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Indinol #120

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Indinol instruction for useYou can buy Indinol on this pageComposition of IndanolIndole-3-carbinol in the mass part of not less than 90 mg in the 1st capsule contained in 100 mg of extract extracted from the family of cruciferous ..

Indinol instruction for use

You can buy Indinol on this page

Composition of Indanol

Indole-3-carbinol in the mass part of not less than 90 mg in the 1st capsule contained in 100 mg of extract extracted from the family of cruciferous plants is included in the preparation as an active ingredient.
In addition, this dietary supplement contains: 3 mg of magnesium stearate, 27 mg of microcrystalline cellulose, 80 mg of starch and 90 mg of lactose.

Form of issue

Biological supplement Indinol is made in the form of capsules of 60 or 120 pieces per pack (a polymer jar in a cardboard bundle).

pharmachologic effect

Correcting hyperplastic pathological processes occurring in the tissues and organs of the female reproductive system.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Indinol is a dietary supplement (biologically active additive) of plant origin with antitumor and antiestrogenic activity, the main ingredient of which shows the properties of a universal corrector of hyperplastic pathological processes taking place in the tissues and organs of the reproductive system of a woman (including the cervix, mammary gland, ovaries, myometrium and endometrial tissue ). Taking capsules of the drug helps normalize the estrogen balance in the female body, depresses the negative stimulating effect of estrogens, and acts as a blocker of other mechanisms (hormone-independent), which are activators of pathological cell growth in the uterine tissues and tissues of the mammary gland. In addition, this dietary supplement is selectively able to lead pathologically transformed cells, characterized by high anomalous proliferative activity, to death.

The effectiveness of Indinol is noted in therapy for the suppression of growth of epithelial tumors in the reproductive system of the female body, including estrogen-dependent formations. The positive effect of the drug is observed when it is used against the negative hyperplastic processes occurring in the reproductive organs of the female that arise when violations of the regulation of cell division. Effects of the active ingredient of this dietary supplement significantly inhibit or completely neutralize growth factors that stimulate the formation of neoplasms in the mammary glands.
Also, taking the drug is quite productive in the treatment of infectious pathologies associated with human papillomavirus. In this case, the action of dietary supplements is aimed at blocking epithelial cells of E7 oncoprotein infected with papillomavirus, which leads to inhibition of malignancy processes.

Indications for use

As a biologically active additive, Indinol is recommended to receive indole-3-carbinol as an additional source of the substance.
As an agent with healing properties, Indinol is indicated for use in:
    conducting preventive maintenance or complex therapy of mastopathy of fibro-cystic etiology, as well as with the purpose of correcting the functional state of female mammary glands in which changes occurred due to the development of this pathology;
    parallel to the intake of capsules of dietary supplements Epigallat in the therapeutic complex treatment of endometrial hyperplasia (passing without atypia), adenomyosis (a kind of endometriosis), uterine fibroids, and also for the purpose of preventing these pathologies after surgical intervention;
    complex treatment of diseases of the female genital area associated with human papillomavirus, including anogenital condylomatosis and dysplasia of the uterine neck (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia).


Contraindications for taking Indinol are:
    personal hypersensitivity of the patient to indole-3-carbinol or other capsule components;
    breastfeeding and pregnancy;
    carrying out of therapy with reception of medical means, lowering gastric acidity.

Side effects

The results of pre-clinical and clinical studies of Indinol showed good tolerability of this dietary supplement in patients and the absence of any side effects when administered at therapeutic doses.

Indinol, instructions for use

Instructions for use Indinola recommends that women with diagnosed mastopathy of fibrocystic etiology receive oral capsules of the drug at 24 hours during meals during 2-3 weeks.
Instructions for use Indinol + Epigallate (including separately purchased preparations or a specially manufactured set of capsules Indinol + Epigallate) recommends the use of this combination of dietary supplements in the combined treatment of endometrial hyperplasia (passing without atypia), adenomyosis (a kind of endometriosis) and uterine myomas. Such therapy is carried out with a single dose of 1-2 capsules of each drug during meals for a minimum of 2-3 weeks and up to 6 months.
In pathologies of the genital area caused by human papillomavirus, Indinol is administered orally on the 1st capsule once in 24 hours in combination with therapeutic agents - immunomodulators, which it is advisable to use as standard therapy for such diseases. In this case, a similar therapeutic course must be passed to the patient's sexual partner.
It should be remembered that it is forbidden to prescribe Indinol independently, before taking this dietary supplement, the patient should always consult with the doctor in charge.


There are no confirmed facts of any negative effects when taking inflated doses of Indinol.


Parallel use of capsules of this dietary supplements and therapeutic drugs that reduce gastric acidity is not recommended.

Terms of sale

In free sale.

Storage conditions

Keep the capsules in the usual temperature range up to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

2 years from the production of the capsules.


This biological supplement is not intended for use in childhood.

During pregnancy (and lactation)

Pregnant and lactating women to take capsules of this dietary supplements is prohibited.

Reviews of Indinol

It is often enough to diagnose in women the development of hyperplastic processes occurring in the mammary glands and genitalia, in the treatment of these pathological conditions include Indinol. Reviews of gynecologists, mammologists and oncologists in most cases position this dietary supplement as a rather effective preventive agent, but it is not suitable for every patient. For example, reviews of mastopathy about this dietary supplement were divided approximately equally between positive and negative, but the reviews with HPV (papillomavirus) are most often positive. Not bad results of preventive treatment shows the reception of a complex of biological additives Indinol + Epigallate in case of its application with hyperplastic changes in female genital organs. Reviews for endometriosis, hyperplasia and reviews for uterine myomas about the effectiveness of the combined effect of these dietary supplements are usually positive or in some cases neutral. Negative feedback on Indinol + Epigallate, as well as for each of these supplements individually, are not common and are mainly associated with personal hypersensitivity to the ingredients of the drugs, due to which the patients during their admission developed various side effects.

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