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Perfectil caps #30

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Instruction for PerfectilReed more and buy Perfectil hereComposition PerfectilThe capsule of the preparation contains a set of vitamins and microelements:    vitamin D3 - 2.5 mcg;    vitamin C - 30 mg..

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Instruction for Perfectil

Reed more and buy Perfectil here

Composition Perfectil

The capsule of the preparation contains a set of vitamins and microelements:
    vitamin D3 - 2.5 mcg;
    vitamin C - 30 mg;
    vitamins B1 - 10 mg, B2 - 5 mg, B3 - 18 mg, B6 - 20 mg, B12 - 9 mg;
    Folic acid (vitamin B9) - 500 mcg;
    vitamin E - 40 mg;
    biotin - 45 mcg;
    el. iron -12 mg;
    el. zinc - 15 mg;
    el. vitamin B5 - 40 mg;
    el. magnesium - 50 mg;
    el. iodine - 200 mcg; - 2 mg;
    el.hrom - 50 mcg;
    el.Manganese - 2 mg;
    el.silney - 3 mg;
    el.selen - 100 mkg;
    beta-carotene - 5 mg;
    extract of echinacea - 195 mg;
    burdock extract - 80 mg.
Vitamins also include auxiliary substances (gelatin, water, E172, E171).

Form of issue

Vitamins Perfectil come in the form of capsules made of gelatin of dark brown color, inside it is a yellow powder. In the package blisters are 15, in a pack of 2 blisters.

pharmachologic effect

Antioxidant, regenerative, dermatoprotective.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Vitamins Perfectil positively affect the skin and hair, filling the body with the necessary trace elements from the inside. The agent accelerates the processes of cell regeneration and microcirculation. Also, the drug has the ability to raise the level of hemoglobin, the wounds and cuts on the skin heal faster.
Perfectil promotes the removal of toxins from the body, protects from the sun's damaging effect on the skin and other factors. Vitamins and microelements take an active part in the synthesis of essential amino acids.

Indications for use

The vitamin complex is prescribed for:
    burns, cuts, violations of the integrity of the skin for rapid healing;
    psoriasis and eczema;
    brittle hair, nails, skin peeling.


    allergy to vitamins, microelements, auxiliary substances in the complex;
    pregnant and lactating women;
    renal failure, leukemia, multiple sclerosis;
    tuberculosis and rheumatism;
    autoimmune diseases, AIDS, neoplasms.

Side effects

As a rule, rarely occur. Possible nausea, gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, allergic reactions to the skin, changes in blood pressure, nervous excitement or apathy.

Instruction for Perfectil

Before taking the drug, consult your doctor.
According to the instructions for use, it is recommended to take one capsule per day. Vitamins are not chewed, swallowed, washed down with a lot of liquid, after eating. Duration of reception is determined individually.


It can occur with simultaneous intake with other vitamins and biologically active supplements or taking large doses of the drug. Symptoms vary, depending on the component of the complex, an overdose of which occurred. Most often this is nausea, vomiting, headache and diarrhea, violation of blood pressure and heart rate.
You should cancel the medication. Therapy is according to the symptoms.


It is not recommended to combine with food, which reduces the effectiveness of absorption of active ingredients and antacids.
Perfectil is not recommended to be combined with the cholesterol-containing drugs and preparations, rifampicin, barbiturates, phenytoin, calcium preparations, as the efficiency of assimilation of the complex will decrease.
A 3-hour interval between admission of the complex and tetracycline, dicumerol, fluoroquinolones, digoxin, cimetidine, diflunisal, methyldopa, indomethacin, aspirin, antacids and penicylamine should be observed.
With caution combine with estrogens, retinoids and thiazides (possibly hypervitaminosis), neomycin, cardiac glycosides, carbamazepine, rifampicin, cholestyramine, cholestipol.
It is possible to reduce drugs that have an immunosuppressive effect, hormonal contraceptives.

Terms of sale

Since the remedy is not a medicine, a prescription is not required.

Storage conditions

In a place inaccessible to children, the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.
Shelf life - 3 years.

Perfectil analogues

Analogues: supradin, revalid.

What to choose: Revalid or Perfectil?

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, the original has a wider range of effects, improves the condition of not only the skin and hair, but also nails. But the analog has fewer side effects, they occur less often.

Reviews of Perfectil

Reviews about vitamins Perfectil good. Women taking capsules note the improvement of hair quality and skin condition, rapid nail growth. Some are confused by the side effect - nausea after taking. The forums often write that there will be no harm and nausea if the body really lacks vitamins. With the help of the drug, hair is grown, often the girls spread photos before and after taking the drug.
Reviews of doctors for Perfectil positive. The complex is used to treat the eczema, restore the skin after burns.

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