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ALFAVIT our baby powder #45

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ALFAVIT our baby instructionReed more and buy ALFAVIT our baby on this pageAs soon as a child crosses the age mark in one year and in most cases moves to a "general" table, additional useful substances become necessary. Naturally,..

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ALFAVIT our baby instruction

Reed more and buy ALFAVIT our baby on this page

As soon as a child crosses the age mark in one year and in most cases moves to a "general" table, additional useful substances become necessary. Naturally, we are not talking about those babies who until certain time receive mother's milk. They enrich the body with vitamins and minerals contained in it. "Our Baby's ALFAVIT" is a multivitamin complex designed for young children, contributing to their normal all-round development.

Guidance Recommendations

As you know, any disease, even that which occurs in mild form, causes great damage to the internal organs of the baby and their systems. For this reason, crumbs need additional nutrients. The company "AVIKON", which develops all dietary supplements from the "ALFAVIT" line, has applied a separate approach for assembling valuable particles, creating the "Our Kid" complex. Instructions for use of the drug indicates the features of its use. And yet, before you start adding to the diet of children of this dietary supplement should consult with a doctor.

Form of issue

Vitamins "ALFAVIT Our Baby" are produced by small masses packed in sachets-bags. Each of them has a unique composition, determined by the degree of "friendship" of useful particles with each other. A box of dietary supplements contains 45 packets, each weighing less than three grams. With the correct use of the drug, one package is enough for fifteen days, after which it is recommended to take a break for the same time.


The uniqueness of the complex is due to the manufacturer's approach to the distribution of vitamin-mineral elements for the powders contained in the sachets. This, in turn, determines the strengths of their effects on the body, as well as the time of application.

Sachet-package №1

Sachet No. 1 with powdered mass is usually consumed at breakfast. Vitamins in it are:
Composition per 1 tablet
Vitamin D3 5 mcg
Calcium pantothenate 1.25 mg
Vitamin B12 0.35 mcg
Folic acid 25 mcg
Calcium 80 mg
Mineral substances are represented only by calcium. The main useful properties of the powder, giving a liquid whitish hue, are:
    replenishment of vitamin D deficiency, which, in turn, is the prevention of rickets and other diseases;
    strengthening the nervous system;
    stimulation of protective forces, acceleration of cellular regeneration;
    regulation of metabolic processes;
    normalization of hormone production.

Sachet-package №2

A packet with green inscriptions on it is recommended to be given to the child at lunch time. Vitamins in the mass are:
Composition per 1 tablet
Beta-carotene 0.67 mg
Vitamin B2 0.45 mg
Vitamin B6 0.45 mg
Nicotinamide 4 mg
Vitamin E 2 mg
Vitamin C 11.25 mg
Magnesium 8 mg
Zinc 2.5 mg
Iodine 35 μg
The main strengths of receiving this powder are:
    acceleration of the maturation of the nervous system, normalization of its activity;
    stimulation of metabolic processes;
    elimination of shortcomings in the work of "thyroid gland";
    stabilization of digestive processes;
    protection of internal organs and their systems from the impact of harmful factors coming from outside.

Sachet-package №3

Instruction giving recommendations on the use of dietary supplements "Our Baby's ALFAVIT, indicates that the third packet is used by a child at night. Vitamins in it are:
Composition per 1 tablet
Beta-carotene 0.6 mg
Vitamin B1 0.4 mg
Vitamin C 11.25 mg
Folic acid 25 mcg
Iron 5 mg
Mineral matter in the sachet included in the complex "ALFAVIT Our Baby", the instruction to which gives complete information on its components, is represented by such a component as iron. The main useful properties of the powder mass are:
    preventing the development of anemia, anemia, other diseases associated with the disruption of the hematopoiesis system;
    acceleration of the production of enzyme particles necessary for normal digestion;
    improvement of color and light perception.

Indications for prescription

The main indication for the appointment of the complex "ALFAVIT Our Baby", the instruction to which everything is painted in detail, is avitaminosis in young children. However, it is necessary to consult with the treating pediatrician, since in some cases, even if there is a maternal milk in the diet of crumbs, it is recommended to take it within a month. These include:
    recovery after a complicated illness;
    recovery after surgical interventions involving surgical manipulations;
    a dysbacteriosis and so forth.
In addition, only a pediatrician will be able to advise on how long to take dietary supplements, given the child's diet, the characteristics of his life, activity during a daylight.

How to use?

Supplements "ALFAVIT Our Baby", the instruction to which indicates how to apply it correctly, is used three times a day. It is extremely important not to use all the sachets in one go, as this will reduce the digestibility of their specific components. In addition, it can cause the development of adverse reactions, which are difficult to get rid of in the future. The reviews accompanying such vitamins as "Our Baby's ALFAVIT" indicate that their effectiveness does not decrease if the child receives, for example, sachet No. 2 in the evening or before the morning meal. To improve the process of receiving powder mass, it is recommended to dilute it in three tablespoons of liquid, preferably water.

Contraindications, side effects

Complex "ALFAVIT Our Baby", the instruction to which indicates how to avoid adverse reactions arising from the use of the drug, has certain contraindications to the use. They include:
    individual intolerance of elements that make up BAA;
    failure in metabolic processes;
    excess weight.
The above-mentioned adverse reactions appear as allergies. It can have the form of urticaria, atopic dermatitis, edema of the nasopharynx and larynx, even Quincke's edema is possible, if the dose of the powder metered to use is exceeded. For this reason, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the storage of the drug. It is better to place it wherever the crumb does not reach.
If you identify any side effects, it is worth to cancel the dietary supplements and contact the treating pediatrician. Perhaps in this individual case it is worth not to take multivitamin complexes in general, and maybe, on the contrary, it is worth replacing it with a drug similar in effect, the price of which will not be too different.


Acquire the complex "ALFAVIT Our Baby", reviews to which mostly positive, are in pharmacies, from the official distributors of the line. Parents who have made their choice in favor of this biologically active additive, note the increase in the child's physical activity, acceleration of mental development. In addition, many of them become fans of multivitamin after the baby practically ceases to be sick. There is also a fact of improvement in appetite, normalization of sleep.

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