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Arfazetin (Arphasetinum) 2gr #20

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Arfazetin instruction for useYou can buy Arfazetin hereMeans Arfazetine is available in the form of herbal collection, lowers blood glucose levels, is used to treat diabetes mellitus or type 2.PackagingIt is sold in cardboard pack..

Tags: diabetes

Arfazetin instruction for use

You can buy Arfazetin here

Means Arfazetine is available in the form of herbal collection, lowers blood glucose levels, is used to treat diabetes mellitus or type 2.


It is sold in cardboard packages of 30 g, 50 g or 100 g.


Arfazetine has a powdery appearance, a gray-green hue. The product has a pleasant smell and sour taste with slight bitterness.
This raw material has the following composition:
    rose hips (fruits);
    St. John's wort;
    fruit beans ordinary;
    chamomile medicinal;
    Eleutherococcus spiny;
    blueberry ordinary.
The remedy contains: coumarins, flavonoids, essential oils. Such useful ingredients help reduce blood sugar, increase the body's ability to carry heavy carbohydrates, and is a good support for liver function.
So, horsetail, removes toxins from the body, helps restore the water-salt balance. Eleuterococcus spiny improves visual acuity, helps to cope with stress, can delay the growth of tumors.
Blueberries are common as a dietary product, so it is considered indispensable for people with diabetes. In addition, it has the property of reducing sugar levels.
Bean fruits also have the ability to reduce sugar. Positively affect the functioning of the kidneys, especially in kidney diseases.
Chamomile is an antiseptic and acts as a mild sedative on the central nervous system, which is necessary for any type of diabetes.
The use of plant raw materials
The main function of Arfazetine is therapy of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes of mild and moderate severity, and also of two types.

An easy form of diabetes

With this form, Arfazetine can be administered as an independent agent. Specialists noted the following: when observing a strict diet, recommended physical activity, treatment with raw materials gave high therapeutic effects. In some cases, the patient recovered completely.
Type 2 diabetes of medium severity
In this case, raw materials are used as an additional treatment. Arfazetine is used in combination with other means to lower blood sugar.
Complex treatment with the use of arfazetine, helps reduce the need for insulin or other means to reduce sugar, which can act hard against the body.
In type 1 diabetes, there is no therapeutic effect of arfazetine.


Arfazetine vegetable raw materials
. For 400 ml of boiling water take 2 tablespoons of raw materials, then warm in a water bath for about 20 minutes. The obtained tincture is filtered, squeezed and brought to boiling water to 400-450 ml. Before use, the infusion should be cooled to room temperature.
Adults, as well as children older than 15 years, take tincture of 0.5 cup 3 times a day, 40 minutes before meals.
Children under 15 take 20 ml 3 times a day, 40 minutes before meals. The dose of the drug may be increased or decreased depending on the age of the child.
Arfazetine in packets. In a liter jar place 4-5 packages, pour 450-500 ml of boiling water and allow to infuse for about 35 minutes.
Adults need to take 200 ml of infusion 2 times a day, 40-45 minutes before meals.
Children take from 2 tablespoons to 0.5 glasses of liquid, depending on the age.
These infusions can be stored in the refrigerator, no more than 48 hours, mix thoroughly before use.
It is recommended that Arfazetine take a course of 30 days, then make a break for 14 days and, if necessary, repeat the course of treatment.


Arfazetine is not recommended for use in the following cases:
    allergy to any substance in the preparation;
    gastritis in acute form, ulcer of the stomach or intestines;
    inflammatory kidney disease;
    chronic high blood pressure;
    frequent insomnia.

Pregnancy and lactemia

Like most other drugs, Arfazetine is able to penetrate the placenta. Since, the action of raw materials on the fetus is not studied, then before the course of treatment should consult with a doctor and establish the risk / benefit.
During lactation it is recommended to abandon Arfazetine or to transfer the child to artificial feeding. This remedy can penetrate into breast milk. Possible risks or benefits for the child, for today are not established.

Side effects

In some cases, arfazetine can cause such side effects:
    heartburn, especially in patients with high acidity;
    poor sleep or insomnia;
    increase in blood pressure.
This plant raw material can be prescribed for all patients who are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in mild form or 2 types. It is also recommended to take those who do not have this diagnosis, but the sugar level is too high.

Reviews of herbal remedy Arfazetine

Patients and specialists note that Arfazetine lowers the glucose level gradually, and not dramatically, like other drugs. It is this effect that positively affects the body. As for the side effects, they happened very rarely and were insignificant, which did not require cancellation of the funds.
The plus is the fact that you can use it for younger children. With the correct dosage, there were no side effects, the tincture was tolerated well.
Some patients noted a slight sleep disorder, which occurred after a while, so treatment was not required.
Nausea or increased blood pressure when taking the dose specified in the instructions were not observed.
Patients, with an easy stage of diabetes, reduce body weight and sugar level is not easy. It was noted that when taking Arfazetine on the first day, the next morning the sugar level dropped to 0.5 units.
Raw materials are dispensed without a prescription, however, before starting a course of treatment, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Shelf life

Shelf life of raw materials is not more than 3 years, from the date of manufacture.
Keep in a dry and dark place out of the reach of children.

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