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Baby Calm solution 15ml/50ml

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Baby Calm user manualReed more and buy Baby Calm hereInstructions for use Baby Calm introduces the user to the composition of the drug and its indications for use. It also contains information on the dosing regimen, possible side ..

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Baby Calm user manual

Reed more and buy Baby Calm here

Instructions for use Baby Calm introduces the user to the composition of the drug and its indications for use. It also contains information on the dosing regimen, possible side effects and contraindications, which is important to know before starting the drug.

Form of release, composition and packaging

The preparation Baby Calm is released as a solution, which is intended for ingestion of newborn children. The solution is a concentrated mixture of dill, mint and anise vegetable oils.
In pharmacies the drug comes in a colorfully designed cardboard box that contains a bottle with a solution of 15 milliliters.

Conditions and shelf life

You can use the drug for two years from the date of manufacture. The storage conditions are easy to ensure: a dry, light-protected room with an air temperature of no more than 10 degrees.


As a biologically active additive, Baby Calm is an effective tool for infants to eliminate flatulence. Its composition consists exclusively of vegetable oils, which is safe for a fragile organism.
Dill oil has carminative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antibacterial action.
Mint oil has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect.
Aniseed oil promotes the stimulation of the intestine and the elimination of bloating.

Baby Calm testimony

The Baby Calm preparation is indicated for use by newborn children in the first year of life with gastrointestinal diseases, which may be accompanied by increased gas production and flatulence. Recommended by pediatricians as a means to eliminate bloating.


Contraindications to the use of the drug Baby Calm is practically not except for the expressed hypersensitivity to its components.

Baby Calm user manual

For newborns, ten drops shortly before feeding.
The prepared emulsion is stored in the refrigerator for no more than 30 days.

Side effects

Allergic reactions may occur as side effects on the use of Baby Calm.

Baby Calm for newborns

Biologically active additive Baby Calm for infants is a modern tool that has a natural basis and helps to rid the baby of unpleasant and painful sensations.
The basis of the drug is dill water, which has long been used to help infants in a similar issue.
Today, any pediatrician immediately prescribes Baby Calm at the slightest symptoms of digestive disorders in the crumbs, in order to eliminate the swelling of his tummy and return to him a restful sleep.

Baby Calm Drops

Since the preparation can be purchased in the form of a solution that should be diluted with water before use, it is necessary to clearly understand that giving the child the norm of drops prescribed by the instruction follows not from a bottle with a solution, but from a diluted formulation. It is a diluted drug and will be considered a drop of Baby Calm.

Baby Calm for babies: deployed

The diet of Baby Calm fully corresponds to the wishes of the parents and consists exclusively of natural ingredients. In its composition there are no artificial additives and colorants.

The main components of the drug

Medical fennel or fennel, the oil of which is a part of Baby Calm is able to supersede the accumulation of gas formations from the baby's intestines by its action. In addition, it has the properties of removing spasms and eliminating the associated pain. The spectrum of its effects also includes antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
In medical practice, fennel is known as an antispasmodic carminative agent that increases the secretory activity of the esophagus, which helps digestion. Apply it in the form of a diuretic and antitussive medicine, as well as to eliminate colic and various disorders of the intestine.
Anise oil is also a part of Baby Calm is capable of stimulating the processes of intestinal activity and eliminating swelling and irritation in the abdomen.
In the list of medical properties of anise, one can also find the effect on improving sputum discharge on coughing and increasing the action of antibiotics, and assisting with diarrhea, as well as attacks of vomiting on nervous and palpitations.
Extract of mint, can calm and relieve inflammation. Normalizes the work of the heart and eliminates inflammation in the organs of the digestive tract, helps relieve tension, cramps and spasms. However, mint is not recommended for children under the age of six.
Therefore, when using the drug, do not forget about caution.

The action of Baby Calm

It is not difficult to know how the Baby Calm drug works. It is enough to read the instruction carefully and to understand the properties of its components.
Summarizing the effect of each of the oils, it can be concluded that the drug is able to activate the action of the intestine and relieve the painful spasm. In addition, it has carminative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial as well as calming effect.
Nevertheless, when the baby is troubled by abnormalities in the tummy, his parents are only concerned with one thing: when will the drug work?
The action of the biological supplement comes at a time with ingestion in the digestive tract. And if and will be observed, any delay in the provision of therapeutic effect, this will be directly related to the individuality of the organism.

How to give Baby Calm to newborns

The use of the drug is not difficult. Before beginning its use, dilute the contents of the bottle with boiled cold water until a special mark on the vial. Then, using a pipette dispenser, measure 10 drops and give them to the baby shortly before feeding.
A bottle with a diluted product should not be stored for more than a month on the refrigerator door.

Allergy to Baby Calm

Despite the fact that the composition of the drug is missing any chemistry for its use in a baby, an allergic reaction may occur.

In case of an overdose

When using the drug, do not forget about the concentration and give the baby a solution only in water diluted form. Otherwise, an overdose is imminent and the likelihood of an allergy is high.

With immunity of the body

Although the drug is not addictive, its long-term use is not recommended. Observations show that the duration of use of Baby Calm for more than two months, as a rule, causes an allergic reaction in the baby in the form of rashes on the skin, especially in the abdominal region. What causes this reaction is not exactly established, but there is a possibility of the intolerance of the preparation by the body.

Caution of taking Baby Calm babies

Before you start using the drug, it is advisable to check how the baby will react to it. To do this, first, instead of the full dose, give him a few drops and watch the reaction. If there are no rashes on the skin, then everything is in order and you can safely use dietary supplements.
When using the drug, you should strictly follow the dosage and follow the instructions of the instructions.

Baby Calm Reviews

Reviews about the drug are mostly positive. Everyone who used Baby Calm to help his baby, as one says about its effectiveness and first aid. Many liked the convenience of using it, since it is not difficult to dose the drug because the manufacturer has already provided everything for this. However, many people make the reservation that the drug works well if it is applied correctly. Apparently when first used probably from worrying about the anxiety of the baby, many parents do something wrong. However, in general, the drug, judging by the reviews, deserves a solid five on a five-point scale.
We give quite a few of the responses, perhaps, of the last of them.


When a couple of weeks after my discharge from the hospital, our little girl started to worry because of a swelling in her tummy, we did our best to eliminate this problem. We tried a lot of things. Sometimes relief was temporary, sometimes not. Baby Calm began to use without much hope, thinking that until everything is physiologically regulated in the body, nothing will help, because he did not want to stuff the child with chemistry. The composition of the drug surprised - no additives and dyes, only natural ingredients. We decided that it would not be worse. Baby Calm was saved. The drug not only helped with almost the first applications, but also apparently produced a curative effect. Since we are already six months old, and we have not returned to such a problem.

Yevgenia Maltseva

Since the birth of a baby in the family, we had to gain experience in many areas. There were all and, the problem of bloating, we also did not pass by. When there are sleepless nights, the cause of which are the intestinal colic of such a crumb, it seems ready to apply anything. To our happiness we immediately got into the hands of Baby Calm, who I have since all friends who have kids, I recommend to keep in my medicine chest. The drug is simply a miracle. He helped me with lightning speed. The only thing I did wrong, it is from the excitement of dripping the first application undiluted solution. What happened? Nothing wrong. My daughter almost immediately calmed down and then slept very long, I thought at first that she was suffering. And then I realized that I was overdone with the drug. I called the doctor and explained the situation. I was recommended that the drug should not be used until absolutely necessary and observe the reaction of the baby. All has managed. After some time we still returned to this problem, but we already had a remedy for its elimination and if we keep the dosage, the drug will be a real salvation.

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You can buy Baby Calm without a prescription.

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