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Acyclovir ointment 5% 5gr


$2.20 Ex Tax: $2.20

Acyclovir ointment instructionYou can buy Acyclovir ointment hereComposition100 g of ointment contains:active substance: acyclovir in terms of 100% substance - 5 g;auxiliary substances: propylene glycol 40 g, petroleum jelly 12,5 ..

Advantan ointment 0.1% 50gr


$46.79 Ex Tax: $46.79

Advantan ointment instructionYou can buy Advantan ointment hereToday we will talk about the ointment Advantan. What kind of remedy, how does it work on the body? What are the indications and contraindications? How and in what dose..

Afloderm ointment 0.05% 40gr

Afloderm ointment 0.05% 40gr


$26.99 $28.50 Ex Tax: $26.99

Afloderm ointment user manualReed more and buy Afloderm ointment hereComposition1 g of ointment contains:active substance: alclomethasone dipropionate 0.500 mg; auxiliary substances: paraffin soft white, beeswax white, propylene g..

Akriderm GK ointment 30gr


$35.52 Ex Tax: $35.52

Instruction for Akriderm GKYou can buy Akriderm GK ointment on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug includes active substances: betamethasone dipropionate, clotrimazole and gentamycin sulfate.Additional components: Vase..

Akriderm SK ointment 30gr


$20.51 Ex Tax: $20.51

User manual for Akriderm SKReed more and buy Akriderm SK ointment on this pageCompositionThe composition of the drug includes the main components: betamethasone dipropionate and salicylic acid.Additional components: Vaseline oil a..

Apisarthron ointment 20gr


$18.21 Ex Tax: $18.21

Apisarthron instruction for useYou can buy Apisarthron on this pageCompositionIn 100 grams of means of ointment Apisarthron contains 10 grams of methyl salicylate, 3 mg of bee venom, 1 gram of allyl isothiocyanate.Additional subst..

Aurobin ointment 20gr


$19.56 Ex Tax: $19.56

Aurobin instruction manualYou can buy Aurobin on this pageComposition1 g of ointment contains such active ingredients:    0.002 g - Prednisolone caprolate;    0.020 g of lidocaine hydrochloride; ..

Baneocin ointment 20gr


$21.19 Ex Tax: $21.19

Instruction for Baneocin ointmentYou can buy Baneocin ointment on this pageCompositionIn 1 g of the drug contains:    sulfate neomycin - 5000 IU;    zinc bacitracin 250 IU.As auxiliary substances are ..

Beloderm ointment 0.05% 40gr


$15.88 Ex Tax: $15.88

Beloderm ointment user manualYou can buy Beloderm ointment hereComposition1 g of ointment containsActive substance: betamethasone (in the form of dipropionate) - 0.640 mg, which corresponds to 0.500 mg of betamethasone;Excipients:..

Belogent ointment 40gr

Belogent ointment 40gr


$19.74 $22.35 Ex Tax: $19.74

Belogent instruction manualReed more and buy Belogent ointment hereA clinically proven effective combination of a topical corticosteroid and an antibioticBelogent is a combination of gentamycin, an antibiotic of a broad spectrum o..

Belosalic ointment 30gr


$22.80 Ex Tax: $22.80

User manual for BelosalicReed more and buy Belosalic ointment onlineThe drug Belosalic is a drug for external use, which has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and keratolytic effect.Form of formulation and composition of the preparat..

Benzyl benzoate ointment 20% 25gr


$1.99 Ex Tax: $1.99

Instruction for Benzyl benzoateReed more and buy Benzyl benzoate ointment hereCompositionThe composition of the emulsion, which is applied externally, includes the active ingredient benzyl benzoate, as well as the auxiliary consti..

Bepanthen ointment 5% 100gr

Bepanthen ointment 5% 100gr


$39.50 $45.30 Ex Tax: $39.50

Ointment Bepanthen user manualYou can buy Ointment Bepanthen hereBepanthen's compositionThe composition of the Bepanthen ointment is as follows: 1 g of the agent contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol.The composition of the Bepanthen crea..

Betadine ointment 10% 20gr


$14.36 Ex Tax: $14.36

Betadine ointment instructionYou can buy Betadine ointment hereBetadine has a wide spectrum of pharmacological action. It is active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, various species of fungi, viruses and protozoa. ..

Bezornyl ointment 10gr


$24.54 Ex Tax: $24.54

Bezornyl user manualReed more and buy Bezornyl on this pageCompositionThe composition of 1 g tube of ointment includes: 38 mg borneol, 3.5 mg amber, 9 mg musk (Muscone), 11 mg bezoar, 53.5 mg pearl, 108 mg zinc carbonate (calamine..

Butadion 5% 20gr


$9.97 Ex Tax: $9.97

You can buy Butadion hereButadion instruction for useClinical and pharmacological groupNSAIDs for external useForm of release, composition and packagingOintment for external use 5% white, homogeneous, with a weak specific odor.1 t..

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