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Rhodiola extract 30ml

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Rhodiola extract instructionReed more about Rhodiola extract and buy it hereCompositionTincture of Rhodiola Pink (golden root) is a liquid extract, which consists of rhizomes and roots of rhodiola rosea. Extractant - 40% ethanol.F..

Rhodiola extract instruction

Reed more about Rhodiola extract and buy it here


Tincture of Rhodiola Pink (golden root) is a liquid extract, which consists of rhizomes and roots of rhodiola rosea. Extractant - 40% ethanol.

Form of issue

The extract is sold in vials.

pharmachologic effect

This drug is a tonic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The plant belongs to the Tolstoyan family. Distributed in the Far East and Siberia. The layers of its rhizomes are colored in lemon yellow color. Therefore, another name that has rhodiola rosea is the golden root. Also this plant is called rhodiola cold, red brush, rhodiola four-membered.
In folk medicine, this plant is used as a remedy that removes fatigue and improves performance. The healing properties of rhodiola rosea have been known for many years. Tincture from this plant has long been taken to get rid of nervous tension. Although the planting and care for rhodiola rosea is not that difficult. It is easier to propagate a plant vegetatively. A part of the rhizome with roots is planted in the ground, which has a pair of renal buds. Further care is reduced to weeding the soil from weeds and loosening.
Adaptogen extract Rhodiola Rosea includes tannins, organic acids, b-sitosterol and essential oils. It also found 2 crystalline substances: n-tyrosol and rhodiolizide. They have stimulating properties.

Indications for the use of Rhodiola Rosea extract

The use of Rhodiola rosea is indicated for asthenic conditions, neurasthenia, increased body fatigue, vegetovascular dystonia, and decreased ability to work. In addition, the drug is effective in the period of convalescence.

Contraindications to Rhodiola Rosea

Contraindications to Rhodiola Rosea: increased excitement, arterial hypertension, individual intolerance, pregnancy, lactation, children's age, hypertensive crisis, fever.

Side effects

The use of Rhodiola Rose extract can cause increased excitability, headache, insomnia, increased blood pressure. At occurrence of by-effects the dosage of a preparation reduce or absolutely stop its application. With individual drug intolerance, desensitizing therapy may be necessary.

Instructions for use of Rhodiola Rose tincture (Method and dosage)

Those who are shown the tincture of Rodiola Pink, the instruction for use informs you that you need to take the medicine inside. This should be done 15-30 minutes before eating. Dosage is 5-10 drops, which are taken 2-3 times every day. The duration of treatment is 10-20 days.
In the psychoneurological practice of Rodiola, liquid extract is applied 2-3 times every day in a dosage of 10 drops. A single dose gradually rises to 30-40 drops. Therapy is designed for 1-2 months.


Information about an overdose of the drug is not provided. It is assumed that when taking the drug in doses significantly exceeding the norm, there may be increased excitability. In this case, it is recommended that you stop taking the drug.


The drug reduces the effect of Aminazine, while not exerting a depressing effect on the nervous system. In addition, it can increase the effect of psychostimulating drugs.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store the product in a cool and dark place.

Shelf life

The maximum shelf life of the drug is 5 years. Do not use the tincture after the expiration date indicated on the package.

Reviews about Rhodiola Rosea

On the Internet, you can find a variety of reviews about Rodiol Pink. Basically they are positive. People note the effectiveness and affordable price of the medicine. However, it is often reported that, after rapid improvement, the condition also deteriorates rapidly. Also often in the reviews among the negative moments indicate that the tincture has an unpleasant taste of alcohol.

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