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Rhinostop Aqua forte (Rinostop) spray 125ml

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Rhinostop Aqua forte instructionYou can buy Rhinostop Aqua forte hereSPHERE OF APPLICATION spray RINOSTOP aqua forteWith severe nasal congestion:helps reduce swelling of the mucous for colds, sinusitis and allergiescontributes to ..

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Rhinostop Aqua forte instruction

You can buy Rhinostop Aqua forte here


With severe nasal congestion:
helps reduce swelling of the mucous for colds, sinusitis and allergies
contributes to the recovery of nasal breathing and purification of the paranasal sinuses
As an alternative and if it is not possible to use vasoconstrictors:
with prolonged or chronic rhinitis and sinusitis (including sinusitis) during pregnancy and lactation
in the elderly and people with diseases of the cardiovascular system
With local therapy of various diseases of the nose and sinuses:
promotes an increase in the therapeutic effectiveness of drugs applied to the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity (vasoconstrictor, antibiotics, antiallergic, etc.)
helps to reduce the consumption of local medicines and the risk of side effects
After surgical interventions in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses:
has anti-inflammatory effect
Helps reduce edema of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx
provides soft care and hygiene in the post-operation period
promotes the acceleration of regeneration and recovery of the mucosa
helps reduce the risk of complications


100% natural sea water
without preservatives, stabilizers and other substances capable of causing irritation of the nasal mucosa
concentrated solution with hypertonic salt concentration
contributes to the physiological reduction of even severe nasal congestion and mucosal edema
thanks to the osmotic action of the hypertonic salt solution (draws excess fluid from the tissues)
the possibility of prolonged (up to 3 months) use without addiction, dependence formation or withdrawal syndrome at
chronic rhinitichronic sinusitahronic adenoiditochronic adenoiditis
presence of hypertonic salt solution of additional antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
simplicity and ease of use
anatomical nozzle
a delicate effect on the mucosa of the nasal cavity
due to the spraying of sea water in the form of a "shower", does not dry the mucous membrane
comfortable anatomical spray nozzle
prevent finger slipping during use and mucous injury
no risk of overdose and interaction with other drugs
The availability of an additional convenient "pocket" form release
Spray RINOSTOP AQUA FORTE of 50 ml for use in public places (kindergarten, school, transport, cinema, office, etc.)


1. Vibble to clear the nasal cavity of mucus before use. RINOSTOP AQUA FORTE
2. remove the transparent protective cap from the can.
3. Drape forward over the sink and turn your head sideways. Carefully insert the nozzle tip of the nebulizer into the nasal passage from above. Press on the nebulizer and inject the solution for a few seconds
4. Disconnect the head in the opposite direction and perform the procedure with another nasal passage.
5. Blow your nose using the right technique: slightly opening his mouth, clamping one nostril one by one, with a little effort to blow the second.
6. Warm the spray nozzle with warm water and wipe it dry.

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