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Allokin-Alfa powder 1mg #3

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Allokin-Alfa instruction for useReed more and buy Allokin-Alfa hereComposition1 ampoule of the drug contains 1 mg of alloferon.Form releaseThe pharmaceutical product is delivered to pharmacies in the form of a lyophilized powder f..

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Allokin-Alfa instruction for use

Reed more and buy Allokin-Alfa here


1 ampoule of the drug contains 1 mg of alloferon.

Form release

The pharmaceutical product is delivered to pharmacies in the form of a lyophilized powder for the preparation of a solution for subcutaneous injection, placed in ampoules of 1 mg each. The ampoule is fixed in the cassette contour sells packaging of polymeric materials for 5 or 10 pieces. The kit also includes an ampoule knife in a single copy. Cardboard box contains, as a rule, 2 blisters of 5 ampoules or 1 in 10.

Pharmacological action

Allokin-Alfa is a pharmaceutical product that belongs to the group of antiviral agents. The drug is active against influenza viruses, hepatitis C and B, the first and second types of herpes virus, human papilloma virus (the drug also suppresses oncogenic strains of this kind of microorganisms).
A biologically active substance acting in the role of the current component is the alloferon – oligopeptides that stimulate the production of endogenous interferon factions system and activating natural killer cells (natural killers). The component also contributes to the identification and destruction of damaged and non-functioning cells cytotoxic lymphocytes.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Allokin-Alfa is used for subcutaneous injection, after which it quickly penetrates into the systemic bloodstream and interacts with immunocompetent cells. In the course of clinical studies, it was revealed that metabolites of the active component of the pharmaceutical preparation are similar in structure to blood plasma proteins, because the time to reach the maximum concentration, its level is difficult to establish.
Within two hours after the use of the drug,there is an increase in the level of endogenous interferon compared to the usual background 2-2.5 times. This amount of protein with immune properties is preserved for the next 6-8 hours. The increased number of natural killers is observed for 7 days after a single application of the pharmaceutical drug.

Indications for use

chronic papilloma virus infection (can be associated with oncogenic types of human papillomavirus);
warts, flat and plantar warts;
influenza and acute respiratory viral diseases;
chronic recurrent herpes of the first and second types;
to prevent the development of dysplasia and cervical cancer;
urogenital diseases, which have infectious nature (including mixed nature);
acute hepatitis B and C of moderate severity (as part of the complex therapy of this pathology).


individual hypersensitivity, hereditary or acquired intolerance to the components of the pharmaceutical preparation;
expressed autoimmune diseases;
period of pregnancy or lactation;
in pediatric practice, the drug is not used.

Side effect

Side effects in the treatment of this pharmaceutical product are quite rare, as the composition of the drug is fully described by the active ingredient. In rare cases, there may be:
allergic reaction;
the emergence of new elements of the rash during therapy herpetic infection.

Instructions Allokin-Alfa (Method and dosage)

How to build a solution for injection?

The contents of the ampoule (lyophilized powder) should be dissolved in 1 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution. It is not recommended to use any other solvent, even from a group of crystalloids. If conservative therapy consists of several pharmaceuticals that need to be administered subcutaneously, then mixing medicinal solutions in the syringe is strictly prohibited. Use ready-to-injection Allokin-Alfa is necessary immediately, as over time lost the therapeutic effect of the drug and its introduction will be impractical.

Allokin-Alfa injections, instructions for use

A medicinal solution in the form of subcutaneous injections is introduced. How to inject subcutaneously should check with qualified medical personnel. The following is a General sequence of steps:
Treat hands to a hygienic level.
Help the patient to take the right position (depending on the injection site).
Wear sterile gloves and treat your hands with a 70% alcohol cotton ball.
Centrifugal or in the direction from top to bottom to process the first cotton ball skin on a wide radius, the second ball go directly to the puncture site.
Skin at the injection site to take a fold.
To carry out the injection at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface of the skin, the needle to enter the shallow – about 15 mm (2/3 of the total length).
Index finger to fix the cannula needle.
Slowly introduce the drug.
Remove the needle and hold it over the cannula and the injection site to cover with a cotton ball moistened with alcohol.
Where to prick is determined by the representative of the medical staff who performs the manipulation. As a rule, subcutaneous injections are carried out in the upper third of the outer surface of the shoulder, the upper back area, the anterior femoral surface or the lateral surface of the abdomen.

The scheme and dosage

Conservative treatment with Allokin-Alfa is determined by the doctor, since he is individual and depends on the disease and the severity of the patient's condition:
pathology caused by the oncogenic types of human papilloma virus – 1 ml of medication every 48 hours by 6 shots;
recurrent herpetic infection-showed the introduction of 1 mg of alloferon every 48 hours for 3 injections;
acute hepatitis b or C – 1 ampoule of the drug three times a week after reliable confirmation of the diagnosis by laboratory tests (the total rate increases to 9 injections).


Clinically confirmed cases of overdose have not been reported.


Care should be taken to combine Allokin-Alfa and immunomodulatory drugs in complex therapy. It is recommended to conduct regular diagnostic blood tests with the inevitable simultaneous use of these drugs.
The combination of Allokin-Alfa with Acyclovir in the complex therapy of chronic recurrent form of genital herpes is allowed, since due to the different mechanism of action of the active components of pharmaceuticals, their antiviral effects potentiate each other (General therapeutic efficacy is significantly increased).

Terms of sale

You don't need a prescription to buy Allokin-Alfa.

Storage conditions

Keep ampoules with an injection solution should be in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children at the recommended temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life - 2 year (ready care solution to store prohibited from).

Special instruction

In hepatitis B and C, complex treatment should be carried out no later than the 7th day from the beginning of the active manifestation of the symptoms of jaundice:
ikterichnost sclera and skin (a characteristic colour);
dark brown urine (in the medical handbooks are described as "strong tea" or "dark beer»);
steatorrhea-pale or unpainted chair with drops of fat;
fever, chills;
pain in the right hypochondrium (upper abdomen).
During the conservative course of treatment should abandon self-control of the car or other potentially life-threatening mechanisms, since there are isolated cases of dizziness during the use of the pharmaceutical drug.


The use of the drug is strictly contraindicated in pediatric practice (can be used in combination therapy only after 18 years).

Allokin-Alfa and alcohol

Formally, alcoholic beverages do not interact with the components of the pharmaceutical preparation, but it is recommended to completely eliminate alcohol from the diet during the course of medical treatment. This precaution is due to the effects that Allokin-Alfa has on the human body.
Under the influence of biologically active substances increases the concentration of circulating interferon, and this plasma fraction is quite sensitive to changes in the chemical composition of the blood. Because alcohol-containing drinks can cause unpredictable side effects.

Pregnancy and lactation

The pharmaceutical preparation should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as the active component can have adverse effects on the developing organism of the child, however, mutagenic, teratogenic or fetotoxic effects of the drug in clinical studies have not been found.
If during lactation it is not possible to replace the therapeutic effect of antiviral agent, it is recommended to discuss the termination of breast-feeding with a qualified specialist.

Reviews about Allokin-Alfa

The pharmaceutical product has a good reputation, if you proceed from various forums or other Internet resources. People who underwent treatment according to the drug, in their overwhelming majority remain satisfied. Allokin-Alfa has its therapeutic effect for a short period of time and shows really good results, as the active component is extremely active.
Reviews in herpes once again confirm the opinion of patients, especially if you use complex therapy with Allokin-Alfa and Acyclovir, because their action potentiates each other, which greatly increases the productivity of conservative treatment. Unpleasant rashes are already on the second or third day after the beginning of active medical rehabilitation, unlike mono therapy with any of the means (a noticeable therapeutic result can sometimes wait up to two weeks).
Reviews of doctors about Allokin-Alfa is also favorable. Of course, the medical personnel of public institutions complain about the price of the drug, but from the point of view of pharmacy – Allokin-Alfa is really unique in its kind. Performance indicators affect even people far from medicine: prevention of dysplasia and cervical cancer is successful in 98 percent of all cases, and the treatment of the human papilloma virus – in 96 percent.

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