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Candid solution for oral cavity 1% 15ml

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Candid solution for oral cavity instructionYou can buy Candid solution for oral cavity hereCandid oral solution is an antifungal medication containing clotrimazole.Apply this drug topically for the treatment of thrush - a fungal i..

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Candid solution for oral cavity instruction

You can buy Candid solution for oral cavity here

Candid oral solution is an antifungal medication containing clotrimazole.
Apply this drug topically for the treatment of thrush - a fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the mouth. Candid solution for oral cavity is a highly effective drug that can eliminate thrush in more than 80% of patients.
This drug, according to the instructions, can only be used in adults, since its use in children does not have enough data. Although the solution is successfully prescribed by many doctors to treat thrush of the mouth even to infants, up to 3 years it is better to use the drugs permitted by it - for example, nystatin or miconazole.
Candid solution for oral cavity is prescribed by dermatologists, dentists, therapists, pediatricians.

Release form

The solution for oral cavity Candid is available in 15 ml in bottles with a stopper-dropper and cap. The bottle is hidden in a cardboard box.

Mechanism of action

The active substance of Candid solution for oral cavity is clotrimazole. This antifungal agent belonging to the group of imidazoles, which has a wide spectrum of action. Clotrimazole inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi by disrupting the permeability of their cell membranes. More precisely, it inhibits the synthesis of ergosterol and other sterols in the cells of fungi, and these substances are necessary for the creation and maintenance of cell membranes.


Solution for the oral cavity Candid is designed to treat fungal infections that affect the mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx, candidiasis stomatitis.


You should not use this drug in order to eliminate vaginal thrush or candidiasis of the skin.
Candid solution for oral cavity is contraindicated if you are allergic to any component of the drug. This drug is not intended to treat a systemic fungal infection.
What you need to tell your doctor before you start using Candid solution for oral cavity
Before applying the solution, be sure to inform the doctor about:
    existing or planned pregnancy;
    taking any medications, phytopreparations, dietary supplements or traditional medicine;
    allergic to any drug, food or other substance;
    the presence of liver disease.
Certain drugs may interact with clotrimazole. You need to tell your doctor what kind of drugs you are taking. Special attention should be paid to ergot alkaloids (for example, ergotamine), imatinib, macrolide immunosuppressants (for example, tacrolimus) or pimozide, since the risk of side effects of these drugs may increase. In such cases, the doctor may cancel the use of clotrimazole or another drug, change their dosage.

Mode of application

The tool is applied only to the affected areas of the mucous membrane. To do this, drip 10–20 drops on a cotton swab, which should be carefully treated all areas of fungal plaque. This procedure should be repeated 3-4 times a day, preferably at the same time, after a meal. The course of treatment usually lasts 7-10 days. If during this time the symptoms of the disease have not disappeared, you must consult a doctor again.
You can not stop using the drug immediately after the elimination of signs of the disease, you need to complete the full course of treatment. Otherwise, the risk of re-development of thrush in the near future is high enough, because Candid may not have time to destroy all fungi. Also, after an incomplete course of treatment, the fungi can become resistant to the action of clotrimazole and other antifungal drugs, which complicates further treatment.
If you missed the application of the solution, do it as quickly as possible. If there is very little time left until the next scheduled use of the drug, forget about the missed dose and use Candid solution for oral cavity on a schedule. No need to apply two doses of the drug at once.

Use in children

Children over 3 years of age are given a dose and multiplicity of application by the doctor. Usually, babies are recommended to drop 2–3 drops of the solution onto a cotton stick, then treat the affected areas of the mucous membrane with it. In small children the frequency of application should not exceed 3 times. Apply the product should be after feeding the child.

Special instructions that you need to know the patient

Important information on the safety of the use of Candid solution for oral cavity:
    During the use of the drug may require laboratory examination of the liver.
    Solution Candid for the oral cavity should not be used to treat children younger than 3 years. The safety and efficacy of its use have not been studied in this age group.
    Pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you are pregnant, you should inform your doctor about it. You need to discuss with him all the benefits and risks of applying Candid solution for oral cavity during pregnancy. Only a doctor can evaluate this data and decide on the possibility of using the drug. It is not known whether clotrimazole from the solution penetrates into breast milk, so the drug during breastfeeding can be used only when the expected benefit from it exceeds the possible risk to the baby.

Side effects

Candid solution for oral cavity, in addition to the desired antifungal effect, may cause side effects.
Some of the side effects of clotrimazole do not require medical attention. As the body gets used to the drug, they may disappear. Doctors can also tell you how to reduce or prevent these side effects.
Most often when applying the Candid solution for oral cavity develop:
    Pain and other discomfort in the mouth.
    Abdominal cramps or pain.
    Nausea or vomiting.
If these symptoms persist or worsen, you should consult a doctor.
Very rarely, when applying the Candid solution for oral cavity, serious allergic reactions occur, requiring immediate medical attention. To their symptoms belong:
    Skin rash.
    Swelling, especially on the face, tongue, and neck.
    Difficulty breathing.


Store the Candid solution for oral cavity at room temperature not exceeding 25 ° C, away from sunlight, sources of heat and moisture. Do not keep the drug in the freezer or bathroom. Remember that all medicines, including candid, should be stored in places that are inaccessible to children and pets.
the shelf life of the solution is 3 years. In his after use of the drug is prohibited.

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You don't need a prescription to buy Candid solution for oral cavity.

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