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Stomach, bowels, livers

Stomach, bowels, livers

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Acidin-Рepsin tablets 250 mg #50


$7.43 Ex Tax: $7.43

Instruction for Acidin-РepsinReed more and buy Acidin-РepsinCompositionThe preparation contains active components: acid (betaine) and pepsin.Additional constituents: povidone, sorbitol, silicon dioxide colloid, calcium stearate.Fo..

Acipol Active 10ml #10


$38.30 Ex Tax: $38.30

Acipol Active instruction for useTo buy Acipol Active just add it to your shopping cartSolvent water, sweetener fructose, inulin, lactobacillus Lactobacillus rhamnosus ATCC 53103, bifidobacterium Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7894, ..

Acipol Baby drops 4.5ml


$28.57 Ex Tax: $28.57

Acipol Baby user manualYou can buy Acipol Baby hereCompositionFiller sunflower oil, lactobacillus Lactobacillus rhamnosus ATCC 53103, bifidobacterium Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7894, silicium antioxidant agent (E 551), DL-alpha t..

Acipol caps #30


$17.32 Ex Tax: $17.32

Acipol instructionYou can buy Acipol hereStructure of the medicine1 capsule contains: 0.4 mg of kefir fungus and 10 in the seventh degree of live acidophilic lactobacilli + auxiliary substances (gelatinous membrane).Form of issueT..

Adiarin Probio drops 8ml


$35.30 Ex Tax: $35.30

Adiarin Probio user manualTo buy Adiarin Probio just add it to your cartThe innovative probiotic Adiarin Probio helps quickly restore the normal balance of the intestinal microflora. This is a modern development of scientists, rec..

Allochol (Allocholum) #50


$4.24 Ex Tax: $4.24

Instruction for AllocholReed more and buy AllocholCompositionThe composition of Allochol includes the following components: nettle extract, bile extract dry, activated carbon, garlic extract, auxiliary substances.Form of issueProd..

Allopurinol 100mg #50


$5.86 Ex Tax: $5.86

Instruction for AllopurinolYou can buy Allopurinol hereCompositionContains in its composition active substance allopurinol in the amount of 100 or 300 mg, as well as auxiliary substances.Form of issueTablets of 100 or 300 mg.pharm..

Almagel 170ml


$10.26 Ex Tax: $10.26

Instruction for AlmagelReed more and buy AlmagelComposition of AlmagelThe composition of Almagel includes 2 active components for INN: magnesium hydroxide and algal hydrate. 5 ml of the suspension contains 100 mg of magnesium hydr..

Almagel A 170ml


$19.21 Ex Tax: $19.21

Almagel A instructionYou can buy Almagel A hereComposition1 measuring spoon (5 ml) of the suspension contains 2.18 g of an algebra, 350 mg of magnesium hydroxide paste, 109 mg of benzocaine.Additional components: hyethellosis, sor..

Almagel Neo 170ml


$29.69 Ex Tax: $29.69

User manual for Almagel NeoReed more and buy Almagel Neo on this pageComposition5 ml of suspension (corresponding to 1 dosage spoon) contains 36 mg of simethicone, 395 mg of magnesium hydroxide, 340 mg of aluminum hydroxide.Additi..

Aloe Juice 50ml


$5.68 Ex Tax: $5.68

Aloe Juice instruction for useReed more and buy Aloe Juice on this pageComposition100 ml of LS consists of 80 ml of succus (unpreserved) of aloe vera leaves and 20 ml of 95% ethanol (ethyl alcohol).Form of issueThe medicine is ava..

Antareit tabs 800mg + 40mg #24


$13.73 Ex Tax: $13.73

Antareit instruction for useYou can buy Antareit on this pageComposition1 tablet chewing dosage of 400/20 mg contains:Active substances: magdrate - 400 mg, simethicone (in terms of dimethylpolysiloxane) - 30.77 (20) mg.Excipients:..

Baby Calm solution 15ml/50ml


$19.28 Ex Tax: $19.28

Baby Calm user manualReed more and buy Baby Calm hereInstructions for use Baby Calm introduces the user to the composition of the drug and its indications for use. It also contains information on the dosing regimen, possible side ..

Bac-Set Baby powder 1gr #10


$25.25 Ex Tax: $25.25

Bac-Set Baby instruction for useYou can buy Bac-Set Baby hereFood additive Bac-Set Baby is an important source of prebiotics, bifidobacteria, probiotics, lactobacilli. The drug is produced specifically for children from birth and ..

Bac-Set Forte caps 0.21gr #20


$24.44 Ex Tax: $24.44

Bac-Set Forte instructionYou can buy Bac-Set Forte hereNutritional supplement Bac Sette forte is a complex probiotic preparation containing 14 strains of active beneficial microorganisms. Thanks to a special innovative production ..

Bactistatin caps 0.5gr #60


$43.99 $49.50 Ex Tax: $43.99

Bactistatin instruction for useReed more and buy Bactistatin on this pageBactistatin is a drug recommended as a biologically active food additive. Implementation is carried out in a capsule form. Active ingredients are active meta..

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