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Blemaren tabs #80

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Blemaren instruction for useReed more and buy Blemaren hereCompositionThe preparation contains the active components: citric acid dehydrated (39.9 g), potassium bicarbonate (32.25 g), sodium citrate dehydrated (27.85 g) and auxili..

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Blemaren instruction for use

Reed more and buy Blemaren here


The preparation contains the active components: citric acid dehydrated (39.9 g), potassium bicarbonate (32.25 g), sodium citrate dehydrated (27.85 g) and auxiliary substances.

Form of issue

This medicine is produced in effervescent tablets, packed in 20 pieces in a plastic tube. A test paper and a control calendar are also attached.

pharmachologic effect

Blemaren has nephrolitholitic, alkalinizing urine action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The use of this drug allows you to dissolve and prevent the formation of uric acid stones, with the help of urine alkalinization to the optimum pH values ​​of 6.6-6.8. As is known, at urine pH of 6.6-6.8 there is a significant increase in the dissolution of salts in uric acid. Also, the elimination of calcium is lowered, the solubility of calcium oxalate in the urine is improved, the formation of crystals is inhibited, which prevents the appearance of calcium oxalate stones.
Bioavailability of this drug is almost 100%. Removal of substances from the body occurs with the help of kidneys.

Indications for use of the drug

Treatment Blemaren appoint, when necessary:
    dissolve uric acid and calcium oxalate stones and prevent their formation;
    Dissolve mixed uric acid-oxalate stones, with an oxalate content of up to 25%;
    perform alkalinization of urine in patients who receive cytotoxic drugs and agents that can increase the excretion of uric acid;
    conduct symptomatic therapy of porphyria of the skin.

Contraindications for use

The main contraindications for taking Blemaren are:
    metabolic alkalosis;
    acute and chronic forms of renal failure;
    urinary tract infections, caused by microorganisms that break down urea;
    compliance with the strictest salt-free diet, for example, with severe form of arterial hypertension;
    pH level of urine is more than 7;
    the age of patients is less than 12 years, since clinical experience for this age group has not been studied.

Application in pregnancy and lactation

Experts do not provide confirmed data on the side effects of the drug during lactation or pregnancy. Therefore, in such periods, the appointment of a drug requires consultation with a doctor.

Side effects of Blemaren

When treating this drug, various side effects may occur:
    swelling caused by sodium retention;
    metabolic alkalosis;
    allergic reactions.

Blemaren, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

Tablets are intended for ingestion, after eating. For this, the drug is dissolved in 200 ml of any liquid - tea, fruit juice or water.
According to the instructions for the use of Blemaren, the daily dosage can be 2-6 tablets, the reception of which should be evenly distributed throughout the day. Correctly chosen dosage allows keeping the pH throughout the whole day within the range of 6.2-7 - if you want to dissolve uric acid stones, 7.5-8.5 with dissolution of cystine stones, at least 7 - with cytostatics, 7.2-7.5 - Porphyria treatment. When the pH of the urine is less than this, the dosage is increased, and at high rates - reduced. The average duration of treatment can be 4-6 months.
During therapy, it is necessary to monitor the efficacy, that is, to determine the pH of the urine, at least 3 times a day, before each dose is taken with indicator paper. The results on paper should be compared with the scale and recorded in the control calendar.


About cases of overdose Blemaren is not reported.


The combination of Blemaren and agents that contain citrates and aluminum sometimes causes increased absorption of aluminum. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain an interval between doses of about 2 hours.
It is possible to weaken the effectiveness of cardiac glycosides, since Blemaren contains a substance such as potassium.
Simultaneous use of drugs that lower the pressure, for example, aldosterone antagonists, potassium-sparing diuretics, ACE blockers or NSAIDs and analgesics, can reduce the excretion of potassium.

special instructions

In the average daily dosage is 4 tablets, contains almost 0.9 grams of sodium and 1.5 mg of potassium, so you need to consider this in the treatment of patients for whom consumption of table salt is limited.
Blemaren's administration is tolerated in chronic renal failure, if the potassium ions are not delayed.
During the dissolution of uric acid stones, the daily dose should be strictly observed, since an increase in pH greater than 7 leads to precipitation of phosphates on uric acid crystals, which prevents their subsequent dissolution.
It is also recommended to limit the consumption of foods saturated with proteins or purine bases, ensuring a full consumption of liquid - about 1.5-2 liters.
Treatment has no particular effect on the ability to drive vehicles or mechanisms that require increased attention.

Terms of sale

You can buy Blemaren without a prescription.

Storage conditions

To store the drug requires a dry, cool place, protected from children.
Shelf life - 4 years.


When treating this medicine, alcohol is not a direct contraindication, but it should not be abused. The fact is that a large amount of alcohol can slow down the metabolic processes, and, accordingly, the excretion and effectiveness of the drug.

Reviews about Blemaren

This drug is actively used in clinical practice. At the same time, patients' reviews of Blemaren report that its effectiveness is manifested when they strictly adhered to the therapeutic scheme appointed by a specialist.
Many patients say that they prescribed this drug to treat kidney stones due to the pH shift towards acidity. It was the course therapy with this medicine that helped to completely eliminate this ailment.
Also there are reviews about Blemaren with gout, when patients tried to get rid of the problem on their own. However, later they were forced to see a doctor and after treatment with this drug they felt considerable relief.
There are more than one forum dedicated to Blemaren's responses, where one can find a detailed description of the therapeutic regimens using this drug and mineral water. Such treatment helps to restore the pH level of urine and normalize your health.

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