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Artrocin caps 0.5gr #60

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Artrocin user manualReed more and buy Artrocin on this pageArtrocin is a drug for restoring cartilage and strengthening connective tissue. The medicine relieves pain and swelling in the muscles. With long-term use Artrocin will re..

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Artrocin user manual

Reed more and buy Artrocin on this page

Artrocin is a drug for restoring cartilage and strengthening connective tissue. The medicine relieves pain and swelling in the muscles. With long-term use Artrocin will reduce fatigue in the muscles and relieve inflammatory processes. Available in gel and capsule form. In order to quickly achieve the result of treatment, you need to properly apply the medicine, know its dosage and possible side effects.

Mechanism of action of the drug

The preparation contains chondroitin sulfate. It is an essential element for the restoration of cartilage tissue in case of joint and bone diseases. With prolonged use, Artrocin produces a special fluid inside the joint, which subsequently affects mobility. At the time of treatment, the effect of stress on tissues and cartilage decreases, and they cease to collapse.
Many doctors prescribe for the treatment of Artrocin Forte, which includes useful vitamin D3. He immediately suspends all destructive processes and does not allow to develop osteoporosis.
Mandatory for the integrated treatment of osteochondrosis prescribe Artrocin. The drug simultaneously restores the destroyed tissue and relieves the attacks of inflammation in the patient. With long-term treatment, the pain passes, and a person can safely attend procedures or perform therapeutic exercises without feeling discomfort.
At the time of therapy, Artrocin will maximally activate the protective functions of the body, and accelerate the process of regeneration. The composition of the drug includes vitamin E, which disinfects tissue and does not allow other diseases to develop in the body.

Indications for use of drugs

After a complete examination of the patient, the doctor may prescribe Artrocin in such cases:
    Arthrosis in the joints, which is actively deformed;
    The advanced stage of osteochondrosis in the spine;
    Inflammation in the joint area;
    Bouts of pain with radiculitis;
In order for the drug to immediately remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to know the exact dosage before use. It is recommended for the prescription of the drug to contact your doctor.

Contraindications to use

The instructions for use described that Artrocin will be dangerous to the health of pregnant and lactating women. This is no accident, because the active components of the drug can affect the health of the mother or provoke a strong allergy in the child.
Also, it can not be assigned to children under 12 years. In the event of an allergy in a patient on the composition of the medication, categorical treatment is prohibited.

Drug dosage

Doctors prescribe to relieve much pain 1 tablet twice a day. It is necessary to drink medicine only during food. The course of therapy is determined individually. Usually the duration of treatment is at least 3 months. In the case of the advanced stage of the disease, Arthrocinin therapy can be repeated.

Side effects of Artrocin

The drug Artrocin has some adverse reactions to the body. If the patient has discovered their first manifestations, you must immediately inform the doctor and stop taking the medicine. The doctor can change the dosage of the pills, and then all the unpleasant symptoms disappear. Here is the complete list of side effects:
    Allergic reaction in a patient;
    A red rash appears on the skin;
    Unpleasant itching;
    Attacks of bronchial asthma.

How to store the drug

It is important to follow these rules when storing Artrotsin:
    Keep the medicine out of the reach of small children. So they will not be able to take a large dose of Artrocin and will not provoke an allergic reaction;
    Try to prevent sun rays from falling on the pills and gel. This may affect the quality of the medication;
    The temperature for storing the drug should not be higher than + 25 degrees;
    The medicine should not get too much moisture;
    It is forbidden to keep the drug in the refrigerator, otherwise its properties may change;
    The shelf life of the drug - 2 years. It is forbidden to use the medicine in case of delay.
If you follow all the rules of storage, then the properties of Artrocin will not change and the drug will act as effectively as possible during therapy.

Drug reviews

Artrocin perfectly copes with the cause of diseases of the joints and is prescribed for complex treatment. Here are some reviews of patients who have already been able to get acquainted with the effect of the drug:
    Ivan, 47 years old. Due to severe back pain, I went to a doctor and was examined. I was diagnosed with osteochondrosis at an advanced stage. To completely cure the disease, it was necessary to repair damaged tissues and cartilage. For this purpose I was prescribed Artrocin tablets. They include all the useful elements that contribute to fast regeneration. I drank 2 tablets daily at the time of eating. My treatment with Artrocin lasted 3 months. During this period, the pain passed, and I began to feel much better. The doctor noted that the drug really helped, but at the advanced stage it will be necessary to repeat the therapy again after six months.

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You can buy Artrocin without a prescription.

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