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Solgar Triple Omega-3 EPA & DHA caps 950mg #50

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Solgar Triple Omega-3 instructionYou can buy Solgar Triple Omega-3 hereOmega-3 is one of the most important substances for humans. Lack of healthy fats prevents the normal functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system, can le..

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Solgar Triple Omega-3 instruction

You can buy Solgar Triple Omega-3 here

Omega-3 is one of the most important substances for humans. Lack of healthy fats prevents the normal functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system, can lead to poor health and rapid fatigue. The greatest amount of omega-3 is contained in fish, but the diet of a modern person does not allow eating as many fresh seafood as the body requires. Previously, the problem was fought with the help of tasteless fish oil, but the pharmacology does not stand still. Produced by Solgar Omega 3 Triple Strength capsules - a worthy alternative to the bitter fat!

Little about the drug

"Triple Omega-3, 950 mg" from Solgar is a food supplement that can completely compensate for the deficiency of fatty acids. In our country, subconsciously formed a negative attitude towards dietary supplements after the advertisement of miraculous drugs that can cure all diseases. But provided the correct intake of "Omega-3, 950 mg" the body will be able to withstand illness itself. And this is with a completely natural composition of the capsules!

Release form and composition

Fish oil is a rather specific substance. It can not be translated into a dry form, without losing useful properties. Therefore, Solgar "packs" liquid fish oil into soft capsules that are easy to swallow, despite the large size.
The contents of the capsules "Omega 3, 950 mg" from Solgar include:
    fat concentrate marine fish;
The last ingredient, also known as vitamin E, acts as a mild preservative. Plus soft tablets "Triple Omega-3, 950 mg" in a completely natural composition. The manufacturer does not add chemicals, genetically modified or artificial components. The capsules do not contain gluten, wheat or dairy products, so the supplement is suitable even for allergies (except for those who have a reaction to fish protein - this is a direct contraindication).
    The total amount of polyunsaturated fats in each capsule is 950 mg. Of these, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) accounts for 378 mg, and the remaining 504 mg is eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
The shell of soft tablets is made of gelatin and glycerin. Due to the ability of gelatin to become slippery when wet, large tablets are easily swallowed and completely dissolved in the stomach.
Soft tablets are packaged in a large jar of dark material that protects the capsules from light. But you still need to store the drug in a dark place. Bottles of the dietary supplement "Omega 3, 950 mg" from Solgar are available in two volumes: 100 or 50 capsules.

Pharmacological properties

Symptoms of a lack of healthy fats are well-known bodybuilders or lovers of strict protein diets. Advertising claims that there are good and bad fats, and this is true. It is because of an excess of bad fats that there is a risk of cholesterol plaques in the vessels. But polyunsaturated fatty acids (those very good fats) are another matter.
Omega-3 is the collective name of several substances at once. It consists of docosahexaenoic (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) acids. They are labeled Acid eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and acid docosahexaenoic (DHA) on the Omega-3 Triple Strength 950 mg tablets from Solgar. Each of them in its own way affects the body.
Eicosapentaenoic (EPA):
    contributes to the development and normal functioning of brain cells;
    eliminates the symptoms of depression;
    reduces the risk of pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
    eliminates inflammatory processes in the body.
    relieves menstruation pain in women;
    reduces the risk of stroke, oncology and Alzheimer's disease;
    preserves the normal mobility of the joints;
    beneficial effect on the brain.
With a sufficient concentration of DHA and EPA in the body, nerve impulses from the brain quickly reach the desired organ. If polyunsaturated fatty acids are supplied in insufficient quantities, the conductivity between the cells is disturbed, from which all body systems suffer.
    Without EPA and DHA, normal development of the body is impossible. That is why children in kindergartens used to be fed fish oil from a spoon. Fatty acids are also necessary for pregnant women for the growth and development of the fetus, but dietary supplements should be taken during this period with caution and only after consulting a doctor. The best option is to eat more fish during pregnancy.

Production technology and certification

Solgar is a world-renowned company, so it cannot afford tarnished reputation and low-quality goods. Each dietary supplement passed strict control, and then received the appropriate certificates. You can get acquainted with them on the iHerb website (Aycherb) or on the pages of online pharmacies that sell the Omega-3, 950 mg dietary supplement from the Solgar company.
The active ingredient is produced by new technologies that allow you to save up to 60% of the initial content of Omega-3 in fish raw materials. The finished product is thoroughly cleaned, there are no impurities and harmful metals. Extremely useful polyunsaturated fatty acids without additives and preservatives (except for natural tocopherol).

Instructions for use

Even the most natural dietary supplements need to be taken correctly. Otherwise, you can either not achieve the desired result, or even harm. For convenience, the description and instructions for use of the drug "Omega-3 Triple Strength, 950 mg" from Solgar are divided into subparagraphs.

Indications for Solgar Triple Omega-3

The body signals that it lacks Omega-3 if:
    general well-being deteriorated;
    decreased performance;
    heart pains have appeared;
    decreased mood;
    skin has become dry, hair is brittle and dull;
    decreased libido, etc.
In most cases, doctors advise patients with similar indications to regularly take vitamins and drink away a course of Omega-3.

Recommendations for pregnant and lactating

Taking "Omega 3 Triple Strength" from Solgar with EPA and DHA during pregnancy or lactation is possible only after consulting your doctor. Pregnant women are better to replace the drug with a larger amount of fish in the diet.

Recommendations for different age groups

Dietary supplement is developed for adults therefore for children till 18 years it is recommended to choose a special children's option. Older people need to take with caution "Omega-3, 950 mg" from Solgar, only according to the instructions and after reception at the doctor.


Do not drink dietary supplements when:
    individual intolerance to the components;
    allergy to fish protein.
In some cases, pregnancy or age of the patient may be contraindications.


Adults need to eat 1 capsule daily with food and drink water.


There were no reports of overdose cases.

Drug interactions

If there is a need to take anticoagulants or cyclosporine, it is necessary to take into account that the drug with Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) from Solgar and its analogues can weaken the effect of drugs. Before you start drinking "Omega-3 Triple Strength, 950 mg", you should consult with your doctor about indications and contraindications.

Pharmacy sales terms

You can buy Solgar Triple Omega-3 without a prescription.

How to store

Keep out of the reach of children and avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool dark place.

Advantages over other drugs

The drug differs from Solgar concentration of 950 mg. Just one pill is enough to fill the body's daily need for polyunsaturated fatty acids. Other drugs are produced with a lower concentration, so you have to drink two or three tablets daily.
Also, the buyer can be sure that he buys quality products. The dietary supplement has the necessary certificates, and each package contains a detailed description and instructions for using the Omega-3, 950 mg drug from Solgar.

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