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Posterisan supp #10

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Posterisan user manualReed more and buy Posterisan on this pageCompositionDepending on the form of release of the drug, Posterisan may contain a different amount of inactivated microbial cells of the type E coli. One gram of the o..

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Posterisan user manual

Reed more and buy Posterisan on this page


Depending on the form of release of the drug, Posterisan may contain a different amount of inactivated microbial cells of the type E coli. One gram of the ointment contains about 330 million E. coli cells, which were exposed to phenol (preservative), as well as auxiliary components - petrolatum, lanolin and paraffin.
The amount of this drug compound may be greater or less than 25%. In one rectal suppository contains, as a rule, about 660 million cells of the intestinal rod, and, in addition, compounds such as phenol, solid emulsifying fat, hydrocystearate and glycerin-acrogol. The amount of the drug compound contained in the candle composition can also vary within plus or minus 25%.

Form of issue

The medicinal preparation is issued in the form of ointment with the smell of phenol of beige color, which is packaged in tubes of 25 grams and placed in cardboard packaging, supplying the drug for ease of use by the applicator. In addition, the drug may have the form of rectal suppositories, also differing in the smell of phenol and its yellowish or white hue, which are placed in special blisters. In one box, as a rule, contains 10 candles-suppositories.

pharmachologic effect

Both ointment and suppositories of Posterisan have anti-inflammatory, regenerative, immunostimulating, and antipruritic effects. In addition, the drug helps in the formation of both nonspecific and specific immunity.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The suspension of inactivated bacteria, as well as the products of their metabolism, which is part of the candles and ointment of Posterisan, has a pronounced effect on the T-system of human immunity. Under the influence of active components of the drug, the activity of leukocytes, and, in addition, the cells of the reticuloendothelial system (RES) is enhanced.
In addition, the drug stimulates nonspecific immunity by influencing humoral factors. Posterisan is intended for the treatment of diseases that affect the anorectal region. Cell wall antigens and coli intestinal metabolites interact with the rectum as well as the skin areas of the anogenital region, thus increasing the resistance of local tissues to the adverse effects of pathogenic microflora.
With the use of this drug, there is a significant decrease in vascular exudation in inflammatory processes, the tone rises, and their permeability is restored. LS promotes the regeneration of tissues that are damaged in anorectal diseases.

Indications for use

It is used to treat the following diseases:
    genital, as well as anal itching;
    hemorrhoids and its effects, for example, burning or specific discharge;
    anal fissures;
    dermatitis perianal.


The main contraindication to the use of the drug is the hypersensitivity of patients to phenol.

Side effects

In the vast majority of cases, patients using the drug do not show any side effects. However, with prolonged use of the drug is extremely rare, but it may develop an allergic reaction to phenol, which is part of the drug as a preservative.

Instructions for use Posterisan (Method and dosage)

Ointment Posterisan, instructions for use

Ointment should be applied to the affected areas of mucous membranes or skin a thin layer every morning and at bedtime, as well as after acts of defecation. For the best effect, the drug is injected into the anus with the help of an applicator.

Suppositories Pasteurized, instructions for use

Rectal suppositories (suppositories) are injected into the anus one by one each time after defecation, and also in the morning after awakening and just before bedtime.
Ointment and suppositories Posterisan can be used together. The course of treatment with the drug is usually two to three weeks.
Currently, this drug is not released in the form of tablets.
The course of treatment with a drug is approximately 7 days.


There are no cases of overdose.


The interaction of the drug with other drugs is not described.

Terms of sale

To buy Posterisan you don't need a prescription.

Storage conditions

The drug should not be frozen, and should be stored in a dry place (25 ° C), protected from children and light.
Shelf life - 3 years.

special instructions

It is worth remembering that the composition of the drug includes a preservative such as phenol.


The drug is used in the treatment of children.


It is possible to use drugs in the therapeutic treatment of infants.

Posterisan during pregnancy (and lactation)

Posterisan during pregnancy and lactation is not prohibited.

Reviews of Posterisan

Reviews for ointment Posterisan in the bulk of its positive. Patients note the effectiveness of the drug, as well as the lack of side effects and contraindications. It is also worth noting that many pregnant and lactating women respond well to the drug, the drug is not forbidden to use during this important period of their life.
Feedback on candles Posterisan is also good, however, some as a negative factor point out the inconvenience of using suppositories because of their packaging.

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