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Zyllt 75mg #84

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User manual for ZylltReed more and buy Zyllt tablets on this pageCompositionIn the composition of one tablet of the preparation Zyllt there is 97.8 milligrams of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate. When calculating in clopidogrel (Clopi..

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User manual for Zyllt

Reed more and buy Zyllt tablets on this page


In the composition of one tablet of the preparation Zyllt there is 97.8 milligrams of clopidogrel hydrogen sulfate. When calculating in clopidogrel (Clopidogrel), one tablet of this medication contains 75 milligrams of the active drug compound.
In addition, Zyllt contains such auxiliary components as hydrogenated castor oil (4 mg), pregelatinized starch (12 mg), anhydrous lactose (108.1 mg), microcrystalline cellulose (30 mg), and 6,000 macrogol ( 8 mg.).
The composition of the film coating of the tablet drug contains the following elements: propylene glycol (0.4 mg), hypromellose (5.6 mg), red iron oxide (0.04 mg), titanium dioxide (1.46 mg) as well as talc (0.5 mg.).

Form of issue

Tablets having a round biconvex shape, covered with a pink film shell, which are packaged in 7 blisters each, are then placed in cardboard boxes of 2.4 or 12 blisters. With a cross-section of Zyllt's tablet, one can see a rough mass of white with a sheath.

pharmachologic effect

Zyllt refers to medicines that have antiaggregatory effects on the human body.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The so-called prodrug clopidogrel is chemically related to active metabolites and is an inhibitor of the platelet aggregation process. The drug compound inhibits selective binding of adenosine diphosphates (abbreviated as ADP, i.e., a free nucleotide whose chemical composition contains phosphoric acid, ribose, and adenine) with platelet receptors P2Y12.
In addition, the drug has an effect on the mediated ADP activation of GPIIb / IIIa (glycoprotein complex), thereby inhibiting platelet aggregation. It is noteworthy that the process of platelet aggregation is irreversible and does not stop during their life cycle, which lasts, as a rule, from 7 to 10 days. This means that the restoration of the functionality of platelets occurs simultaneously with their renewal.
Since ADP blockade increases platelet activation, platelet aggregation can also occur under the condition that they are induced by ADP agonists other than ADP. When this medication is taken, the effectiveness of ADP is reduced, which is produced in each active platelet. A marked inhibition of platelet aggregation can be observed already on the first day of taking the drug at a dosage of 75 mg.
After a lapse of five days from the last administration of the drug, platelet aggregation, like the duration of bleeding, is restored to its previous level. The drug allows you to prevent the development of complications of atherothrombotic nature in patients who suffer from atherosclerosis. Especially effective is Zyllt in the defeat of peripheral, cerebral, and coronary arteries.
A single daily dose of Zyllt (75 mg.) Is rapidly absorbed. The maximum blood clopidogrel content is reached after 45 minutes. The kidneys remove half of the drug from the body, the intestine - its second half.

Indications for use Zyllt

The following are the indications for Zyllt's application:
    prevention of complications of atherothrombotic type in patients who have recently undergone myocardial infarction, and after a stroke;
    arterial diseases;
    acute coronary syndrome.
It should be noted that this drug is used in the treatment of two groups of patients suffering from coronary syndrome:
    When the ST segment is raised, i.e. in the case of a so-called acute infarction;
    with unstable angina, as well as with a non-Q wave infarction, when the ST segment does not rise.
In addition, Zyllt is used in combination with acetylsalicylic acid in the thrombolytic therapeutic treatment of patients.


Zyllt is contraindicated:
    with hypersensitivity;
    with acute forms of bleeding, for example, intracranial hemorrhage;
    when liver function is impaired;
    with intolerance to lactose;
    with a deficiency of lactase;
    during pregnancy and during breastfeeding;
    patients under the age of 18 years.
With caution should take the drug in the first days after a heart attack. Since the active ingredients that make up Zyllt increase bleeding, it should not be prescribed to patients after surgical operations, serious injuries or other pathological conditions. The same rule should be adhered to in patients with impaired renal function, with ulcers, as well as with liver failure.

Side effects

With the use of the drug, such common and specific side effects from the nervous, respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular and vegetative system, as well as the organs of hematopoiesis, gastrointestinal tract and senses, such as:
    chest pain;
    heart failure;
    peripheral edema;
    gastritis or ulcer;
    a taste disorder;
    gastric bleeding;
    intracranial hemorrhage;
    a rash on the skin;
    bleeding in the urinary tract;
    bronchitis and cough.
In addition, when taking Zyllt, single cases of such side effects were discovered: membranous nephropathy, angiootec, anaphylactic shock, uremic syndrome, and bronchospasm.

Tablets Zyllt, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

According to the instructions for the use of Zyllt, the drug is taken irrespective of the food intake in a dosage depending on the severity of the disease, the patient's medical condition and the doctor's recommendations.
When treating the consequences of heart attacks and strokes, Zyllt take one tablet (75 mg.) Once a day. With angina, coronary syndrome without ST segment elevation and non-Q wave infarction, treatment starts with a single dose of the drug at a so-called loading dose of 300 mg. In the future, the patient takes 75 mg. medicinal product. The course of treatment with the drug can reach 12 months, with a positive effect observed by the third month of Zyllt's administration.
Patients with a heart attack when the ST segment is elevated is also recommended at the beginning of treatment to take a loading dose in combination with acetylsalicylic acid, and then take 75 mg. drug daily. It is worth emphasizing that when treating patients older than 75 years, the initial loading dose is not applied.


If the dosage is repeatedly exceeded, symptoms of hemorrhagic complications may appear.


Zyllt is not recommended for taking with thrombolytic agents, as well as with Warfarin and Heparin, as the clopidogrel included in the drug increases the risk of bleeding. The drug has an effect on the effectiveness of acetylsalicylic acid.
For this reason, joint continuous treatment with the above two drugs should be performed for a maximum of 12 months. The risk of ulcerative diseases increases with the joint administration of Zyllt and anti-inflammatory drugs that do not contain steroids.
When taking the drug with Tolbutamin and Phenytoin, it is possible to increase the blood level of CY2C9 (cytochrome P450 enzyme), in addition, Zyllt inhibits the activity of this enzyme.

Terms of sale

To buy Zyllt you don't need a prescription.

Storage conditions

Temperature storage mode is 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children.
Shelf life - 3 years

special instructions

The drug increases the duration of bleeding, so it should be administered with extreme caution to patients at risk of bleeding, for example, after surgery, trauma and other pathological conditions. During treatment with Zyllt, it is necessary to control such hemostasis indicators as activity and platelet count.
This drug does not affect the ability to drive vehicles, and also does not reduce the reaction when working with potentially dangerous mechanisms or devices.

Zyllt or Plavix what is better?

Quite often the forums raise the issue of the effectiveness of both drugs. Some patients and doctors are of the opinion that Zyllt is at least 10% less effective than Plavix. Others argue that both drugs work in the same way, because they have identical chemical composition, only Plavix costs almost twice as much as the competing analogue.


It is not recommended for use in the treatment of patients under 18 years of age.

During pregnancy (and lactation)

The drug in order to avoid negative consequences for the health of the mother and the development of the child is not recommended for use in the treatment of pregnant women. Since clopidogrel can penetrate into breast milk during lactation, do not take Zyllt.

Reviews of Zyllt

Most of the patients leave positive reviews about Zyllt, while noting the effectiveness of the drug and its affordable cost. However, many have encountered side effects of the drug, which, incidentally, in most cases are themselves after some time after the start of the drug, when the body adapts to therapy.

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