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Univit Energy tabs #20


$27.72 Ex Tax: $27.72

Univit Energy instruction for useReed more and buy Univit Energy hereAppointmentUnivit Energy is used in pediatrics to treat patients with a deficiency of vitamins and minerals (including for the prevention of deficient conditions..

Univit Kids #30


$19.23 Ex Tax: $19.23

Univit Kids instruction for useYou can buy Univit Kids on this pageSee also - Univit Kids with Omega-3 and cholineUnivit Kids - a balanced complex of vitamin-mineral in the form of chewing pastilles in the form of dinosaurs.Activi..

Univit Kids with Omega-3 and choline #30


$24.23 Ex Tax: $24.23

Univit Kids with Omega-3 and choline user manualReed more and buy Univit Kids with Omega-3 and choline on this pageUnivit Kids with Omega-3 and choline - tasty marmalade vitamins in the form of dolphins with cherry flavor.Univit K..

Velnatal caps 719mg #30


$46.30 Ex Tax: $46.30

Velnatal instruction for useYou can buy Velnatal on this pageThe drug Velnatal is a complex of vitamins and minerals- Essential Omega-3 fatty acids for the development of brain and retinal functions- Folic acid in the recommended ..

Vetoron E solution 2% 20ml


$18.18 Ex Tax: $18.18

Vetoron E instructionReed more and buy Vetoron ESee also - Vetoron for childrenCompositionIn the composition of Vetoron E: beta-carotene - 20 mg, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) to 40 mg each. Also in ..

Vetoron for children drops 20ml


$17.49 Ex Tax: $17.49

Vetoron for children user manualYou can buy Vetoron for children onlineCompositionThe composition of Vetoron for children is 20 mg of beta-carotene, 8 mg of tocopherol acetate and 8 mg of ascorbic acid + excipients.Form of issueTh..

Vigantol solution 0.5mg/ml 10ml


$11.83 Ex Tax: $11.83

Vigantol instruction for useReed more about Vigantol and buy it on this page onlineCompositionThe composition of Vigantol includes the active substance: colcalciferol.An additional component is triglycerides.Form of issueProduced ..

VitaBears Bio + prebiotic #60


$39.35 Ex Tax: $39.35

VitaBears Bio + prebiotic user manualReed more and buy VitaBears Bio + prebiotic on this pageVitamin-plant complex with prebiotic    Improves digestion and normalizes appetite    Promotes the recovery..

VitaBears Calcium+


$38.77 Ex Tax: $38.77

VitaBears Calcium+ instruction for useYou can buy VitaBears Calcium+ hereReduces the risk of caries    Promotes strengthening of teeth and bones    Enriches the body with calcium and vitamin DHealthy ..

VitaBears Focus+ #60


$39.35 Ex Tax: $39.35

VitaBears Focus+ instruction for useTo buy VitaBears Focus+ just add it to your shopping cartHelps maintain visual acuity    Reduces the risk of developing myopia    Helps relieve tension and tired ey..

VitaBears Immuno+ #60


$39.99 $46.80 Ex Tax: $39.99

VitaBears Immuno+ instruction for useTo buy VitaBears Immuno+ just add it to your shopping cartActively strengthens the immune system    Reduces the risk of colds    Enriches the body with vitamins an..

VitaBears Multi+ #60


$35.88 Ex Tax: $35.88

VitaBears Multi+ instruction for useTo buy VitaBears Multi+ just add it to your shopping cartImproves memory and attention    Stimulates the intellectual development of the child    Replenishes the ba..

Vitamin C tabs 1gr #20


$16.27 Ex Tax: $16.27

Vitamin C instruction for useYou can buy Vitamin C tablets on this pageComposition1 tablet effervescent 250 mg contains active ingredient: ascorbic acid 250 mg; auxiliary substances: sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate, ci..

Vitamin E caps 400mg #30


$23.79 Ex Tax: $23.79

Vitamin E instructionYou can buy Vitamin E hereComposition1 capsule contains vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) 100 mg, 200 mg or 400 mgExcipients: sunflower oil, gelatin, glycerol 75%, methylparaben, Crimson rubor rubor ponceau 4R (E..

Vitamins for diabetics tabs #30


$19.57 Ex Tax: $19.57

Vitamins for diabetics user manualReed more and buy Vitamins for diabetics hereVitamins for diabetics are intended to prevent the development of hypovitaminosis and avitaminosis, disorders of the function of nerves and blood vesse..

Vitrum Beauty Elite tabs #60


$59.50 $69.48 Ex Tax: $59.50

Vitrum Beauty Elite instructionTo buy Vitrum Beauty Elite just add it to your shopping cartComposition Vitrum Beauty EliteThe composition of Vitrum Beauty Elite differs from the composition of Vitrum Beauty. One tablet contains:&n..

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