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Bepanthen ointment 5% 100gr

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Ointment Bepanthen user manualYou can buy Ointment Bepanthen hereBepanthen's compositionThe composition of the Bepanthen ointment is as follows: 1 g of the agent contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol.The composition of the Bepanthen crea..

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Ointment Bepanthen user manual

You can buy Ointment Bepanthen here

Bepanthen's composition

The composition of the Bepanthen ointment is as follows: 1 g of the agent contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol.
The composition of the Bepanthen cream is as follows: 1 g of the agent contains 50 mg of dexpanthenol.
The composition of the Bepanthen lotion is as follows: 1 g contains 25 mg of dexpanthenol.
In addition, all types of the drug have a number of auxiliary substances: protegin X, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, beeswax white, lanolin (sheep fat), paraffin liquid, paraffin soft, almond oil, water.

Form of issue

Bepanthen is available in the following forms:
    Ointment Bepanthen 5% has a color from white to white and yellow. Homogeneous, homogeneous, soft mass, is realized in tubes of 30 g.
    Cream Bepanthen 5% is sold in tubes of 30 g;
    Lotion Bepanthen 2,5% is sold in vials of 200 ml.

pharmachologic effect

The active substance of the drug is dexpanthenol (dexpanthenol) - provitamin B5. It is freely adsorbed by human skin cells. After the substance enters the cells of the epithelium, the dexpanthenol transforms, so that it becomes pantothenic acid.
The influence of Bepanthen on the body is caused by vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid is a part of coenzyme A. It promotes the processes of regeneration of the skin of the mucous membranes, takes part in acetylation, the synthesis of acetylcholine. Under the influence of pantothenic acid, the metabolism of cells is normal, mitosis is activated, collagen fibers are strengthened. On the skin the preparation has a moisturizing, regenerating, and also some anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, the use of ointments or other forms of the drug is possible on any part of the skin. It is used to treat unprotected areas, wounds, as well as those areas of the skin that are covered with hair.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Bepanthen ointment is absorbed very quickly, after which its active transformation takes place. As a result, stocks of pantothenic acid are replenished. When pantothenic acid enters the bloodstream, it binds to plasma proteins, mainly with albumins and B-globulins. Unchanged, pantothenic acid is excreted from the body with urine and feces.

Indications for use

Bepanthen ointment is used to treat children and adults.
Actively used Bepanthen ointment for newborns in the process of regular skin care. Ointment for newborns is used both for prevention and treatment of diaper dermatitis (treatment of sweating in newborns), diaper rash, inflammatory processes of the skin.
It is used to care for the mammary glands of a woman during the period of feeding. Bepanthen ointment for nipples is used in the presence of irritation, cracks, etc.
The product is used to treat irritated and inflamed skin exposed to sunlight, chemicals, etc.
It is used for burns to heal skin lesions from burns.
Used in the treatment of pressure ulcers, chronic ulcers of the skin, cracks in the anal passage. The product is used for skin care after its transplantation, as well as abrasions, scratches, cracks in order to accelerate regeneration processes.
Can be used for skin care for allergies. In particular, Bepanthen ointment is sometimes used for children from acne, diathesis, rash on palms, with atopic dermatitis, with insect bites.
Cream can be used as a means for skin care after water procedures, after sunbathing in the sun. When irritated and inflamed skin is used instead of face cream.


It is not applied in the presence of individual manifestations of hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Side effects

Rarely with the use of the drug may manifest allergic reactions, in particular urticaria, pruritus.
Instructions for the use of Bepanthen ointment (Method and dosage)
Instructions for Bepanthen ointment are as follows. Preventive care for newborns provides that the ointment is applied to clean and dry skin during each change of diaper or diaper.
In the treatment of wounds, as well as skin lesions, an ointment or cream is applied a thin layer several times a day to those areas that have been affected.
Instructions for use Bepanthen ointment in the treatment of cracks in the anal passage and lesions of the mucous membrane of the cervix are as follows: the remedy should be gently applied to damaged areas once or twice a day. Sometimes with such diseases it is more appropriate to use candles with a similar active substance.
For nursing mothers, cream or ointment is used in the presence of cracks or irritations on the nipples after each feeding. Women who are interested in whether Bepanthen ointment should be washed off before feeding may not worry, since the remedy should not be removed. To make sure of this, you can clarify whether it is necessary to wash off the ointment before feeding, at the doctor.
The duration of treatment or use of the drug for prevention is determined individually, depending on the disease or condition of the person. Also individually, the patient determines for himself what is best - cream or ointment Bepanthen. The main differences between these remedies are their consistency, so there is no need to figure out how the ointment differs from the cream. However, when choosing the form of the drug should be taken into account, not advertising, but the recommendations of a specialist.


Overdose means with its local use is not possible.


The cases of Bepanthen ointment interaction with other drugs have not been described.

Terms of sale

You can buy Bepanthen ointment without a doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions

Store the ointment or cream should be in a dry place, while the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
Shelf life - 3 years.


The drug can be used to treat any skin areas in children.


Used to prevent skin problems and treat skin diseases in newborns.

In pregnancy

Bepanthen ointment can be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Pregnancy is not a contraindication for such treatment, since the active substance does not threaten the fetus or newborn.

Reviews about Bepanthen ointment

Reviews for Bepanthen ointment are in most cases positive, since this ointment is suitable for newborns and can prevent the occurrence of diaper rash and skin irritation. In the reviews also noted that the use of ointment or cream for 1-2 weeks can effectively get rid of acne.
Also, the cream is often used for the face, if there is skin irritation and inflammation. In addition, in some cases Bepanthen ointment is applied from stretch marks. Testimonials indicate that the emulsion from stretch marks can prevent the occurrence of striae during pregnancy, as well as reduce the severity of existing stretch marks. However, in the reviews it is noted that to obtain such results, the cream should be used regularly and for a long time.
There is also an effectiveness of ointment and cream for healing of cracks on the nipples, with diathesis, etc. Side effects when applying cream and ointment do not appear.

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