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Extractum Polygoni 25ml

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Extractum Polygoni instruction for useReed more and buy Extractum Polygoni  on this pageCompositionGrass mountain pepper, ethyl alcohol.Form of issueExtract liquid bitter taste for oral administration in a bottle with a dropp..

Extractum Polygoni instruction for use

Reed more and buy Extractum Polygoni  on this page


Grass mountain pepper, ethyl alcohol.

Form of issue

Extract liquid bitter taste for oral administration in a bottle with a dropper of 25 ml in a carton.

pharmachologic effect

Uterotonizing, haemostatic (hemostatic).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The preparation is of plant origin. Contains flavonoids (isoramnetin, quercetin), flavone glycosides (rutin, hyperoside), glycoside polygopeperin, vitamin K, organic acids, tannins. Has a haemostatic effect, reduces the permeability of small blood vessels, increases blood coagulability.


The pharmacokinetics of the drug are not described.

Indications for use

Assigned as an additional tool in obstetrics and gynecology with uterine bleeding after childbirth, hypermenorrhoea, with minor gastric and intestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids.


Hypersensitivity to the drug, increased blood coagulability, age to 18 years, thromboembolism, pregnancy.
Take with caution in case of craniocerebral trauma, liver, brain, alcoholism.
Do not use simultaneously with dairy products to prevent the formation of chelating complexes that are not absorbed into the digestive tract.

Side effects

    neurologic manifestations (headache, dizziness);
    gastrointestinal disorders (nausea, vomiting);
    in rare cases - allergic reactions.

Water pepper extract, instructions for use

Liquid water pepper take inside 30-40 drops of extract 3-4 for half an hour before meals 3 times a day.


No data.


There was no clinically pronounced interaction with other drugs.

Terms of sale

Without prescription.

Storage conditions

At a temperature of 8 to 15 ° C in darkened inaccessible places for children.
Shelf life - 3 years.

Reviews of the extract of water pepper

The use of water pepper for the relief of bleeding is widely used, both in the official (additional remedy) and in folk medicine (tincture, decoction of water pepper). Especially often the drug is taken with copious monthly. Reviews of the most favorable women: "Saw the extract of pepper after birth bleeding every day for thirty drops three times a day. The bleeding decreased in two days and completely stopped after five days. Monthly normalized and became even more sparing than before marriage. " Such reviews are many. Indeed, judging by the numerous reviews, water pepper with monthly is an effective remedy.
However, many patients because of the presence of alcohol in the drug for contracting the uterus and stopping abundant periods prefer to prepare a decoction. This is especially true for women during lactation.
Many people ask how to take water pepper in the form of a decoction? Soak a spoonful of grass on a water bath in a glass of water, allow to boil and the broth will boil for an hour. Drink three times a day for one tablespoon.

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