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Chaga (birch mushroom) 50gr

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Instruction for ChagaYou can buy Chaga hereActive substance- birch mushroom (chaga) (inonotus obliguus)The composition and release form of the drugRaw shredded vegetable 1 packbirch mushroom (chaga) 50 g50 g - packages (1) - packs..

Instruction for Chaga

You can buy Chaga here

Active substance

- birch mushroom (chaga) (inonotus obliguus)
The composition and release form of the drug
Raw shredded vegetable 1 pack
birch mushroom (chaga) 50 g
50 g - packages (1) - packs cardboard.

pharmachologic effect

Means from a phytopathogenic fungus of the inonotus oblique (tinder, tubular, oblique tinder), developing in the form of growths on birch trunks. The main active ingredients are pigments, which form a chromogenic polyphenol carbon complex (20%) in combination with polysaccharides (6-8%), agaricin and humic-like chagic acids. The tonic effect on the central nervous system and immunomodulating properties provide an increase in the body's resistance to hypoxia and other adverse effects. The presence of copper, manganese, cobalt provides a stimulating effect on blood formation, especially on leukopoiesis. Birch fungus preparations have a gastroprotective effect, normalize the functions of the digestive glands. The increase in the functional activity of the immune system, especially the function of natural killer cells, determines, apparently, the antitumor properties of the birch fungus.


Gastrointestinal dyskinesia of hypotonic type, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis; asthenic conditions, cachexia, the postoperative period, long-term immunosuppressive therapy.


Hypersensitivity to preparations of birch fungus.

Dosage of chaga

Take inside. The course of treatment is 1-5 months. If necessary, repeat the treatment after a 7-10 day break.

Side effects

Possible: allergic reactions.

special instructions for chaga (birch mushroom)

When treating with birch fungus, a milky-vegetable diet is shown, with the exception of canned food, hot spices, and animal fats. Use of penicillin, in / in the introduction of dextrose is contraindicated.
It can be used in complex therapy for tumor diseases to improve blood formation and digestion.

Terms of sell

You don't need a prescription to buy chaga.

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