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Breast Collection (Grudnoy sbor) №4 2gr #20

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Breast Collection instruction for useYou can buy Breastfeeding hereSee also - Breast Collection №1Composition100 grams of the drug Thoracic collection 4 is a mixture of crushed vegetable medicinal raw materials: 20% of the shoots ..

Breast Collection instruction for use

You can buy Breastfeeding here

See also - Breast Collection №1


100 grams of the drug Thoracic collection 4 is a mixture of crushed vegetable medicinal raw materials: 20% of the shoots of the Ledum, violet, chamomile and marigold flowers, 5% mint leaves and 15% licorice root.

Form of issue

    2 grams of such collection in the filter package - 20 or 40 filter bags in a pack of paper;
    30, 50, 35, 75 or 100 grams of such collection in a bag of paper - one packet in a bundle of paper.

pharmachologic effect

Bronchodilator, tonic, anti-inflammatory, expectorant effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The effect of the collection is determined by:
    flavonoids and triterpenes, contained in the roots of licorice;
    essential oil - in rosemary;
    essential oil and flavonoids - in flowers of a medicinal camomile;
    flavonoids and carotenoids-in calendula flowers;
    Flavonoids, phenolic glycosides and saponins - in the violet grass;
    flavonoids and essential oil - in mint leaves.

Indications for use

Diseases of the upper respiratory tract infectious-inflammatory nature: bronchial asthma, acute or chronic bronchitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, including the medicine is taken from dry cough in the above pathologies.


Sensitization to the components of the preparation.

Side effects

It is possible to develop allergic reactions.

Instructions for use Breast collection 4 (Method and dosage)

2 tablespoons of the product poured into enameled dishes, then poured 200 ml of boiling water and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes. The resulting solution is insisted for 45 minutes at normal temperature, filtered, the remaining contents are squeezed. The amount of the infusion obtained is increased to 200 ml with clean water and consumed 70 ml three times a day in hot form for 15-20 days. The prepared infusion is shaken before use.
One filter package of the product is placed in an enamel or glass container and poured into 200 ml of boiling water, then cover and insist for a quarter of an hour. Use half a cup to three times a day for 15-20 days.


There is no reliable data on cases of drug overdose.


Breastfeeding from cough # 4 should not be used simultaneously with antitussives, as well as with drugs that reduce sputum production, as this can worsen the expectoration of phlegm.

Terms of sale

You can buy Grudnoy sbor without prescription.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, cool, dark place. Keep away from children.
Shelf life - 2 years. The finished solution is stored for no more than 2 days.

special instructions

How to choose a Breast Collection?

The chest cough is issued by the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    The drug number 1 has mainly anti-inflammatory and expectorant action and is usually used for laryngitis and tracheitis.
    The drug number 2 has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is prescribed primarily for pneumonia or bronchitis.
    The medicine numbered №3 contains fruits of anise, altea root and licorice, pine buds and sage leaves. The agent is often used for pneumonia or bronchitis, as it has an expectorant, softening and anti-inflammatory action.
    Drug number 4 is best used for respiratory diseases, accompanied by an unproductive cough. The main effects of this drug are anti-inflammatory, expectorant, sedative and anti-inflammatory.

Breastfeeding for children

The drug is not recommended for children under 3 years.

Breast collection 4 during pregnancy and lactation

Breast pills during pregnancy or lactation are used only for the doctor's prescription in case of acute necessity.

Reviews of the Breast Collection 4

Reviews of Breast Collection 4 report exceptionally good results from the use of this medication, the rapid cessation of cough and sputum.

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