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911 Comfey (Okopnik) gel-balm 100ml

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911 Comfey user manualYou can buy 911 Comfey on this pageMany vegetable based ointments quickly became popular due to their effectiveness and relatively low price. Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, these drugs do not have a fast and..

911 Comfey user manual

You can buy 911 Comfey on this page

Many vegetable based ointments quickly became popular due to their effectiveness and relatively low price. Unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, these drugs do not have a fast and lasting effect. But the natural ingredients that make up them are safe and environmentally friendly products.
Therefore, these drugs are available without a prescription or prescription by the doctor, allowing you to cope with mild and moderate symptoms. One of the most popular remedies is 911 Comfrey Ointment. Thanks to the combination of pure extract and modern polymer base, we managed to create a unique dosage form - gel-balm.
This leads to a rapid onset of therapeutic effect after application - water-soluble ointment quickly penetrates the skin. But even the relative safety of the drug and ease of use can cause difficulties when first used. Therefore, for proper treatment, it is necessary to study his instruction, which contains all the information useful to the patient.


The original gel-balm contains only one active ingredient, as well as a lot of excipients that ensure its holding to the lesion. The result is a fairly liquid whitish ointment with a sharp mint smell. It contains the following elements:
    The basis of the medicine is comfrey extract (another name is zhivokost), which is added there in the form of balsam. This means that the infusion of a medicinal herb is not aqueous, but alcoholic. The method retains all the essential oils, not allowing them to collapse under the influence of air. Due to this preservation, the extract contains much more active substances that have a beneficial effect.
    Additionally, menthol was added to the ointment - it has a reflex effect that distracts the patient from unpleasant symptoms. And also thanks to him the product has a characteristic sharp smell.
    Completing the entire composition of excipients, giving the drug a gel consistency. These polymers are readily soluble in water, so after application they are quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue behind. And their neutral nature allows the extract to maintain its activity for a long time.
    The drug 911-Comfrey is available in several versions - as the original tool, and with the addition of other dietary supplements.

Therapeutic effect

The combination of comfrey extract and menthol is a good one, since these two components perfectly complement each other's effects. But the elimination of symptoms does not occur instantaneously, but after a few minutes — during this time, the ointment is absorbed from the surface of the skin. After this, the following therapeutic effects develop:
    The analgesic effect does not occur as a result of blocking the nerve endings - it is distracting. Both extracts are local irritants, so they immediately activate all types of skin receptors. A large number of signals "deceives" the nervous system, allowing it to forget about the main source of pain for a while.
    By the same principle, the ointment eliminates the itching that occurs during the healing of various skin lesions.
    Comfrey extract also has astringent and tannic properties, which allow to inhibit the manifestations of the inflammatory process. Excess fluid is removed from the affected lesion, the vessels narrow, and then the pain is reduced.
    Menthol is characterized by a local cooling effect, which also reduces swelling and redness in the affected area of ​​the skin.
    Gel-balm does not long remain in the area of ​​application - it is absorbed within a few minutes, after which the area of ​​the skin becomes dry again.


Currently, funds with comfrey from the 911 series have become more diverse - additional biologically active substances have been added to their composition. This made it possible to make the drug more specific - each version became more effective with a certain disease or symptom. Therefore, it is necessary to consider each type of gel separately:
    The formic acid variant has predominantly anti-inflammatory effects. This substance is characterized by both irritating and antimicrobial effects. Together with comfrey extract, they are able to quickly destroy foci of inflammation located on or close to the skin.
    Ointment with the addition of bee venom is more suitable for diseases accompanied by severe pain. Such an additional active component in the composition provides a direct effect on painful terminations, temporarily turning them off from work.
    The combination of chondroitin and comfrey allows you to actively use the gel in chronic diseases of the joints. At the same time, it not only eliminates tedious and persistent pains, but also delivers the nutrients needed to repair cartilage tissue.
    If the ointment is used only for prophylactic or short-term purposes, then for treatment it is better to choose the original drug without additives.


Comfrey-gel can be applied only under the condition that the existing disease or condition does not require more serious assistance. It allows you to effectively eliminate only mild and moderate symptoms that are associated with temporary disorders. Therefore, it is advisable to use the agent for the treatment of the following diseases and injuries:
    With minor damage to soft tissues - bruises or sprains. At the same time, early and regular application of the drug helps to reduce pain, as well as reduce the size of the bruise forming in the area.
    Any small and multiple bruises can be treated with a gel-balm, which accelerates their disappearance.
    Functional pain in the area of ​​the joints or ligaments due to overload due to work or exercise. The cooling and distracting effect of the tool almost always allows you to completely eliminate unpleasant sensations.
    With osteochondrosis in the early stages, the ointment helps to get rid of back pain, as well as reduce muscle stiffness in the affected area.
    Osteoarthritis of large or small joints at the very beginning can be treated with the help of a gel with comfrey, which will eliminate any discomfort at rest and under stress.
    When recovering from severe injuries - fractures of the legs, sprains, torn ligaments. In this case, the tool is part of the combination therapy.
    Any dystrophic processes on the skin - cracks, peeling, dryness. The gel has a moisturizing effect, and also eliminates the symptoms accompanying such lesions.
    If the medicine does not eliminate the present manifestations, then it is necessary to seek help from a doctor for a complete diagnosis and to prescribe a more effective drug.

Contraindications for 911 okopnik

Since the medicine contains natural extract, its use is practically unlimited. It is not able to cause a life-threatening condition, but in some cases it is better to refuse to use it in order to avoid side effects. According to the instructions, these include the following situations:
    Intolerance of the drug, which was noted earlier - if a person once used any form of comfrey extract or an original remedy. In this case, the reactions usually have the same type - in the area of ​​application, itching, burning, redness, swelling, and the appearance of a multiple red rash are noted.
    Any open wounds on the surface of the skin at the desired site (even minor abrasions and abrasions). In this case, the development of strong irritation associated with the ingestion of gel-balm.
    In children and adolescents, the tool is used with caution, as they often have adverse reactions.
In case of intolerance, one should be more careful with other natural ointments (especially combined ones) - comfrey is a part of many of them.

Side effects of 911 okopnik

Undesirable manifestations when using the 911-Comfrey are extremely rare, despite the irritating components in it. Therefore, their appearance is possible only if the requirements of the instruction are violated:
    Immediately after application, there may be a mild burning sensation, as well as reddening of the skin. This is often associated with too coarse technique procedures, leading to the appearance of irritation. To avoid this situation, the next time you need to gently rub the gel over the skin.
    Less commonly, a small red rash occurs in response to the use, which may be accompanied by itching.
There were no severe manifestations that could seriously worsen the patient’s condition or health when using a gel-balm.

Recommendations for 911 Comfey

Applying ointment does not require special rules, but there are a number of tips, compliance with which will improve the effect of the drug. They include activities related to all stages of the procedure:
    First you need to wash the skin to which the ointment will be applied, with warm water and soap. This is necessary to remove from the surface of excess sebum, which prevents the full absorption of the gel.
    Then it should be well drained with a towel, removing excess moisture.
    After that, you need to start preparing the skin - it is slowly and easily rubbed with circular stroking movements. Such manipulation will improve the blood flow in the required area, allowing the tool to quickly reach the lesion.
    The gel is applied with small dots throughout the intended area, after which it should be gradually rubbed with similar circular movements.
    It is not necessary to do this before redness - the manipulation is stopped immediately after the disappearance of the gloss on the skin. Even if there is a feeling of moisture, the procedure still stops.
    Then, wait a few minutes to dry the gel, and close the treated area with a clean cloth or gauze bandage. This method creates an additional warming effect.
    It is better to carry out procedures in the evening or before bedtime so that the therapeutic effect is carried out at rest.

Precautionary measures

Since the product is of natural origin, its storage should be approached responsibly - violation of the recommendations will lead to rapid deterioration of the medicine. A tube of ointment can be safely left at room temperature, but do not allow it to remain open for a long time. Upon contact with air, the alcoholic extract quickly disappears from it, which is responsible for the therapeutic effect.
Regarding the procedures - after them it is necessary to wash your hands with soap and water to remove the remnants of the medicine. Otherwise, it can easily get from the fingers and palms of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane of the nose or mouth. At the same time, signs of irritation will quickly appear - burning in the mouth or eyes, tearing, sneezing. To get rid of unwanted symptoms, you should immediately and well wash the affected area with a weak solution of baking soda.

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