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Peppermint tincture 25ml

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Instruction for Peppermint tinctureYou can buy Peppermint tincture hereComposition1 liter of tincture includes 50 grams of peppermint leaves and 50 grams of peppermint oil in 90% ethanol.Form of issueThe medicine is made in the fo..

Instruction for Peppermint tincture

You can buy Peppermint tincture here


1 liter of tincture includes 50 grams of peppermint leaves and 50 grams of peppermint oil in 90% ethanol.

Form of issue

The medicine is made in the form of a tincture, placed in glass vials ranging from 15 ml to 100 ml.

pharmachologic effect

Local, sedative, choleretic, antispasmodic, antiemetic, analgesic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The tincture of peppermint leaves includes essential oil (containing 50% of menthol and its esters, limonene, 3-pinene, dipentene, cineole, pulegon and other terpenoids), oleanic and ursulic acid, flavonoids, hyperspine, carotenoids, tannins, betaine , microelements (Mn, Cu2 +, Sr).
This remedy is of vegetable origin and, due to the effects of the above substances, it is characterized by sedative, antiemetic, antispasmodic, gallstones, and locally irritating and moderately analgesic (against mucous membranes) effects, which are manifested after stimulation of receptor complexes located on the surface of the mucosa of the mouth and stomach.

Indications for use

Tincture of peppermint is prescribed with a sight of symptomatic treatment of nausea (with or without vomiting), digestive disorders, neuralgic pains, stenocardia and spasm of smooth muscles of internal organs (including renal, intestinal and biliary colic). Also, this drug uses to improve the taste of various drugs.


Do not prescribe a tincture of a patient with spasmophilia, bronchial asthma and personal hypersensitivity to mint or ethanol.

Side effects

Occasionally, when taking the drug, the observed occurrence of allergic reactions (including manifestations of hyperemia, rash, swelling or itching of the skin, contact dermatitis and urticaria).
In case of detection of adverse events, the patient should interrupt the medication and seek qualified medical help.

Tincture of peppermint, instructions for use

The tincture is intended for oral (oral) reception, preferably before meals.
Patients who have reached the age of 12 years are prescribed 3-4 times a day 10-15 drops of tincture.


Inadequate (excessively) oral intake of peppermint preparations, there may be pain in the heart that may require symptomatic treatment.


There was no significant interaction with other medications.

Terms of sale

This drug is in pharmacies on a free sale.

Storage conditions

For storage of vials with tincture, a dark place with an air temperature of up to 25 ° C is required.

Shelf life

From the moment of production - 3 years.

special instructions

Patients suffering from heartburn should avoid using this medication, since its effects may lead to an increase in the severity of heartburn.
At the time of the treatment, due to the presence of ethanol in the preparation, transport and activities associated with increased attention and speed of psychomotor reactions should be avoided.


Due to the content of the medicinal product of ethanol, it is not recommended to prescribe it in the children's age group up to 12 years.

During pregnancy (and lactation)

It is better to avoid the appointment of ethanol-containing tinctures to pregnant and lactating women.

Reviews about tincture peppermint

At various Internet forums, where they discuss the effects of peppermint tincture, the use and harm of its use, as well as folk recipes for using this remedy, reviews about the drug are overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the high evaluation of the effects of peppermint as a medicine, positive tincture is given to tincture of peppermint (to strengthen them, to prevent loss and growth of new ones), skin (relief of symptoms of dermatoses), respiratory tract (inhalation application).

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