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Semental tabs #12

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Semental instruction for useReed more and buy Semental on this pageSemental for potency (semental - Italian. "Stallion") is a new, completely natural, herbal preparation for natural restoration of men's health. Semental tablets ha..

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Semental instruction for use

Reed more and buy Semental on this page

Semental for potency (semental - Italian. "Stallion") is a new, completely natural, herbal preparation for natural restoration of men's health. Semental tablets have become a real breakthrough among many dietary supplements and drugs to increase potency. The secret is in the content of the most effective plant components, whose effectiveness has been proven clinically. But that's not all - Semental has an exclusive component in its composition, the bioPerine R plant coenzyme. Extracted from black pepper, it contributes to a better digestibility of all components of the preparation, enhances and accelerates its positive effect.
Fact: Tablets (capsules) Semental is a new generation tool that is most effective among all currently known drugs of this type. The study found that it helps to return the potency of 99 men out of 100.

Composition Semental - only safe ingredients

The backbone is immediately 10 natural potent substances, whose effectiveness is proven:
    Extract of Goryanka - is responsible for increasing libido, increasing sexual desire. Returns interest to the opposite sex even in old age.
    Ginkgo biloba extract causes blood flow to the pelvic organs and provides a stable and speedy effect. Rapid increase in potency without Viagra and other harmful drugs is now possible.
    The euricome root extract of long-leaved leaves affects the production of natural testosterone, a hormone responsible for "male power." Increasing its concentration in the blood ensures that potency problems will not return.
    Yohimbe Bark Extract - improves overall blood supply, increases blood flow to the penis area, provides brighter sensations from sexual intercourse and unforgettable orgasms.
    Ginseng root extract - rejuvenates and tones the body, improves immunity and contributes to overall healing.
    Maritime pine extract - saturates the blood with oxygen, enhances nutrition in tissues and organs, including in the genital. Provides delivery and distribution of nutritional components of the drug.
    Zinc citrate - shown with a small amount and low mobility of sperm. Improves the quality and composition of seminal fluid, restores the level of testosterone in the body.
    Taurine - a tonic substance, the action is aimed at combating stress, fatigue, the effects of lack of sleep and energy.
    Amino acids - L-citrulline DL-malate and L-arginine alpha ketoglutarate - are aimed at enhancing potency, prolonging sexual intimacy.
    BioPerine R is an exclusive component, a natural coenzyme derived from black pepper. Enhances the effect of all other substances of the composition, ensures their speedy distribution and absorption. In addition, it has an antioxidant effect, improves overall tone.
    Why buy Semental: mechanism of action
Common causes of impaired potency include:
    age (usually older than 50 years);
    living in areas with unfavorable environmental conditions;
    overwork, stress, emotional turmoil;
    insomnia or sleep disorders;
    sedentary lifestyle;
    bad habits (alcohol abuse, smoking, taking narcotic and potent substances);
    sexually transmitted infections in history.
Important: All these factors are only indirect, and most of them do not depend on the person. Therefore, the first signs of impending impotence can affect a man as early as 30-40 years of age.
The main cause of problems with potency is a decrease in testosterone levels. The main hormone in the male body is produced by the testes. It is he who is responsible for the courageous appearance, the development of genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics, the production and growth of sperm, the appearance of libido.
Fact: Normally, the testosterone concentration in a man’s blood is 15-33 nmol / l. With age, this level decreases, which is why problems with potency begin. There is a vicious circle when low hormones cause problems in the intimate sphere, and the abstinence caused by them even more disrupts testosterone production. To order Semental is to break out of this circle.

Semental aims to fight immediately with 10 problems:

    stimulates natural testosterone production;
    provides stable and strong potency;
    improves sperm composition and sperm production;
    prolongs sexual intercourse, prevents premature ejaculation;
    makes erotic experiences and orgasm more vivid;
    enhances sexual desire;
    improves the general blood flow and blood supply to the pelvic organs;
    favorably affects men's health;
    improves the psychological state, the relationship with the opposite sex;
    provides a long lasting effect.
Important: The use of Semental by normalizing the level of testosterone restores natural potency. Forget about "Viagra" and other unsafe disposable preparations. Sexual success at any age is an absolute reality, if the main male hormone is produced flawlessly.

Advantages of Semental that you will appreciate

    You are “on horseback” in any situation: alcohol, fatigue, stress - is no longer a hindrance to quality sex.
    You are completely confident and satisfied with yourself - no more misfires.
    You enjoy great and long sex - all your partner’s grievances are in the past.

And besides, Semental provides:

    instant effect - the onset of an erection a few minutes after taking;
    prolonged action - persistent accumulative effect;
    convenience - allowed to use in conjunction with alcohol and medicines;
    safety - does not contain harmful components and synthetic additives;
    universality - allowed for use at any age;
    effectiveness - positive action proved by tests.

Semental: instructions for use

Dosage and administration:
Apply the drug to 2 tablets once a day, during meals. Reception is desirable in the morning.
The course of taking Semental -14-21 days, after which you need to take a break for 1-2 months. During the year, repeated coursework is possible.
In addition to the rapid appearance of an erection after taking the first pill, Semental restores its natural potency (when no pills are needed to excite the penis) after 14 days of use. This cumulative effect persists for a long time.

Who is the Semental for?

Prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, old age (for prevention purposes) are all indications for use of Semental.
It is recommended at the first signs of impending impotence:
    weak erection with alcohol intake, poor lifestyle choices, stress and insomnia;
    failures in bed;
    unstable erection that disappears during intercourse;
    loss of interest in sex and lack of attraction to the opposite sex;
    ability to re-sexual intercourse only a few hours after the previous one;
    quick fatigue.

Opinion of experts about Semental

“Impotence is rapidly getting younger, and today I am not surprised at all by 30-40-year-old men complaining about problems of an intimate nature. There is one reason - the reduction of testosterone production against the background of a wrong lifestyle, hereditary predisposition or age-related changes.
And if, until recently, there was no alternative to the prescription of type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors (simply speaking, Viagra and its analogues), today an increasing number of drugs are being produced that restore the natural production of an adequate level of testosterone.
Among them, the greatest interest is Semental, which has successfully passed clinical trials and has proved its effectiveness in practice. Stable and cumulative effect, absolute safety and at the same time low cost - all this favorably distinguishes Semental from competitors. I recommend him to my patients ”, - Pavel Alexandrovich Zaslavsky, urologist-andrologist, candidate of medical sciences.

Contraindications Semental

Like many other modern means, Semental should not be used with individual tolerance of the components of the composition, with diseases of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, as well as with adrenomimetic and neuropsychic disorders.

Terms of sell

You can buy Semental without a prescription.

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