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ACC powder 200mg #20


$7.20 Ex Tax: $7.20

ACC powder instruction for useReed more and buy ACC powder on this pageForm of issue and compositionThe active ingredient is acetylcysteine. Granules have a homogeneous consistency without lumps with orange flavor. Each packet of ..

ALFAVIT our baby powder #45


$26.25 Ex Tax: $26.25

ALFAVIT our baby instructionReed more and buy ALFAVIT our baby on this pageAs soon as a child crosses the age mark in one year and in most cases moves to a "general" table, additional useful substances become necessary. Naturally,..

Allokin-Alfa powder 1mg #3


$132.90 Ex Tax: $132.90

Allokin-Alfa instruction for useReed more and buy Allokin-Alfa hereComposition1 ampoule of the drug contains 1 mg of alloferon.Form releaseThe pharmaceutical product is delivered to pharmacies in the form of a lyophilized powder f..

Amoksiklav powder 250mg + 62.5mg / 5ml 25gr 20 doses


$16.63 Ex Tax: $16.63

Buy Amoksiklav powder onlineInstruction for Amoksiklav powderForm of release, composition and packagingPowder for the preparation of a suspension for ingestion from white to yellowish white; the prepared suspension is homogeneous,..

Antiflu Kids powder #5


$13.16 Ex Tax: $13.16

Antiflu Kids user manualReed more and buy Antiflu Kids on this pageCompositionAntiflu Kids contains paracetamol, chlorphenamine maleate and ascorbic acid.Additional components: calcium phosphate tribasic, sodium citrate tribasic, ..

Antigrippin powder 5gr #10


$16.76 Ex Tax: $16.76

Antigrippin powder instruction for useYou can buy Antigrippin powder hereForm of release, composition and packagingPowder for the preparation of solution for ingestion of honey-lemon or chamomile.1 pack.paracetamol 500 mgchlorphen..

AnviMax powder #24


$28.20 Ex Tax: $28.20

AnviMax powder instruction for useReed more and buy AnviMax powder on this pageActive substances- ascorbic acid (ascorbic acid)- calcium gluconate (calcium gluconate)- loratadineparacetamol- rimantadine hydrochloride (rimantadine)..

Arbidol powder 25mg/5ml 37gr


$18.21 Ex Tax: $18.21

Arbidol powder instructionReed more and buy Arbidol powder on this pageSee also - Arbidol capsules5 ml formulationactive substance: umifenovir (ufifenovir hydrochloride monohydrate - 25.88 mg), (in terms of umifenovir hydrochlorid..

Artracam powder 1.5gr #20

Artracam powder 1.5gr #20


$39.99 $45.60 Ex Tax: $39.99

Artracam instruction for useTo buy Artracam just add it to your cartComposition1 bag of powder solution:active ingredient: glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride in terms of 100% substance 1.884 g, including glucosamine sulfate - 1.5..

Artradol powder 100mg #10


$37.72 Ex Tax: $37.72

User manual for ArtradolReed more and buy Artradol hereCompositionThe drug has 100 mg of chondroitin sodium sulfate.Form of issueThe drug is available in the form of a lyophilizate, which is used to prepare a solution for intramus..

Aspirin complex powder 3547.5mg #10


$23.89 Ex Tax: $23.89

Aspirin complex instructionReed more and buy Aspirin complex hereCompositionEach packet contains: active ingredients: acetylsalicylic acid - 500 mg, phenylephrine hydrotartrate - 15.58 mg, chlorphenamine maleate - 2.00 mg; auxilia..

Bac-Set Baby powder 1gr #10


$25.25 Ex Tax: $25.25

Bac-Set Baby instruction for useYou can buy Bac-Set Baby hereFood additive Bac-Set Baby is an important source of prebiotics, bifidobacteria, probiotics, lactobacilli. The drug is produced specifically for children from birth and ..

Baneocin powder 10gr


$18.76 Ex Tax: $18.76

Baneocin instruction manualYou can buy Baneocin on this pageComposition1 gram of powder includes 5000 IU of neomycin sulfate and 250 IU of zinc bacitracin.In addition: as a powder sterilized base (corn starch, comprising not more ..

Bifidumbacterin Forte powder 0.85gr 5doses #30


$46.14 Ex Tax: $46.14

Bifidumbacterin Forte instructionYou can buy Bifidumbacterin Forte hereCompositionThe composition of this tool includes a previously dried mass of live bifidobacteria, which were immobilized on a sorbent (it is a stone activated c..

Bifidumbacterin powder 5dose #10


$5.31 Ex Tax: $5.31

Bifidumbacterin powder instructionYou can buy Bifidumbacterin powder herepharmachologic effectLive bifidobacteria possess high antagonistic activity against a wide range of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms of..

Buserelin Long powder 3.75mg #1


$105.96 Ex Tax: $105.96

Buserelin Long instructionReed more and buy Buserelin Long on this pageCompositionActive ingredient: 3.75 mg buserelin.Additional Ingredients:    200 mg - dl-lactic and glycolic acids;    30 mg - carm..

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