves contain mucus, tannins, bitterness, flavonoids and other biologically active substances.DescriptionPieces of leaves of various shape..

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