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ALFAVIT Schoolboy tabs #60

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ALFAVIT Schoolboy instruction for useYou can buy ALFAVIT Schoolboy hereIt is known that children between the ages of seven and fourteen are exposed to great mental and physical stress. Some people have enough of a school program t..

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ALFAVIT Schoolboy instruction for use

You can buy ALFAVIT Schoolboy here

It is known that children between the ages of seven and fourteen are exposed to great mental and physical stress. Some people have enough of a school program to feel tired, while others still attend training sessions, mugs, are engaged in addition. For this reason, each child needs additional nutrients for normal functioning. All of them are contained in the vitamin complex "ALFAVIT schoolboy".
Neither the balanced diet, nor the commitment of parents to a healthy lifestyle do not fill the daily requirement of a growing organism in vitamin-mineral substances. For this reason, it is extremely important to ensure that the child consumes them from the outside, that is, in the form of "vitamin". Since it is rather difficult to find a really useful complex, because it is about the health of children, it is worth paying attention to the drug presented.

Guidelines for use

Vitamins "ALFAVIT schoolboy" are accepted according to the rules that dictate the instruction for use. Having understood what vitamin-mineral elements are included in the complex, it becomes clear why it is recommended by the leading pediatricians of the country.

Form of issue

The drug is available in tablet form. It is intended for complete chewing, not a second swallowing. The package usually contains four blasters, each of which contains fifteen tablets. They in turn are presented in three variations - red with cherry flavor, orange with orange and white with banana. Sometimes the manufacturer complements the blaster with a green-colored tablet with melon flavor or yellow with pineapple. In addition, in each package, students will find reflectors made in the form of a sticker. It is recommended to place it on the child's backpack, so that in the dark it is more visible for drivers.


Each of the "gum", presented in the package contains a sufficient amount of vitamin-mineral substances. Their differences in color determine the time of reception - morning, afternoon or evening. The ingredients of each tablets are chosen in such a way that they can perfectly interact with each other and therefore be perfectly absorbed by the growing children's organism.

Red tablet

Instruction for the reception of vitamin "ALFAVIT schoolboy" recommends taking a "gum" of a red shade in the morning. The main components in it are:
C 24 mg
B1 0.88 mg
Beta-carotene 1.5 mg
Folic acid 80 mcg
Iron 12 mg
Copper 0.56 mg

Orange tablet

"Gum" orange shade according to the instructions indicated in the complex "ALFAVIT schoolboy", is intended for use in the daytime. Its main components are:
C 24 mg
Nicotinamide (PP) 7 mg
E 7 mg
B2 0.96 mg
B6, 1.2 mg
Beta-carotene 1.5 mg
Magnesium 37.5 mg
Zinc 6 mg
Manganese 0.7 mg
Iodine 78 mcg
Selenium 25.5 mcg
Molybdenum 10 mcg

White tablet

"Gum" of a white shade, should be taken by the child in the evening. The main useful elements in it are:
B5 2.4 mg
Folic acid 80 mcg
B12 1.5 mcg
D3 3 mcg
K1 30 mcg
Biotin (H) 15 mcg
Calcium 165 mg
Chrome 10.5 mcg
This division is not accidental. Thus, the manufacturer, producing vitamins "ALFAVIT schoolboy", cares about that they were not only effective, but also safe for the growing up organism. The component with a red tint awakens the child in the morning, charges it with extra energy, with orange - it takes care of strengthening its endocrine and protective system, with white - it improves the work of the brain, stabilizes the growth of bone and muscle tissues.

Indications for prescription

The composition of the multivitamin complex "ALFAVIT schoolboy" assumes its appointment in such situations as:
    adaptation to stressful situations and emotional stress;
    poor functioning of the immune system;
    decreased mental performance;
    large physical loads, obtained in sports sections, circles that promote mental development.
It is recommended to use vitamins "ALFAVIT schoolboy" in the autumn-spring period, because at this time children are most often attacked by infectious and viral diseases.


The main positive properties of the complex are:
    improvement of the work of all departments of the child's brain without exception;
    improving the functioning of the protective forces of the growing organism, its resistance to acute respiratory infections, ARVI and influenza;
    increased stress resistance;
    increase physical stamina;
    Improving the adaptive process when entering school;
    elimination of deficiencies in nutrition;
    strengthening of vascular and capillary walls;
    improvement of the cardiovascular system;
    normalization of the functioning of the organ of vision;
    the removal of toxic deposits from the growing organism, coming into it from the outside;
    normalization of the nervous system;
    elimination of problems with sleep and digestion.
Given such a wide range of the drug, it becomes clear why it is recommended to take leading pediatricians. It is important to remember that his reception can not begin before the child turns seven.

Dosing and Administration

Three "gum" of different shades, contained in the blaster, must be taken daily. Vitamins "ALFAVIT schoolboy" are used together with food. The best option is breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this case, the interval between them should be at least three hours. In the event that the child was deprived for some time of the opportunity to take the tablet form of the complex, it is again taken with any constituent at a time convenient for him. That the vitamin preparation really worked, it accept within half a year, doing breaks for two-three weeks between receptions.

Side effects

In the event that a multivitamin preparation is taken correctly, according to the dosage indicated in the guideline recommendations, no side effects are observed. It does not contain food and other coloring substances, which means that even children suffering from allergic reactions to various foods can take it. Usually, the allergy is manifested only in cases when the child has an individual intolerance to one of the components acting as the main constituent of the drug. In order that it really does not have a negative impact on the growing up organism, it is necessary to observe the storage conditions:
    the temperature should not be more than 25 ° C;
    air should not be wet;
    The sun's rays should not fall on the box where the blasters lie.
After the expiration of the storage times indicated on the package, the vitamin and mineral complex is prohibited to be consumed.


Vitamins "ALFAVIT schoolboy" have virtually no contraindications. Pediatricians still recommend to parents of children who have a suspicion of a dysfunction of the thyroid gland, first consult with an observant specialist, and only then start drinking multivitamins.


Vitamins "ALFAVIT schoolboy" practically do not have negative reviews. Many of the parents especially note their beneficial effect not of children, only enrolled in the first grade. They also allow you to quickly recover after complicated operations, the transferred diseases. Almost all parents note the complete absence of any side effects or allergic reactions when taking the drug, which has a positive effect on the growing body.

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