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Aflubin homeopathic tabs #48

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Aflubin tabs instruction for useYou can buy Aflubin tabs hereAflubin tablets are a homeopathic preparation that improves the condition of the internal environment of the body. The main direction of the drug is complex treatment of..

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Aflubin tabs instruction for use

You can buy Aflubin tabs here

Aflubin tablets are a homeopathic preparation that improves the condition of the internal environment of the body. The main direction of the drug is complex treatment of colds.

Form of issue and composition

Aflubin tablets are white in color, flat-cylindrical, with a separation hazard in the middle. The composition of the drug includes several basic active substances, their content in one tablet is:
Aconite - 37.2 mg.
Phosphate of iron - 37.2 mg.
Lactic acid - 37.2 mg.
Bryonia - 37.2 mg.
Gentian - 3.6 mg.
Also, the Aflubin tablet contains auxiliary components - potato starch, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate.
Aflubin tablets are packaged in a blister for 12 pieces. Packing: set, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

pharmachologic effect

Aflubin tablets are a complex homeopathic preparation, the presence in their composition of several basic active substances, applied to therapeutic effects, which include:
Anti-inflammatory effect - a decrease in the intensity of inflammatory reactions and its manifestations in colds.
Immunomodulatory effect - improving the performance of the immune system, which is disrupted as a result of the virus.
Antipyretic effect - a decrease in body temperature in viral respiratory infections due to the effect on the center of thermoregulation of the medulla oblongata.
Desintaksikatsionnoe action - the drug contributes to the removal of toxins from cells and tissues of the body.
Antiviral action - the drug suppresses replication (reproduction) of viruses, more causative agents of respiratory infections (colds).
Also the active substances of Aflubin tablets contribute to the spread of catarrhal manifestations (nasal congestion, throat swelling, lacrimation) caused by the course of respiratory viral infection and normalizes the functional activity of the respiratory mucosa.
Characteristics of absorption, distribution in tissues and excreta.

Indications for use

The spectrum of pathological processes in which the application of Aflubin tablets is indicated includes:
Complex therapy of viral respiratory infections with acute course, including influenza and parainfluenza.
Complex treatment of autoimmune pathology, rheumatic and inflammatory diseases, which are accompanied by painful joint syndrome (pain in the joints).
Aflubin tablets are also used to prevent influenza and other colds during the epidemic rise in the incidence.

Contraindications for use

Absolute contraindication for the reception of Aflubin tablets is an individual intolerance to any active substance or auxiliary component of the drug.

Dosing and Administration

Aflubin tablets are intended for sublingual use. They are placed under the tongue until complete resorption. Dosage and mode of taking the drug depend on the patient's age and the stage of the course of the viral respiratory infection:
    Cold and flu in 1-2 days from the onset of the disease - children up to 1 year ½ tablets 3 times a day, children from 1 year to 12 years ½ tablets up to 8 times a day, adults 1 tablet per day 3 to 8 times a day.
    Cold and flu in the expanded stage of the clinical course - children under 12 years of ½ tablet, adults 1 tablet 3 times a day, treatment course up to 10 days.
    Routine prophylaxis of influenza and respiratory viral infections during the period of epidemic rise in morbidity (usually 1 month before the expected outbreak) - children under 12 years of ½ tablets, adults 1 tablet 2 times a day for 3 weeks.
    Emergency prevention of flu and cold immediately after contact with a sick person - children under 12 years old ½ tablets, adults 1 tablet 2 times a day 2 days.
    Complex therapy of inflammatory or autoimmune diseases of the joints - children under 12 years old ½ tablets, adults 1 tablet 3-8 times a day 2 days, with maintenance treatment, the frequency of reception is 3 times a day for 1 month.
Multiplicity of Aflubin tablets taken within a day should not exceed 8 times. It is recommended to take the drug an hour after eating or 30 minutes before eating.

Side effects

Aflubin tablets are generally well tolerated. Sometimes after the beginning of their use, the development of increased salivation may occur. The appearance of such a side effect is the basis for consultation with a physician.
special instructions
Before you begin using Aflubin tablets, you should pay attention to a few special instructions that include:
    The question of the possibility of using the drug for pregnant or lactating women is decided by the doctor individually.
    The drug can be used in childhood, for children less than 3 years is recommended its dosage form in the form of drops for oral (ingestion).
    The use of tablets is possible only at the age of the recommended therapeutic dose in accordance with the indications.
    The drug does not affect the ability to concentrate.
In the pharmacy network, Aflubin tablets are dispensed without a doctor's prescription. If you have questions or doubts about its use, you should consult your doctor.


To date, cases of overdose Aflubin tablets have not been recorded.

Analogues of Aflubin tablets

To date, there are no structural analogues of Aflubin tablets with the same active substances and therapeutic effects.

Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life of Aflubin tablets is 3 years from the date of their manufacture. Keep the drug in a dry place inaccessible to children at an air temperature of no more than + 25 ° C.

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