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Procto-Glyvenol supp 400mg #10

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Procto-Glyvenol user manualReed more and buy Procto-Glyvenol on this pageCompositionOne candle contains 400 mg of tribenoside and 40 mg of lidocaine.The composition of 100 grams of cream contains 5 grams of tribenozide and 2 g of ..

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Procto-Glyvenol user manual

Reed more and buy Procto-Glyvenol on this page


One candle contains 400 mg of tribenoside and 40 mg of lidocaine.
The composition of 100 grams of cream contains 5 grams of tribenozide and 2 g of lidocaine + auxiliary substances.

Form of issue

The drug is released in the form of rectal suppositories. White oblong candles let out in blisters on 5 pieces, in packing on 2 blisters.
And also in the form of a white, homogeneous, opaque cream that has a specific odor. In a tube with a capacity of 30 grams.

pharmachologic effect

Antihemorrhoidal, analgesic (local).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Tribenozide and lidocaine in the complex relieve inflammation and anesthetize the affected area.
The active component of tribenoside reduces vascular permeability, reduces venous congestion. The substance has the ability to inhibit the activity of serotonin, histamine and bradykinin, while not affecting the hormones norepinephrine and epinephrine. The drug eliminates stagnant phenomena in the veins, reduces the pathologically increased vascular permeability. Tribenozide relieves inflammation, due to the property of inhibiting its mediators, anesthetizing, relieving puffiness. The ability of platelets to adhere also decreases.
Lidocaine has a strong analgesic effect. It blocks sodium channels, stabilizes the cell membranes. In connection with this, the generation and conduction of nerve impulses slow down.
Within two hours after the administration of the candle, the drug reaches its maximum concentration in the blood. Biological availability reaches about 30-40%.
After applying the cream from 20% (tribenozide) to 50% (lidocaine) of the active substances enters the bloodstream. When applying the ointment on the mucosa, its effectiveness is increased, the active substances are absorbed more efficiently.
The drug undergoes transformation reactions into other substances in the liver, which are then excreted through the kidneys. Part of lidocaine is displayed in its original form.

Indications for use

Suppositories and ointment Procto-Glyvenol is prescribed for local treatment of hemorrhoids, internal and external. As a rule, within the framework of complex treatment.


The drug is not prescribed for children. Not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy or with allergies to any of the components of the remedy.

Side effects

Rarely, the appearance of unpleasant sensations immediately after administration or application of the drug to the mucosa. Also, hives, contact dermatitis, intestinal peristalsis are possible.
Rare cases of angioedema, facial swelling, bronchospasm, side effects from the cardiovascular system were registered.

Instructions for Procto-Glyvenol (Method and Dosage)

Rectally. Suppositories Procto-Glyvenol, instructions for use

Before use, the suppository is released from the package and slightly moistened with water. Gently enter the candle, lying on the right side, pressing the left leg to the chest. Use 1 candle, 2 times a day. With further treatment, the dosage can be reduced to one candle.
The duration of the course is determined by the attending physician.

Instructions for ointment

Two ointments are administered per day, one is in the morning, the second in the evening. The daily dosage can be reduced to one per night.
If necessary (hemorrhoids are located inside), you should use a special nozzle for applying cream. On average, one application takes about a gram of ointment.


Cases of overdose are not registered. Nevertheless, if the candles or the cream get inside, you should rinse the stomach, take enterosorbents.


It is not known whether the drug interacts with other agents.

Terms of sale

To buy Procto-Glyvenol online a prescription is not necessary.

Storage conditions

In a cool place, out of the reach of children.
Shelf life - 5 years.

In pregnancy and lactation

Procto-Glyvenol during pregnancy should be used with caution. During breastfeeding, it is possible to take the medication after consulting a doctor.
When pregnancy in the first trimester should be very careful.

Reviews about Procto-Glyvenol

Reviews of the suppositories of Procto-Glyvenol

The medicine has good reviews. For a few days the drug removes unpleasant sensations of burning, itching and pain. Helps with cracks in the anus, with external and internal hemorrhoids, does not cause allergies.

Reviews about cream

Many prefer ointment, because they believe that the candles run out faster, and the cream is much easier and more convenient, more economical. The product quickly and permanently removes unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids and speeds up the healing process.

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