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Bac-Set Baby powder 1gr #10

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Bac-Set Baby instruction for useYou can buy Bac-Set Baby hereFood additive Bac-Set Baby is an important source of prebiotics, bifidobacteria, probiotics, lactobacilli. The drug is produced specifically for children from birth and ..

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Bac-Set Baby instruction for use

You can buy Bac-Set Baby here

Food additive Bac-Set Baby is an important source of prebiotics, bifidobacteria, probiotics, lactobacilli. The drug is produced specifically for children from birth and up to 12 months. Effectively proved itself in the rapid recovery of impaired microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and health effects on the state of the whole organism.
In infants, digestive processes are often violated, and arise when the transition to artificial feeding, the eruption of the first teeth, excommunication, stress, treatment with drugs, climate change, the introduction of the first complementary foods.
The multiprobiotic has a perfectly balanced composition, and is recognized as an active biological nutritional supplement of the new generation. The dietary supplement is available in a convenient powder form (sachet, weighing 1 gram), manufactured in the UK by a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer.

pharmachologic effect of Bac-Set Baby

    A universal remedy for any disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, including with atopic dermatosis in infants.
    Increased vital activity and a large concentration of necessary microorganisms enhance the interaction of each other.
    Compared with other similar means, Bac-Set Baby copes independently with such a problem as dysbiosis. The biological supplement quickly eliminates symptoms, restoring the intestinal microflora.
    Due to the restoration of digestive processes, the metabolism improves, the protective forces of the organism increase.
    Natural fructo-oligosaccharides are useful prebiotics. When ingested, they quickly promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, suppressing "harmful" bacteria.

Indications for use

The multiprobiotic completely replenishes the shortage in the organism of a child of early age, the amount of bifidobacteria, lactobacilli. Their deficiency can cause not only problems with the intestines, but also lead to a violation of the proper functioning of other organs.

Bac-Set Baby is recommended

    To improve immunity;
    With dysbiosis;
    For the normalization of metabolic processes;
    Restoration of the body's support forces after taking antibiotics or a transferred disease;
    Frequent regurgitation;
    Changing the diet;
    With a lag in growth, insufficient weight;
    BAA normalizes the stool, relieves diarrhea;
    Intestinal diseases;
    Food allergic reactions;
    With the introduction of complementary foods, teething;
    The drug is indicated in case of emotional stress, change of place of residence;
    To normalize the normal balance of intestinal microflora.

Features of food additive

In Bac-Set Baby there are all necessary useful bacteria with increased concentration. 1 powder means enough to provide the baby's body with a useful dose of bacteria per day! Special manufacturing technology allows you to maintain viability of the microorganism along the entire path of passage to the intestines, they do not perish in the acidic stomach environment.
The agent is convenient to use, it does not lose its active properties both in a cold environment and at room temperatures. The contents of the food additive can be diluted in breast or regular milk, infant formula, boiled water.
Not every prebiotic is used in the treatment of infants. BAA is completely safe, which is confirmed by clinical studies. This is the only means approved by the international association of pediatricians for use in infants.
The product is manufactured in accordance with all the necessary international standards, has a reward for achievement in the field of pharmaceuticals.


Supplements are well tolerated. Contraindicated with intolerance to any component that is part of its composition.

Method of use, recommended dosage

It is given from the first days of life of kids.
One pack at meal time. Previously, the contents should be diluted in juice, tea, milk, children's mixtures, water. Course - 10-14 days.
With a prophylactic goal or during the eruption of milk teeth, the prebiotic is given for one week.
When treated with antibiotics, a food supplement is taken immediately. Before a trip, change of a place of residence, the beginning of visiting of a kindergarten, reception should begin two weeks prior to forthcoming events.

Reviews about Bac-Set Baby

    At us problems with an intestine have begun in two months. At first I thought that it was an allergy to food, we started lure. It turned out that this was how the intestine reacted to new foods. Baby constantly cried, did not want to eat, did not sleep well. The pediatrician recommended that we drink a supplement Bac-Set Baby. The course was set for 10 days. The result was noticeable on the second day - the daughters' chair returned to normal, she ate with appetite and slept quietly the first night. Colic disappear completely, rashes too! Before that, nothing helped.
    We began to take the prebiotic Bac-Set Baby when the first teeth began to erupt. I never could think that this can cause diarrhea, digestive problems, fever. Thank the pediatrician for recommending this particular remedy. The effect was impressive. After several sachets, diarrhea disappeared, the baby is active, eating with appetite, actively adding weight. The doctor recommended this means to drink before we give the baby to a kindergarten - for preventive purposes.
    We used the dietary supplements Bac-Set Baby in connection with the disease of our baby, when she was three months old. The problems started right away, as soon as she stopped breastfeeding her. At first, tried other means, they helped, but not for long. Diarrhea occurred periodically. After the course of this prebiotic everything returned to normal. We got rid of the problem! Now I recommend the supplement to all mothers.

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