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Lioton 1000 gel 100gr

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User manual for Lioton 1000You can buy Lioton 1000 on this pageCompositionThe composition of Lioton as an active substance is heparin sodium in a concentration of 1000 IU / g.As auxiliary components in the gel are: methyl- and pro..

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User manual for Lioton 1000

You can buy Lioton 1000 on this page


The composition of Lioton as an active substance is heparin sodium in a concentration of 1000 IU / g.
As auxiliary components in the gel are: methyl- and propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate, neroli and lavender oils, carbomer 940, triethanolamine, ethanol, purified water.

Form of issue

The drug dosage form is a gel for external use. The agent is an almost transparent, colorless or slightly yellowish, viscous mass.
The Lioton 1000 gel is available for sale in aluminum tubes with a volume of 30, 50 or 100 grams.

pharmachologic effect

Antithrombotic, antisexual, moderate anti-inflammatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

When applied to the skin Lioton gel removes puffiness, eliminates the increased permeability of the vascular walls and prevents the fluid (exudate) from escaping into adjacent tissues, stops the inflammatory process, depresses the activity of the coagulating system of blood (has an anticoagulant anticoagulant effect).
After applying the drug, heparin is found in the blood plasma for the next 24 hours, with plasma concentration reaching its maximum values ​​after 8 hours.
Excretion of the substance and its metabolites is carried out mainly by the kidneys. When applied to the skin, heparin does not affect the parameters of hemocoagulation.

Indications for use

Ointment Lioton 1000 is recommended for use in diseases of superficial veins, including those complicated by phlebothrombosis (a condition that is associated with the formation of a thrombus fixed to its wall, partially or completely obturating the vessel), thrombophlebitis (thrombosis, which is accompanied by inflammation of the vascular wall and lumen closure a vessel with a thrombus) or superficial periphlebitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the vein wall).
It is advisable to use Lioton ointment to eliminate complications provoked by surgical operation on the veins, the consequences of injuries and strains of the capsular-ligamentous and muscle-tendon apparatus, soft tissue injuries and the musculoskeletal system.
The product effectively removes localized edema of tissues, eliminates inflammatory infiltrate, accelerates resorption of subcutaneous hematomas.


Do not use Lioton 1000 cream with:
    known individual sensitivity to its components;
    the presence of ulcerative and necrotic changes in the skin on the sites of the intended application of the product;
    traumatic violations of the integrity of the skin;
    decreased hemocoagulation;

Side effects

Allergic reactions.

Gel Lioton, instructions for use

In the instructions for the use of Lioton, it is indicated that a single dose for an adult person corresponds to the volume of the gel contained in a strip 3 to 10 cm long (depending on the extent of the lesion). After applying to the skin, the ointment should be rubbed gently with light movements.
Multiplicity of applications - from 1 to 3 times a day.
According to the instructions for Lioton 1000, the duration of treatment depends on the indications and severity of the pathological process.


So far there have been no reports of cases of overdose. Since systemic absorption of heparin sodium is extremely low, there is no risk of overdose with topical application.
If the gel is accidentally swallowed, the child may experience nausea and vomiting. To help the victim, the stomach should be washed and, if necessary, prescribed symptomatic treatment.
The antidote is protamine sulfate.


The use of heparin in combination with anticoagulants for oral administration may provoke prolongation of prothrombin time.
Do not mix Lioton with other drugs for external use.
Contraindicated appoint a remedy in combination with NSAIDs, tetracycline antibiotics, antihistamines.

Terms of sale

To buy Lioton the prescription is not needed.

Storage conditions

It is recommended to store the gel at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees Celsius in a place inaccessible to children.
Shelf life - 5 years after the release date.

special instructions

As auxiliary components, methyl- and propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate are included in the gel, so Lioton is contraindicated in persons with a known allergy to parabens.
In patients with hemorrhagic symptoms, the appropriateness of the agent should be carefully weighed.
The drug should not be used for bleeding and skin lesions, purulent process, apply to infected areas of the skin and open wounds, mucous membranes, skin around the eyes. Also, avoid getting the gel in the eyes.
Patients with hemocoagulation disorders are not recommended to treat the drug with extensive areas of the skin. In the treatment of phlebitis, it is contraindicated to rub the ointment into the skin.
Since the experience of using Lioton in children is limited, one should not prescribe a drug to treat this category of patients.
The agent does not affect the ability to drive vehicles and does not slow down mental and motor activity.

Lioton during pregnancy

Gel Lioton during pregnancy and during breastfeeding (lactation) is allowed to use only under strict indications.
Usually, pregnant women are prescribed a remedy for the duration of the pregnancy (and sometimes after the birth of the child) according to the scheme: the month of application, the month of the break.
Care should be taken with the first application of the drug, because during pregnancy the body becomes more susceptible to allergens, and the likelihood of allergic reactions increases.
Therefore, if the treatment is accompanied by such unpleasant symptoms as itching, redness of the skin, burning, etc., you should stop using the drug and consult a doctor.
As for the reports about the use of Lioton by pregnant women, they are very diverse. Someone did not see the result even after several months of treatment, someone, on the contrary, notes the high effectiveness of the drug.

Reviews about Lioton 1000

Reviews about the gel Lioton 1000 are mostly positive, which can be judged by a rather high estimate of funds on specialized Internet resources - 4-4.5 points out of 5.
Due to the high concentration of heparin, the ointment prevents the appearance of vascular asterisks, removes the heaviness in the legs, eliminates swelling and soreness, and is effective for bruises and sprains. Many women see in the drug almost the only rescue for tired legs after a whole day on their feet (and often on high heels).
Very often, the drug is given to pregnant women, because during the period of gestation, the probability of problems associated with venous insufficiency increases substantially.
When pregnancy - reviews are the eloquent confirmation - Lioton effectively fights with congestion of venous blood, prevents the emergence of thrombophlebitis and severe edema, improves the tone of the vascular walls, relieves fatigue.
Negative reviews of the gel are related to the fact that after a long enough use of this drug, patients have not managed to cure varicose veins or notice obvious improvements in leg states.
Commenting on such statements, experts tirelessly repeat that Lioton does not treat varicose veins, but only serves as a supportive agent, the use of which can slow the progression of the pathological process and prevent the development of its complications.
To the effect of the use of the cream was noticeable, treatment should be complemented by wearing compression knitwear, a contrast shower for the feet, swimming, walking.
It is equally important to stop putting your foot on your leg, to instill your habit of regularly resting your feet (at least try to keep them in a raised position), prefer comfortable shoes.
On the Internet, there are also often positive responses about Lioton when used for the face. Despite the fact that the main indication for use is venous disease, the spectrum of application of the drug is much broader.
For the face, the gel is shown as a decongestant, tightening, toning and refreshing remedy. Some women even use it as a base for make-up, and plastic surgeons and cosmetologists often recommend an ointment to normalize the condition of the skin of the face after a series of beauty treatments or, for example, blepharoplasty.

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