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Camphor oil 10% 30ml

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Camphor oil instruction for useYou can buy Camphor oil on this pageForm of release, composition and packagingSolution for external use oil 10% 1 gcamphor 100 mg30 ml - bottles of dark glass.40 ml - bottles of dark glass.50 ml - bo..

Tags: oil

Camphor oil instruction for use

You can buy Camphor oil on this page

Form of release, composition and packaging
Solution for external use oil 10% 1 g
camphor 100 mg
30 ml - bottles of dark glass.
40 ml - bottles of dark glass.
50 ml - bottles of dark glass.
100 ml - bottles of dark glass.

pharmachologic effect

Means of plant origin. With external application has antimicrobial, local irritant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect; with parenteral administration - analeptic, cardiotonic, vasoconstrictive and expectorant action. Exciting sensitive nerve endings of the skin, reflexively improves the trophism of organs and tissues.
With n / to the introduction stimulates the respiratory and vasomotor centers of the medulla oblongata. Strengthens metabolic processes in the myocardium, increasing its sensitivity to the influence of sympathetic nerves. Increases the tone of venous vessels, increases the flow of blood to the heart, coronary blood flow, blood supply to the brain and lungs. Isolating from the body through the respiratory tract, facilitates the separation of sputum.


After sc administration, camphor penetrates well through the BBB and placental barrier, excreted in breast milk.
It is excreted by the kidneys (70%), and also through the lungs (20%) and bile (10%).


Outer: myositis, neuralgia, prevention of decubitus.
P / c: heart failure, collapse, oppression of the respiratory center for infectious diseases (including pneumonia), with poisoning with hypnotics and opioid analgesics.

Dosing regimen

Individual, depending on the indications and the dosage form used.

Side effect

With external application: skin allergic reactions, skin irritation.
With n / to the introduction: headache, dizziness, oleogranuloma (at the injection site), fat embolism (when ingested).

Contraindications for use

Hypersensitivity to camphor. Epilepsy (for n / to the introduction). Violation of the integrity of the skin (for external use).

Application in pregnancy and lactation

Given the high permeability of camphor through the BBB, the placental barrier and into breast milk, the use of camphor during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding) should be done with caution.

Use in children

Use with caution in children.

special instructions

Use with caution in children.

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