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Bezornyl ointment 10gr

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Bezornyl user manualReed more and buy Bezornyl on this pageCompositionThe composition of 1 g tube of ointment includes: 38 mg borneol, 3.5 mg amber, 9 mg musk (Muscone), 11 mg bezoar, 53.5 mg pearl, 108 mg zinc carbonate (calamine..

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Bezornyl user manual

Reed more and buy Bezornyl on this page


The composition of 1 g tube of ointment includes: 38 mg borneol, 3.5 mg amber, 9 mg musk (Muscone), 11 mg bezoar, 53.5 mg pearl, 108 mg zinc carbonate (calamine).

Form of issue

The medication is made in the form of ointment (applied rectally, externally). Bezornyl candles are not available now.

pharmachologic effect

It is positioned as a complex, antihemorrhoidal medication with a local astringent, decongestant, disinfecting, hemostatic and analgesic.
Pharmacological action is based on the mutual action of biologically active natural substances, which form the basis of the drug.
One of the main components of the drug is the elimination of secretion, which is produced when mucous walls are damaged; In addition, calamine removes purulent formations. Borneo has an antibacterial effect, and pearls have a locally acting analgesic effect.
Strong regenerating effect of the drug is obliged to amber. Anti-inflammatory properties have artificial musk.
Clinical studies prove that the drug effectively suppresses pain symptoms, which accompanies hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding and anal fissures.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Pharmacokinetic analysis was not performed. Pharmacodynamics is not described, because the preparation has a combined composition (each component has its own pharmacodynamics).

Indications for use

The medication is mostly prescribed for hemorrhoids. Ointment Bezornyl is used after insect bites and burns.


High sensitivity of the patient to natural components, which are the basis of the drug.
The expediency of using ointment during pregnancy and lactating women is established by the doctor.

Side effects

Allergic responses are registered in predisposed patients.

Instruction on Bezornyl (Method and dosage)

How and in what doses ointment Bezornyl is prescribed? Instructions for use: for external injuries, the medication should be applied to the affected area 2 times a day. For greater effectiveness, it is additionally recommended to place the ointment on a sterile tissue and apply it to the affected area. The course of therapy Bezronil can be carried out for 14 days.
When using ointment rectally for the treatment of hemorrhoids and cracks, the drug should be administered using a special tip, after each emptying.
Suppositories Bezornyl are not released now.


Cases are not described, in medical practice are not registered.


There is no reliable information.

Terms of sale

To buy Bezornyl online you don't need a prescription.

Storage conditions

Ointment should be stored in a dark place. It is strongly recommended to limit the children's uncontrolled access to medication.
Shelf life - 3 years.

In pregnancy

The decision on the possibility of using ointment when bearing a child is taken by the attending doctor.

Reviews Bezornyl

Bezornyl Ointment is actively discussed at many medical portals. The testimonies testify to the good tolerability of the combined medication, its effectiveness in the therapy of hemorrhoids. On thematic forums, you can see the doctors' opinions about the drug. Experts confidently state that ointment from hemorrhoids can effectively combat such unpleasant symptoms of the disease as burning, uncomfortable sensations and itching.

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