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Hepatrombin H ointment 20gr

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Hepatrombin H user manualYou can buy Hepatrombin H hereCompositionThe composition of the ointment includes the basic substances: heparin sodium, prednisolone acetate and lauromacrogol 600.Additional constituents: paraffin wax and ..

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Hepatrombin H user manual

You can buy Hepatrombin H here


The composition of the ointment includes the basic substances: heparin sodium, prednisolone acetate and lauromacrogol 600.
Additional constituents: paraffin wax and liquid, silicon dioxide, lanolin.
Rectal suppositories include active ingredients: sodium heparin, prednisolone acetate and lauromacrogol 600.
Additional constituents: medium chain triglycerides, fat solid, silicon dioxide colloid, glyceryl tristearate.

Form of issue

Hepatrombin H is available in two forms: ointments and suppositories.
The ointment is packaged in aluminum tubes of 20 g with a tip, which is intended for convenience of rectal administration.
Rectal suppositories are packed in contour cells of 5 pieces, 2 cells per pack.

pharmachologic effect

This drug has venosclerosis, antithrombotic, antipruritic, local anesthetic, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This combination drug is actively used in proctology, showing antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and venosclerosis effect.
Its main component - heparin - is a well-known anticoagulant of direct action. It is also characterized by an increase in the ability to regenerate connective tissue, preventing coagulation of blood in the hemorrhoids.
As for prednisolone, which belongs to the SCS, it exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-allergic effect, reducing itching and burning sensations, pain in the anorectal zone.
Lauromacrogol 400 or polidocanol has a local anesthetic effect, providing sclerosis in the hemorrhoids.
Penetrating into the body, ointment Hepatrombin H, however, like candles, undergoes biotransformation in the liver and reticuloendothelial system. The connection with plasma proteins can reach at least 95%. The drug is excreted by the kidney in several stages.

Indications for use

As is known, ointment and suppositories of Hepatrombin H are recommended for use when:
    various forms of hemorrhoids;
    thrombophlebitis veins in the anus;
    fistulas, eczema and itching in the anus zone;
    cracks in the anus.


This drug in any form is not prescribed when:
    bacterial, viral and fungal skin lesions;
    skin tumors;
    reactions to vaccination;
    early pregnancy;
    predisposition to bleeding;
    sensitivity to the drug.

Side effects

When treating the drug, unwanted local reactions may occur in the form of skin allergy and hyperemia.
Long-term use of the ointment or when applying it on large surfaces can not exclude the development of systemic manifestations.

Instructions for Hepatrombin H (Method and dosage)

Ointment Hepatrombin H the instruction on application recommends to put on the amazed places a thin layer, until symptoms of disease will disappear and some more time for fastening of result. During the main therapy, the ointment can be applied 3 times a day, and then 1 time per week.
Also, the ointment can be used rectally - injected with the tip into the rectum, lightly pressing on the tube and squeezing out a little of the drug.
Suppositories Hepatrombin H the instruction on application advises to enter rectally on 1-2 times a day, it is desirable after defecation.

Hepatrombin H in pregnancy

The use of this drug in pregnancy, as other drugs and drugs, it is permissible only according to the prescription of the doctor, since the first trimester in general is a contraindication to the use.
As testimonials on ointments during pregnancy show, many patients feel a noticeable improvement, but they will only apply it when exacerbated.


Cases of overdose have not been identified.


Drug interaction with other drugs is not established.

special instructions

The use of the preparation in large quantities on mucous or damaged skin leads to a significant slowing of regeneration processes.

Terms of sale

To buy Hepatrombin H online you don't need a prescription.

Storage conditions

To store the drug does not require special conditions, except for inaccessibility for children.
Shelf life - 3 years.

Reviews of Hepatrombin H

It should be noted that reviews about Hepatrombin H ointments are mainly related to the treatment of hemorrhoids. Usually the drug is used for resorption of hemorrhoids. This therapy is very effective and helps to quickly get rid of unwanted symptoms.
Also you can find reviews about the candles Hepatrombin H, but this form of the drug is used by patients a little less often, although it is no less effective.
In addition, reviews of ointment Hepatrombin H from hemorrhoids report that sometimes it is not used for its intended purpose. For example, this external agent can be used for resorption by hematomas, which are formed after injections. There are cases when the ointment was used by women to eliminate swelling and bags under the eyes.
In addition to reports on the effectiveness of this drug, one can find stories about the development of adverse events during the improvement. Usually it is an allergic reaction in the form of itching, rashes and swelling.
Despite the fact that this drug works well in some cases not according to the indications, it should not be used on its own. Especially it concerns cases in pregnancy, when carrying out any treatment requires maximum caution.

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