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Effex Neuro caps 0.36gr #60

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  • 2 or more $44.80
  • 3 or more $43.90
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Effex Neuro instruction for useYou can buy Effex Neuro on this pageEFFEX Neuro Bio-Complex for Men - a means of a new generation for prolonging sexual intercourse and improving the quality of sexRussia's largest pharmaceutical pro..

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Effex Neuro instruction for use

You can buy Effex Neuro on this page

EFFEX Neuro Bio-Complex for Men - a means of a new generation for prolonging sexual intercourse and improving the quality of sex
Russia's largest pharmaceutical producer, Evalar, presents a new EFFEX line for men. The line includes modern drugs aimed at maintaining men's health and slowing the aging process. In pharmacies "Evalar" has already appeared a natural biocomplex "EFFEX Neuro" "to prolong sexual intercourse and improve the quality of sex.

Effex neuro Why do you need EFFEX Neuro?

 Men, faced with the problem of early ejaculation - millions, and every year they are becoming more and more! Premature ejaculation can happen to anyone, regardless of age. According to statistics, regularly suffer from early ejaculation:
• 35% of men
• 40% of men have encountered this problem at least once in their lives.
• 75% of men want to increase the duration of sexual intercourse
Most often this problem has neurogenic or psychological causes. As a rule, in such cases, the occurrence of early ejaculation is associated with the peculiarities of the nervous system: a man may not be able to control his arousal, which leads to the most rapid ejaculation. How to deal with the disease? There is a reliable way - the EFFEX Neuro biocomplex. Biocomplex operates in 3 directions and contributes to:
• Elimination of the neurogenic cause of premature ejaculation
• Prolonging intercourse and improving the quality of sex.
• Increased sexual desire
EFFEX Neuro also has a mild anti-stress effect, improves potency and spermatogenesis. 3 capsules "EFFEX Neuro" per day provide the recommended level of daily intake of components that are useful for the male body.

How does EFFEX Neuro work?

In the composition of the natural product "EFFEX Neuro" - a unique combination of components that, when used together, mutually reinforce each other and most effectively suppress the neurogenic factors of the development of premature ejaculation:
 • Powerful amino acid composition:
     • L - arginine - stimulates potency and sexual activity, prolongs the time of sexual intercourse
     • L-tryptophan - promotes the production of serotonin - the "hormone" of pleasure
     • L-glutamine - regulates the processes of excitation and inhibition in the brain
• Vitamins B3 and B6 replenish energy
• Goryanka - one of the most valuable tonic and firming means for maintaining healthy sexual activity
• Zinc - the quality of spermatogenesis is directly dependent on the availability of zinc to a man’s body.
EFFEX Neuro capsules do not harm the body and can be used with long courses.

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You can buy Effex Neuro without a prescription.

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