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Anastrozole tabs 1mg #30


$54.61 Ex Tax: $54.61

Anastrozole user manualYou can buy Anastrozole on this pageCompositionOne tablet of Anastrozole, regardless of the manufacturer, contains 1 mg of the active substance of the same name.Additional components: povidone, lactose monoh..

Androcur 10mg #15


$82.07 Ex Tax: $82.07

User manual for AndrocurYou can buy Androcur hereCompositionAndrocur tablets have 3 different dosages: one tablet can contain 10 mg, 50 mg or 100 mg of cyproterone acetate (micro 20). Typically, auxiliary compounds such as lactose..

Aromasin tabs 25mg #30


$67.73 Ex Tax: $67.73

Aromasin user manualReed more and buy Aromasin on this pageCompositionThe drug has an active substance exemestan and additional components: mannitol (E421), sucrose, titanium dioxide (E171), microcrystalline cellulose, hypromellos..

Bicalutamide tabs 150mg #30


$85.48 Ex Tax: $85.48

Instruction for BicalutamideReed more and buy Bicalutamide on this pageCompositionBicalutamide, corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, lactose monohydrate, sodium fumarate, povidone, polyvinyl alcohol, Opadry white, polyethylene glyc..

Epigallat 500mg #120


$99.54 Ex Tax: $99.54

Epigallat instruction for useYou can buy Epigallat on this pageCompositionAs an active ingredient, one of the catechins (an organic compound from the group of flavonoids) of green tea, namely, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, is includ..

Galium-Heel drops 30 ml


$37.40 Ex Tax: $37.40

Galium-Heel instruction for useYou can buy Galium-Heel on this pageForm of issueThe drug is available as an alcohol solution. Fassoet in bottles of a dropper with a volume of 30 ml. The container is placed in a cardboard box.pharm..

Indinol #120


$120.95 Ex Tax: $120.95

Indinol instruction for useYou can buy Indinol on this pageComposition of IndanolIndole-3-carbinol in the mass part of not less than 90 mg in the 1st capsule contained in 100 mg of extract extracted from the family of cruciferous ..

Methotrexate tabs 2.5mg #50


$9.14 Ex Tax: $9.14

Methotrexate instructionReed more and buy Methotrexate onlineCompositionThe solution contains Methotrexate in the amount of 10 mg in 1 ml, in the concentrate for injections of 100 mg per 1 ml; additional components: sodium hydroxi..

Promisan caps 550mg #120


$91.30 Ex Tax: $91.30

Promisan instruction for useReed more and buy Promisan herePromisan is the only way to prevent cancer of the female reproductive system. Promisan was created by scientists of the Research Institute of Molecular Medicine of the Mos..

Tamoxifenum 20mg #30


$7.61 Ex Tax: $7.61

You can buy Tamoxifenum on this pageTamoxifen instruction manualThe drug Tamoxifenum belongs to the group of antiestrogenic agents with pronounced antitumor effect.Form of formulation and composition of the preparationThe drug Tam..

Tamoxifenum tabs 20mg #100


$38.32 Ex Tax: $38.32

Tamoxifenum instruction for useYou can buy Tamoxifenum on this pageCompositionThe composition of Tamoxifen is 15.2; 30.4 or 45.6 mg tamoxifen citrate, respectively, equivalent to 10, 20 or 30 mg tamoxifen.Tablets are packaged in b..

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