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Aclasta solution 50mcg/ml 100ml


$396.50 Ex Tax: $396.50

Aclasta user manualReed more and buy Aclasta on this pageCompositionAs part of the solution for infusions, Aclasta contains the active ingredient zoledronic acid monohydrate and additional components: sodium citrate, mannitol, wat..

Aekol solution 100ml


$7.52 Ex Tax: $7.52

Aekol instructionYou can buy Aekol on this pageCompositionIn 100 ml of the solution Aekol contains 180 mg of alpha-tocopherol acetate and betacaren, menadione - 50 ml and retinol + excipients (sunflower oil).Form of issueThe prepa..

Alfa-Tocopherol Acetate solution 30% 50ml


$7.23 Ex Tax: $7.23

Alfa-Tocopherol Acetate instructionYou can buy Alfa-Tocopherol Acetate on this pageCompositionThe drug contains Alfa-Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E). A solution in the form of a solution for internal use also includes sunflower ref..

Alflutop solution 10mg/ml 1ml #10


$57.63 Ex Tax: $57.63

Alflutop instruction for useReed more and buy Alflutop on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug as an active substance is a bioactive concentrate, which is obtained by extraction, followed by delipidation and deproteiniz..

Amelotex solution 10mg/ml 1.5ml #10


$32.33 Ex Tax: $32.33

Amelotex solution for injections instruction for useYou can buy Amelotex solution hereThe drug Amelotex in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection belongs to the pharmacological group of drugs nonsteroidal anti-inflamma..

Aminocaproic acid solution 5% 100ml


$4.99 Ex Tax: $4.99

Instruction for Aminocaproic acidReed more and buy Aminocaproic acid on this pageComposition    1 ml of a 5% solution for drug infusion Aminocaproic acid contains 50 mg of active substance called ε (epsilon) -aminoc..

Ammonia solution 10% 25ml


$4.58 Ex Tax: $4.58

Ammonia solution instruction for useYou can buy Ammonia solution hereComposition10% aqueous ammonia solution. The concentration of the active substance in a liter of solution is 440 ml.As an auxiliary component of the preparation ..

Artrosan injections 6mg/ml 2.5ml #10


$26.33 Ex Tax: $26.33

Artrosan injections instruction for useYou can buy Artrosan injections hereArtrosan injections is a drug from the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, selective COX-2 inhibitors.Release form, compositionThe drug is avail..

Atrovent solution 0.025% 20ml


$14.39 Ex Tax: $14.39

Atrovent user manualReed more and buy Atrovent on this pageCompositionAtrovent solution for inhalations has in the active substance (INN) ipratropium bromide (250 μg), as well as additional ingredients: EDTA, benzalkonium chloride..

Baby Calm solution 15ml/50ml


$19.28 Ex Tax: $19.28

Baby Calm user manualReed more and buy Baby Calm hereInstructions for use Baby Calm introduces the user to the composition of the drug and its indications for use. It also contains information on the dosing regimen, possible side ..

Barsucor (Badger fat) 100ml


$21.38 Ex Tax: $21.38

Barsucor user manualYou can buy Badger fat on this pagepharmachologic effectHelps reduce the intensity of the infectious inflammatory process in chronic bronchitis, increases the effectiveness of drug therapy for community-acquire..

Befunginum (Befungin) 100ml


$8.42 Ex Tax: $8.42

Befunginum instructionReed more and buy Befunginum (Befungin) hereBefunginum user manualThe drug Befunginum is a drug intended for oral administration, which has a pronounced analgesic effect, restorative, tonic. The drug is able ..

Belosalik lotion 100ml


$43.47 Ex Tax: $43.47

Belosalik lotion instructionReed more and buy Belosalik lotion on this pageComposition1 g of external solution contains:active substance: betamethasone in the form of dipropionate - 0.64 mg (0.064%), which corresponds to 0.500 mg ..

Betadine solution 10% 120ml


$17.89 Ex Tax: $17.89

Instruction for Betadine solutionYou can buy Betadine solution hereForm of issue and compositionThe preparation Betadine is released as a 10% solution of dark brown color with a volume of 30 ml, 120 ml and 1000 ml. The medicine sh..

Boric acid 3% 25ml


$2.70 Ex Tax: $2.70

Boric acid instructionYou can buy Boric acid onlineBoric acid is an antiseptic drug for external use. This drug is used for various infectious diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, including ectoparasitosis.Form of issue and ..

Bromhexine 4 solution 60ml


$9.16 Ex Tax: $9.16

Bromhexine 4 solution instruction for useReed more and buy Bromhexine 4 solution on this pageThe solution has a medicinal property due to the ability to affect the viscous viscous consistency in the bronchi. Quickly digested after..

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