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Celandine herba 1.5gr #20

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Celandine herba instruction for useReed more and buy Celandine herba on this pagepharmachologic effectMeans of plant origin. The complex of biologically active substances, primarily alkaloids, provides a wide range of pharmacologi..

Celandine herba instruction for use

Reed more and buy Celandine herba on this page

pharmachologic effect

Means of plant origin. The complex of biologically active substances, primarily alkaloids, provides a wide range of pharmacological activity of celandine grass. The main types of action include anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, choleretic and some analgesic effect. Fresh celandine juice has a virusostatic effect. Spasmolytic activity of celandine grass is due to the action of the basic chelidonine alkaloid, in addition, chelidonine has morphine-like properties. Homochelidonin, by contrast, has an exciting effect on the central nervous system, can cause seizures, and has local anesthetic activity. Alkaloid protopin reduces the reactivity of the autonomic nervous system and, unlike chelidonin, increases the tone of smooth muscles. The amount of alkaloids of sanguinarine and cheleretrine (sanguirithrin) has a distinct anticholinesterase effect. Sangviritrin acts bactericides on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, as well as yeast-like fungi and trichomonads.


For external use: poorly healing wounds, skin tuberculosis, eczema, warts, calluses, lichen. For oral administration: liver disease, gall bladder, gout.

Dosing regimen

The prepared infusion (5 g of raw material per 200 ml of water) is taken orally by 1 / 2-1 / 3 cup 2-3 times / day. Outer - in the form of infusion or fresh juice.

Side effect

When ingestion: nausea, vomiting.
For external use: local skin irritation.

Contraindications for use

For oral administration: epilepsy, bronchial asthma, angina pectoris.

Application in pregnancy and lactation

Not recommended for use in pregnancy.

special instructions

If ingested in case of an overdose, paralysis of the respiratory center is possible.
Not recommended for use in pregnancy.
Can be used as part of monotherapy and combination therapy.

General information

Warts are skin formations that appear in people very often and in different parts of the body. In this case, they are equally often observed in young children, and in adults, since they are formed regardless of the age of the person. Specialists-dermatologists explain the occurrence of warts by the presence in the body of the human papillomavirus. This virus is present in most people, because it is transmitted very easily - both in everyday life and by contact. But if the immunity of a person is strong, then the virus "falls asleep" and does not cause problems. But with a sharp weakening of the immune system, HPV begins to multiply, resulting in the appearance of papillomas on the body. As a rule, warts appear on the face, extremities, neck.
Removing papillomas is a very important process. After all, in spite of the fact that they can not deliver to the person expressed inconvenience, with time warts spread throughout the body, their size increases. Sometimes whole colonies of warts can grow. In this case, a person has natural questions: is it necessary to remove papillomas on the body and how to do it correctly? The article will deal with methods of removing papillomas and warts, in particular, that treats the herb celandine and how to use it to purify the skin of warts.

Methods for removing papillomas

To get rid of warts it is possible, using surgical treatment, chemical method, medicines, etc. at present there are a lot of such methods. We list the most common and popular:
    Laser removal is a rather expensive procedure.
    Excretion with liquid nitrogen is a painful and unpleasant procedure, after which relapses can occur at the place where liquid nitrogen operated. There may also be traces on the skin.
    Chemical methods - means that can be purchased at the pharmacy: phenol and meta-cresol (Verrukacid), potassium and sodium hydroxide (Super Chystotel), propane and dimethyl ether (Wartner Cryo, cryopharma), oxalic, nitric, lactic, acetic acids (Solkoderm).
    Grass celandine - the healing properties of this plant can effectively fight warts.
However, even if a person seeks to withdraw papillomas with the help of folk methods, not wanting to use medicines or other methods offered by modern medicine, he still needs to visit a doctor. It is important that the specialist conduct the examination and necessary studies and make sure that it is just about the papilloma, and not about oncological education. After all, malignant formations can develop in a person at any age, and in order to cure the disease in a timely manner, it must be diagnosed as early as possible.

Celandine from warts - the pros and cons

Celandine - a long-known medicine in folk medicine for warts and not only. Celandine belongs to the family of poppies. This perennial plant with a straight branchy stem, which sometimes reaches a height of 1 m - it can be seen in the photo. Its flowering begins in May and lasts until about the middle of summer. When the stalk of the plant is broken, orange juice stands out, coloring the skin in a bright color. It is important to remember that all parts of this medicinal plant are poisonous. It contains about two dozen alkaloids.
Celandine is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. But since this herb grows everywhere, it can be used to treat formations on the skin and on its own, in kind.
The strong poisonous substance contained in its composition is effective in other skin diseases - eczema, dermatitis. Even in oncology this plant is used, as in the composition of celandine there is a large number of different poisonous substances.
Interestingly, in the people this grass is also called a wartow. After all, in ancient times it was used to remove warts, and now you can buy funds on the basis of celandine from papillomas and warts in the pharmacy.
Extract of celandine from warts promotes getting rid of flat, vulgar warts.
Compared with the action that produces any chemical from warts in the pharmacy, celandine from papillomas has a number of undeniable advantages.
    Treatment of warts with fresh juice of this plant allows you to get rid of the formations on the body without pain, without causing severe pain, burning, as it happens during medical manipulations.
    Removal of papillomas celandine - absolutely free method of treatment. After all, this grass grows in the forest, and near the road, and in the meadows, and in the suburban areas.
    This plant is a natural remedy, while the testimonies testify that it is effective in combating the formations on the skin. Also effective is oil, celandine extract, based on it.
However, this method of treatment has a number of drawbacks.
    To cleanliness acted, it must be collected at a time when it is actively blooming. That is, it is advisable to use only the grass that was collected in May-June for treatment.
    It is difficult to use this folk remedy for treatment and those who live in the city. In this case, it is much easier to purchase the necessary remedy on the basis of celandine in the pharmacy.
    When using pharmacy products based on this plant, pain can occur in the places where such a drug is applied.
    To remove warts, using celandine, you need a lot of time.
    Those wounds that appear after prolonged use of this folk remedy can be healed long enough, and sometimes traces or scars remain on this place.
    When using celandine in some people may develop allergic reactions. Those who are prone to frequent manifestations of allergic rhinitis, pollen, pollen allergies, most likely, allergic to this herb will also manifest itself.

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