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ALFAVIT Clasic #60

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Vitamins ALFAVIT Clasic instruction for useYou can buy ALFAVIT Clasic on this pageThe alphabet is a vitamin and mineral complex used to treat and prevent hypovitaminosis. The composition of vitamins includes substances with unique..

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Vitamins ALFAVIT Clasic instruction for use

You can buy ALFAVIT Clasic on this page

The alphabet is a vitamin and mineral complex used to treat and prevent hypovitaminosis. The composition of vitamins includes substances with unique properties, which has a beneficial effect on the therapeutic effect of the drug.
Among a wide range of vitamin and mineral complex can be identified:
    Vitamins Classic, which can be taken not only by adults, but also by children over 14 years of age;
    Vitamin Complex Our baby is intended for children, the age of which is from 1 to 3 years;
    The drug Kindergarten is made in the form of a dragee and is intended for children from 3 to 7 years of age;
    Vitamins called Shkolnik are widely used for children from 7 to 14 years of age;
    Vitamin Complex Mamino health is universal, as it, unlike other drugs, can be taken in women during pregnancy and lactation. Its composition includes iron, calcium, folic acid, phosphorus;
    Also among the vitamins Alphabet you can find special complexes that are designed for people over 50 years old. With the help of this complex it is possible to produce diseases of such organs and systems as joints, cardiovascular system, and other disorders of the body that appear with age.
Among the complex of vitamins is a special drug, which is intended for diabetics. With the help of this medication, it is possible to prevent the development of complications of diabetes.
You can also highlight special vitamins called Sezon colds, which are widely used to prevent colds and are taken on seasons.
    Vitamins for adults are produced in tablets, which provides a lot of comforts during their admission. Children aged 3 to 6 years do not like to drink tablets.
The manufacturer took care of them and released tablets in the form of a dragee, which has not only a pleasant consistency, but also excellent taste. Children under three years of vitamin-mineral complex produced in the form of powder. This allows parents to maximally conveniently and in a full dose give them to their babies.

Vitamins Alphabet Classic: instruction

The drug should be taken year round or by season. The intake of vitamins can be done by anyone.
Representatives of the male need to take seasonally anti-cold medications, and a complex designed for men - all year round. In this case, the break should be between courses in 10-15 days.
For children, vitamins Alphabet Classic are available in the form of chewable tablets. This allows them to give babies in the form of sweets, and vitamins, in turn, will have a stunning result. Tablets have different colors. They must be taken every four hours.
Reception of this medication is made by the patient in the event that he has:
    Increased needs of the organism in microelements and vitamins;
    Long-term treatment with antibiotics;
    Inadequate nutrition;
    Strong physical and mental loads;
    The presence of infectious diseases.
Also vitamins Alphabet is very often prescribed during pregnancy, if a woman is diagnosed with a lack of certain components of this medication. During this period, the female representative can be prescribed vitamins to ensure the full development of the fetus.
Vitamins Alphabet are an integral part of the wave during chemotherapy. They have a positive effect on rehabilitation processes. That is why they are often used after surgery. If it is necessary to treat or prevent vitamin deficiencies, these vitamin complexes can also be used.
Vitamins Alphabet is forbidden to take with hypervitaminosis, which can negatively affect human health. In the event that a patient has thyrotoxicosis, he should not take this medication. If the child's age is less than one year, then it is worth limiting it to taking this medication.
If the body has an excessive amount of trace elements that are part of the drug, you do not need to take it.

Vitamins Alphabet Classic: composition

Vitamins Alphabet are available in the form of tablets that have different colors. Depending on the color of the tablets, their composition is determined. The composition of white dragee iron and iodine. Also these vitamins contain copper and molybdenum, nicotinic acid, vitamins B1 and B6.
The pink pellet consists of calcium, chromium, vitamin B, namely B12, B5, B9, B2, B6. Also, the drops of this color include vitamins K, H, D. In the vitamin complex, the user can find blue-colored pills that are characterized by the presence of ascorbic acid, fat-soluble vitamins E, A. The composition also contains zinc, magnesium, selenium and manganese .
    In vitamins are absolutely all the minerals that are necessary for human health.
The mineral complex contains a daily norm of vitamins, which is divided into three doses. Tablets are painted in different colors in order not to confuse their reception. In each of the tablets, organically combined components that are very well absorbed.

Vitamins Alphabet Classic: reviews

Vitamins Alphabet are characterized by a unique composition. They have already tried many people who leave their comments mostly positive. Thanks to the different colors of tablets, it is very convenient to take them, both adults and children. Vitamin complexes for children are developed in the form of tablets, which turns their reception into a treat.
Many users say that after taking these vitamins their well-being and in them significantly improved. With the help of these vitamins, the stabilization of the operation of such systems and organs is carried out:
    Of cardio-vascular system;
    Respiratory tract;
Many patients say that after taking the drug they have significantly improved the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
Some of the people note that taking vitamins absolutely did not affect their health. But this is far from the case. After all, not all patients before a vitamin intake examine their body completely and therefore they do not know which organ or system the vitamin-mineral complex most influences.
    Often, female representatives express their dissatisfaction with the fact that their nail or hair condition has not improved. With a short-term intake of the vitamin-mineral complex, it is hard to see an improvement in your appearance with the naked eye.
About vitamins The alphabet has various responses, but most of them are positive in nature, which indicates their effectiveness.

Vitamins Alphabet Classic: how to take?

Release of this medication is carried out in tablets. Therefore, its reception is carried out inside. In this case, vitamins should be washed down with plenty of water. The interval between the methods of vitamin complexes should be at least 4 hours. Vitamins in tablets are available in three versions. Tablets can be painted in pink, blue or white. In a day, you can take only one tablet of different colors.
Vitamins for babies, which are available in the form of a powder, must be diluted with water, milk or other products. The course of taking vitamins is a month. If the vitamin-mineral complex is not seasonal, then the break between the courses should be 10-14 days.
While taking this medication, side effects may occur. This may be an unexpected allergic reaction. In this case, the drug should be stopped and ask for help from an allergist.
The reason for this reaction to vitamins can be an individual intolerance to one of its components.
This medication is characterized by a complete absence of contraindications for a healthy person. Before taking the vitamin and mineral complex, the Alphabet in the period of pregnancy, lactation or in early childhood should first consult with a specialist who will determine the need for their admission.
If the patient has certain diseases, which he treats with the use of medication, he should consult a doctor. This is due to the fact that vitamins can disrupt the effect of certain drugs, which will negatively affect the treatment process.
Vitamin-mineral complex Alphabet is a universal medication that can be taken not only for prevention, but also for the treatment of certain diseases. Absolutely healthy person is acceptable to take vitamins without prescribing a doctor.

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