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Olestesin supp #10

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Olestesin user manualYou can buy Olestesin hereCompositionIn 1 Suppository, 33 mg of sea buckthorn oil, 50 mg of sulfaethadol and 100 mg of benzocaine. Twin polyethylene oxide purified water, as auxiliary components.Form of issueS..

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Olestesin user manual

You can buy Olestesin here


In 1 Suppository, 33 mg of sea buckthorn oil, 50 mg of sulfaethadol and 100 mg of benzocaine. Twin polyethylene oxide purified water, as auxiliary components.

Form of issue

Suppositories rectal №10.

pharmachologic effect


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The constituent components of the drug have a local anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, stimulate reparative processes.
Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. It blocks painful impulses. Does not have a resorptive effect. It is insoluble in water and this explains its slow absorption.
Sulfaethidol is a sulfonamide antimicrobial agent. It acts bacteriostatically. It is active against streptococci, eshirichia, shigella, klebsiella, clostridium, chlamydia and toxoplasma.
Biologically active substances and carotenoids of sea buckthorn oil contribute to the healing of damaged mucous membranes with cracks and erosions. Vitamin K has a hemostatic effect.


The data are not presented.

Indications for use

As part of complex therapy is used when:
    anal itching;
    cracks in the anus.



Side effects

    loosening of stool;
    allergic reactions.

Olestesin, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Suppositories of Olestesin are injected into the rectum after hygiene procedures. Usually appoint 1 suppository twice a day. With severe pain, 2 suppositories twice. The average course of treatment is 7 days (not more than 10 days).


Cases are not described.


Interaction data not provided.

Terms of sale

You can buy Olestesin suppositories without prescription.

Storage conditions

The temperature is 4-8 ° С.
Shelf life - 2 years.

Reviews about Olestesin

Local anesthetics are included in the composition of suppositories for the rapid elimination of pain, which often accompanies hemorrhoids. Olestesin is one of these drugs, in its composition - benzocaine, which begins to act after 10 minutes. Proceeding from this, the use of ostezine is indicated in cases of severe pain during exacerbation of hemorrhoids, especially with concomitant cracks.
    "... I was convinced that the pain and bleeding removed well and no side effects."
    "... I have a problem with a rectal fissure. Periodically sharpens and the last time I used these Suppositories. After 10 days of use, I felt a significant improvement. "
    "... Suppositories from hemorrhoids Olestesin quickly relieve inflammation and pain. I had 8 days to cope with the problem. "
    "... Excellent relief of pain and bleeding. Symptoms passed for 5 days. "
    "... After two Suppositories, throbbing pain disappeared, then bleeding ceased. After applying for 5 days, all the symptoms are gone. "
This drug is approved for use in pregnancy.
    "... I liked them very much. I used Olestesin during pregnancy on the advice of a doctor. Suppositories helped quickly, from the first minutes, they well anesthetize, relieve inflammation. The exacerbation of hemorrhoids took a week. "
    "... There was hemorrhoids by the end of pregnancy. Only they were saved: relief almost immediately, and also have a laxative effect. Be sure to try it !! ".
It must be remembered that correction of constipation with diet and increased physical activity is an important moment for the prevention of exacerbations of hemorrhoids.

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